This Week In Sales: Wild Pokémon Art Academy Appears

By Ishaan . June 25, 2014 . 3:59pm

Period: The week of June 16th – June 22nd (2014)

Top-seller: Pokémon Art Academy (3DS) – 31,080

Nintendo 3DS sales: 4,852 | Total sales: 9,521,943

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 21,459 | Total sales: 6,176,932

PlayStation Vita sales: 11,937 | Total sales: 2,858,587

Vita TV sales: 1,444 | 118,348

Wii U sales: 10,715 | Total sales: 1,801,596

PlayStation 4 sales: 7,009 | 612,560

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Last week was relatively slow in terms of new releases in Japan. Pokémon Art Academy debuted at 31,080 copies and was the best-selling game for the week.


The other two new releases that managed to make an appearance in the top-20 software sales chart were Nippon Ichi’s Firefly’s Diary (9,744 copies) and Bandai Namco’s Casting Voice (7,524 copies).


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Pokémon Art Academy 31,080 New 3DS Nintendo
02. 02. Yo-kai Watch 30,394 1,117,611 3DS Level-5
01. 03. Mario Kart 8 28,112 469,316 WiiU Nintendo
04. 04. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 20,600 123,867 PS3 Konami
03. 05. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 11,979 230,307 3DS Alus
New 06. htoL#NiQ (Firefly’s Diary) 9,744 New PSV Nippon Ichi
New 07. Casting Voice 7,524 New PS3 Bandai Namco
07. 08. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 7,374 50,288 3DS Konami
06. 09. One Piece Unlimited World: Red 6,307 24,333 PS3 Bandai Namco
10. 10. FIFA14: World Class Soccer 5,867 47,303 PS4 Electronic Arts
05. 11. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue Evolution 5,657 25,316 PSV Falcom
13. 12. Pokémon X and Y 4,828 4,088,012 3DS Pokémon Co.
18. 13. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 4,541 23,154 PSP Konami
15. 14. One Piece Unlimited World: Red 4,072 14,421 PSV Bandai Namco
16. 15. Mario Kart 7 3,983 2,339,820 3DS Nintendo
14. 16. Mario Party: Island Tour 3,836 397,379 3DS Nintendo
17. 17. Monster Hunter 4 3,383 3,296,439 3DS Capcom
09. 18. Cardfight!! Vanguard Lock On Victory!! 3,284 42,852 3DS FuRyu
19. 19. Kirby Triple Deluxe 3,051 602,562 3DS Nintendo
06. 20. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3,004 3,749,733 3DS Nintendo


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

  • Luis Es.

    Pokemon X and Y have errors if they haven’t been seen already.

    • Mika Moreno

      I couldn’t help but laugh at those

  • AuraGuyChris

    Gonna play Square-Enix’s Pokemon X & Y on my PS3.

    Oh, silly me! I don’t have a PS3.

  • mike dickson

    never heard of a company called Alus sounds weird

  • Serge

    So… Is there a possibility that we get htoL#NiQ in america?
    I mean, those numbers could have been better and i really want to play the game :/

    • DesmaX

      Pretty likely. That’s all they shipped, I believe (Famitsu says it sold 80% ~ 100%)

  • otakumike

    Another week, another round of terrible japan sales.

  • ARMs7777

    those numbers are horrible.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Isn’t Casting Voice a PS3 game?

    • darke

      Yeah, looks like a typo. Should be PS3.

  • British_Otaku

    The numbers are off for the PS3 version of Unlimited World RED. It released last week, probably sold up to 24K now adding on 6K to the 18K last week.

  • darke

    WiiU down another 1500 this week compared to last week’s sales, which were down about 1500 to the previous week’s. Doesn’t look like the MK8 is producing the long-term boost that was hoped if this continues. :(

    • ishyg

      I wonder what would change the current home console trend here in Japan.
      Currently I notice too many PS4s ending up on book-off and other used item shops. Wii U sales aren’t that strong either. Would X1 even sell once it arrives?

      • darke

        (Thoughts are a bit rambling since it’s lunchtime at work and I don’t have the time to make them more coherent. :P )

        They really need to leverage the popularity of their handhelds properly.

        I think Nintendo had half the right idea, and then proceeded to screw things up completely. Sony also had the other half of the right idea, and also proceeded to screw it up.

