Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Trailer Shows Off Mega Evolutions

By Ishaan . June 12, 2014 . 8:30am

The Pokémon Company has shared a new gameplay trailer for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire that finally provides a good look at the two remakes. You can watch it below.



Alongside the information, The Pokémon Company confirmed what was reported in Japan last week—that all three starters from the game (Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert) now have Mega-Evolved forms. Yesterday, Mega Sableye was also revealed.


Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire will be available on November 21st in North America and November 28th in Europe for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • FivePointedTheStar

    Ah, nice. Worldwide distribution for Diancie TBA. Good to see it actually see it instead of speculating. I mean, it was going to happen eventually, but it’s reassuring to know.

    Also, Megas for Sceptile and Swampert. Yay!

    • Time Sage

      They’ve been saying TBA for months now, ever since Diancie was first announced.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    Give me Mega Greninja and Aegislash and maybe I’ll start using Megas. Is the move that Blaziken used Brave Bird? If so, maybe I’ll start teaching it to my flying types, it looks freaking epic
    Also, Primal Arceus. It will happen one day, and the world will end

    • Pinkemon

      Yeah, that Blaziken used Brave bird. I didn’t actually know it could learn it cause of the lack of wings and all. (If you end up using a Talonflame with hidden ability Gale wings you’ll end up seeing that move a lot. It’s so good.)

    • God

      Not a chance, Primal Dialga already wrecked the world, Primal Arceus would undo all creation.

  • DarkRoxas

    Now give me (and Steven) Mega Metagross, Game Freak ;w;

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      How could I forget about Metagross!? Yes! Mega Metagross is an absolute must. I’d love to have a Mega Metagross battle with Steven. I already owned Steven with normal Metagross in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      …..he would be the best Tank ever!

    • AuraGuyChris

      Unless the scans did imply the truth, his choice is a lvl. 100 Mega Charizard. If he does that…I’ll lose hope in Game Freak’s humanity as a whole.

      • DarkRoxas

        I really hope that his Mega Charizard X is just a tutorial thing, in a similar manner to Korrina’s Lucario… :c

    • mike dickson

      GANONDORF : NO!!

  • Yesssss………….. Now give me MEGA flygon and Skarmory!!!!

  • Bio_liquid

    Give me move tutors, some footage of the Pokemon Contests, aaaaand more customization options and even pokemon-styled outfits to earn via battling a certain trainer and I will be satisfied.

  • sakanaとkoeda

    ha..haa..haa…I want…
    …game balances >_>

  • lesangpro .

    Mega Diancie , MY NEW WAIFU HEHEHE

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      Diancie and Mega Diancie don’t look all that great to me. I’ll probably get one just so I can get someone to trade me a Milotic or Electivire for it

      • lesangpro .

        dude , Milotic can be catch . Electivire don’t worth trading with a lengenagy , Why would you do that ?

        • ShinNeoGranzon

          I like them, I don’t want to bother looking for them, and Diancie is worthless to me. I’d trade Diancie for a Magikarp

    • TerrenceEncore Jones

      I wish Mega Diancie was her permanent form. it really is beautiful, We finally got a “magical girl” pokemon LOL

      • lesangpro .

        LOL , did you look at that wedding dress ? Beautiful !!!!!!!

      • Landale

        Not very “magical girl” if it doesn’t do the transformation. Key component in being a magical girl right there.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Mega madoka

  • MrJechgo

    Mega Hydreigon please ^_^

  • Aemette

    But wait, wasn’t the concept of Mega Evolution first “discovered” or rather brought up in X and Y? If the story in Hoenn happened first, then how could part of your quest in Kalos be to find information on Mega Evolution, when it should have already happened and been written about after occurring in Hoenn? At first I thought Omega and Alpha were going to be sequels, just like BW2, but these are remakes and now I’ve become confused.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Pokemon hardly takes canon events into consideration.

      To make a point, the explanations for the Mega Evolutions are very fantastic in X & Y that it makes absolutely no sense, considering how it didn’t affect the Gen VI Pokemon of the region. One of the explanations they say is a theory that Mega Stones are mutated evolutionary stones…and even then that doesn’t explain why Steel-types have them as they lack stones to evolve like the others. And if you think the Tower of Mastery or anybody in there know more, they absolutely don’t.

      In order words, all of this is condensed to “IT’S KEWL MAN!”

      • Aemette

        In all honesty, I’m just being a brat cause I don’t like the concepts of Mega Evolution one bit :P I was hoping to find something that didn’t add up in Omega and Alpha in order to satisfy my distaste for the inclusion of M.Es in this game but I wasn’t expecting anyone to bring up such a good point. *sigh* I guess nothing I can do or say will change the fact that this game will come out as it will.

        But I’m still not mega evolving my Blaziken >:( hahaha.

    • DragKudo

      Well they could make post game take place after X and Y.

      • Or just like in Pokemon Origins, Old Man Fuji was in Kalos before, heard legends of Mega Evos there and managed to obtain a Mega Stone then took it back with him in Kanto.

  • tturtlejosh

    Mega Milotic please ♥

    • That much beauty would be illegal. :P

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a mega form for Muk, Donphan, Granbull or Shuckle.

      • tturtlejosh

        Lol ok the others sure but Muk? Common

        • I think it would be interesting to see.

          • tturtlejosh

            Concept art

          • That’s good unless it’s from Nintendo, some fans have wild imaginations. :D

            Edit: Didn’t realise there was pic, I would’ve reload if I did. Lol that’s what it will look like. :D

  • Steven Higgins

    You all saw the “two different stories” thing right? So then this ISN’T following the Emerald storyline?

    • Raltrios

      Yeah, the team you face depends on the version.
      Maybe that Delta Emerald trademark the other day will amount to something after all.

      • DragKudo


      • Steven Higgins

        I hope so. I never go to play Emerald

    • J_Joestar

      maybe it’ll start off like normal R/S for the main game, then add some emerald elements in the post game.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Amazing trailer. Of course, I’m going for Swampert like I did in Sapphire.

    And I’m guessing that Diancie is going to be, like Celebi, one that cannot be trade on GTS.

  • DragKudo

    Mega Evolution poses are lame. SHould’ve of Jojo’d that. I hope you can change it that would be cool.

  • Snorlaxation

    I really don’t like Diancie, even though i think it looks adorable. Weird mix of feelings… But I love how its Mega evolution makes it look even more like a damn chandelier :)

  • Savage Sui ♥

    Dat Mega Sceptile <3 I'll be choosing my favorite grass starter again this time through, I think~ ^w^

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    They didn’t get rid of the trumpets!! Yay!

  • Angel Lopez

    *drops off image* *whistles*

    • TerrenceEncore Jones

      Before I faint let my mind explode while imaging Metagross, Seviper, Ludiculo, and Shiftry’s Mega Evolutions. Wait a minute, is that Salamence?

    • Mega mexican duck! Aw yeah!

  • Hope there will also be any of the Gen 2 starters here. I’d like to see a Mega Meganium.


  • Göran Isacson

    All I wish for is a Mega Probopass with an even GRANDER moustache. We’re talking full-on Kaiser Wilhelm II level ‘stache glory here. Give me that, and I shall be pleased.

    Also, kinda curious whether the Primal Kyogre/Groudon are going to be separate entitites from their “regular” forms and you capture both, or if you just capture one and then switch between their two forms somehow.

  • Vash bane

    that legendary isn’t even out yet and has a mega o.O lol

    • Landale

      The more surprising thing is that any of the new Pokemon have a Mega. I’m pretty sure they initially said they didn’t want to do that.

  • Swampert On Steroids

    though I will never evolve Mudkip =P

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