        I think if the ‘Vita TV’ was essentially a docking station for the Vita, communicating with the dock via the usb port to stream HDMI to the TV, sync with the bluetooth PS3 controller, and generally ‘make the vita into a console’ both the ‘tv’ and the vita components would sell better.

        Would be nice if the vita could actually push 720p, would have been nice if Sony had the foresight to try and get that size native screen for it, but you can’t have everything.

        Other then that they also missed a trick by allowing the PS4 to play vita games via emulation. I know the cores of the PS4 are wimpy but they’re not that bad; there really shouldn’t be a reason why they don’t have an emulator that can play all the VitaTV compatible games on the PS4. If the vita actually had real-time save syncing as well, rather then it’s useful-only-for-backup nightly sync it would be perfect.

        PS4 remote streaming to a playstation-approved phone device would possibly drive PS4 sales as well.

        It’s entirely possible this is just a cyclical thing. After all, Kancolle seems to be driving sales of MS’s Surface tablets in Japan and they’re much more expensive then a console. ‘Portability’ is the ‘killer app’ for the handhelds, there really just needs to be a similar ‘killer app’ for the home consoles.

    • awang0718

      Consoles are losing relevance in Japan. That is something that may be a problem for Nintendo and espically Sony (who will likely not release another handheld, thus forcing them to rely on the Playstation 5, which will probably won’t sell that well in Japan).

      • darke

        Nah, I expect Sony will release a Vita2 in a couple of years. Probably with more ‘sane’ screen resolutions of 720p/1080p now it’s, in part, supposed to be a second screen of the PS4 in non-Japan Playstation world.

        Plus I suspect part of the reason that Vita is losing the battle to 3DS is simply the price differential. Just at look at what happened with XB1 vs PS4; XB1 is only 25% more expensive but it’s sales are tanking. The Vita’s price is 33% more expensive then the 3DS (according to a quick check of, that’s going to have an effect even ignoring the network affect.

        As for PS4, I imagine that Sony is betting on it’s VR stuff to prop up PS4 sales in Japan in this generation (though they’re actually not selling too badly given the near non-existence of games). It feels like a technology that would appeal to people by themselves at home, whereas the handhelds or mobiles are for when they’re out and about. Add the ‘watch movies in real 3d’ on them and they’ve got a good hook that could sell units to a different demographic.

        I’ve no idea what MS’s plan of attack for the XB1 is. Maybe they’ll just be trying for a foothold like the currently have with the 360 so they’ve got a token marketshare.

        • awang0718

          Many Sony executives (Yoshida in particular) are admitting that Sony is making less first party Vita games. The Vita has only been out for about two years, and it is going to get less first party titles. If that doesn’t tell you that Sony is slowly giving up on the Vita, nothing is. If Sony does make another handheld, it will probably be a Japan-only handheld. Vita sales in the west are absolutely atrocious and consistently fall far below Wii U sales.

          The Vita is losing to the 3DS because the 3DS has more compelling games, not necessarily becasue of price (in fact, the Vita and the 3DS XL are both $200). According to Vgchartz, there are only 6 Vita games that have sold over half a million copies, and only one Vita game (Uncharted Golden abyss) has sold over a million copies. I know Vgchartz isn’t 100% accurate, but still…

          • darke

            Only 6? I agree, I don’t consider FIFA Soccer on the Vita to be a real game either. :P

            I disagree with compelling as well, there’s precisely two games I’m interested in on the 3DS, and both of them are selling at Vita sales numbers. :(

            … actually, that’s interesting. The games I’m interested in that are vita/3ds crossplats all sold worse on the 3DS anyway. :? Then again the numbers seem really wonky and are missing a lot of non-Japan sales in strange areas on the Vita so 3DS is probably suffering the same problem.

            Anyway, back to topic… the 3DSXL being the same price as the vita is irrelevant (though the Vita only dropped down to that price recently with the release of the 2000 model; the 1000 model was $30-50 more expensive from memory), it’s the price difference of the lowest common denominator that’s important. It’s a basic marketing thing where the cheapest is what draws people in, but most people end up buying the less cheap version. It’s the reason why Apple still sells the oldest model iPhone. It doesn’t expect many people to buy them, but it’s the ‘cheap’ model so it draws people in, who eventually get up-sold to the more expensive one.

            People might end up buying the more expensive 3DS when leaving the store, but they go in attracted to the cheaper one.

            In any event though, I do agree the price is probably irrelevant at this 3DS has such a huge lead that it’s down to solely network effects at the moment. This is which is why XB1 is having so much of a problem with the PS4 worldwide and why MS is panicking. MS was selling tons of the 360s in the states due to the network effect of “friends playing CoD/halo/whatever and I want to join in”. Word of mouth and peer pressure are hard things to win against. :)

          • awang0718

            “I disagree with compelling as well, there’s precisely two games I’m interested in on the 3DS, and both of them are selling at Vita sales numbers. :(”

            I’m trying to speak objectively. I don’t know what 3DS games you are interested into, but I do know that Pokemon, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and other various 3DS games have sold millions upon millions of copies. Smaller games like Fire Emblem and Bravely Default have also performed well.

            Price difference is certainly an important factor, but if people really wanted the cheapest portable gaming experience, they would never buy a dedicated handheld and instead buy games on their smartphones.

            Anyways, the Vita is selling like crap, and it will never reach mass market appeal even if it “rebounds”. However, Sony isn’t even trying to save the platform anymore, which makes me believe that Sony will no longer make another dedicated handheld, at least in the west. I would certainly like to see a PS Vita2, but Sony just doesn’t seem to care anymore.

          • darke

            If Sony weren’t trying to save the platform, they wouldn’t be making a PS4+Vita bundle. Nor making such a fuss about the cross-play functionality.

            Apparently Vita sales have improved recently, though I’m not sure that’s helped much. Same way the “WiiU sells 666% more in the UK” is making a fuss over nothing; a “So you sold 20 WiiU’s in the UK this week instead of 3?” kind of thing.

            And in event, if Sony wants to stay in the hardware game in Japan, they’ll need to make a new handheld. If they make a new handheld in Japan, they’ll have to release it to the rest of the world (even if it’s a staggered and delayed release like the Vita TV), even if it does sell terribly. It’s exactly the same reason that MS is selling the XB1 in Japan. Bad sales is bad publicity that you can deflect; not selling at all is a humiliation that there’s no way you cam paper over.

          • awang0718

            When I mean saving the platform, I mean releasing more Vita games, cutting the price, and/or dropping the price of the memory card. Not bundling the Vita with the PS4. I don’t think Nintendo will save the Wii U by bundling it with the 3DS. Same for the PS Vita.

            Yeah, I am pretty sure Vita sales have improved thanks to Borderlands 2, but I don’t think that game had anywhere near as big of an impact as Mario Kart 8. Both the Wii U and PS Vita are probably selling badly in the UK… but hey, at least the Wii U sold 17 more units than the Vita? jk:)

            If Sony makes another handheld and it receives as much attention as the Vita has, it will probably sell just as poorly. It isn’t worth it. Again, I would love to see a Vita2, but you have to understand how little Sony cares about the Vita. Remote Play is nice and indie games are great, but if that is all the Sony has going for it, then Sony should just make their own version of the Wii U Gampad and sell that as a $100 accessory for the Playstation 5 rather than make another portable.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Wasn’t freedom wars released? Or is that this week?

    • ishyg

      This week. Today, I think.

    • darke

      Released today I believe. But it’s not on the PSN yet.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      It comes out on the 26~.

      • darke

        It’s been the 26th for 15 hours already, which is why it’s puzzling why it wasn’t up earlier this morning. Though it’s up on the PSN now.

  • Tonton Ramos

    Still worried that the original will overshadow the sequel of Youkai Watch…

    • awang0718

      Doubt it. Yokai Watch is getting 2 versions, making it seem more like Pokemon that ever. The sequel will probably start selling 30k copies per week after the inital launch period (until the holidays approach, of course).

  • Ethan_Twain

    I’m a little jealous of those people getting Animal Crossing New Leaf for the first time. That was such a treat around this time last year for me.

  • neocatzon

    Along with the Marvelous article, finally we know Ishaan’s and Spencer’s bed time.

  • s07195

    Just bought Casting Voice, hopefully I contributed to the sales here. XD
    (Probably not)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Pokemon finally decending to PS3 and being made by Square-Enix lol.

    The game we had been waiting here.^_^

  • One Piece in at 9 with 24K? Clearly a typo there.

    I’m going to reserve judgement concerning the total sales of Casting Voice and Firefly’s Diary.

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