Racking Up A Higher Score In Azure Striker Gunvolt Changes The Stage Music

By Ishaan . June 28, 2014 . 12:31pm

Azure Striker Gunvolt has a number of interesting mechanics in place. We’re going to look at a couple more of them today. Let’s begin with this gameplay video:



The first half of the video demonstrates Gunvolt’s Skills and Psychic Abilities, and shows Asimov explaining the latter to him. After the halfway point, you’ll notice the music in the background changes from the stage music to an actual song. This is actually a gameplay mechanic related to your performance.


Azure Striker Gunvolt has something called “Kudos,” which are points that rack up as you inflict damage on enemies during a mission. Kudos are reset to 0 if GV is hit by an attack or an enemy, but if you manage to avoid being hit for a period of time, whatever Kudos you’ve acquired will be converted into bonus score points when you touch a Save Marker, clear a mission, or use an Attack Skill.


Bonus Kudos can be earned, too. You can earn bonus Kudos by destroying multiple enemies at once, destroying an enemy with a Level 3 lock-on (either on the ground or in mid-air), destroying an enemy with an Attack Skill and in other ways as well. Once your Kudos reaches 1,000, the mission soundtrack changes into a song by Lumen, which will continue to play as long as you stay above 1,000.


Moving along, at the 3:25 mark in the video, you see Gunvolt get killed by an enemy, following which he’s promptly brought back to life by Lumen. This won’t always happen, though—it depends on your relationship with Joule.


During Azure Striker Gunvolt, you’ll occasionally have conversations with Joule. Every conversation with her needs to be played right in order to create the circumstances for resurrection. Once resurrected, Lumen will temporarily provide GV with unlimited energy, and you’ll be able to use his Afterimage ability without losing any EP. And yes, Lumen will break out into song upon resurrection as well.


Inti Creates say that, despite Azure Striker Gunvolt being a download title, they’ve included two different songs in the game that will play upon resurrection or achieving 1,000 Kudos. They use CRI middleware to achieve this.

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  • Captain Levi

    Looks kinda easy … for now
    Cool anyway.

  • hng qtr

    “he’s promptly brought back to life by Lumen. This won’t always happen, though—it depends on your relationship with Joule”
    That sounds…really out of place in an action game.

    • Mika Moreno

      I wonder what they mean by “relationship” also… Personally i think they will have a brother/sister relationship, hopefully not a dating kind. But i agree that a relationship system is strange in an action game. I’m sure it’ll be interesting though.

    • Cephrien

      You can put dating sims in anything nowadays.

  • Yan Zhao

    I just hope they keep the songs the same, a shame they went with a partial localization voice acting. Still hoping they keep the original JP VA in to compensate.

    • DanteMasamune

      So the NA version will have English voice acting like MegaMan ZX Advent did or not?

      • OlimacFTW

        As long Comcept won’t use the same actors. ZX Advent voice acting in english was a total disaster.

        • Senka

          I really wanted to play the ZX games, but the voice acting made it impossible for me. :(

          Also, https://twitter.com/GunvoltOfficial/status/481019724835209216
          I’m pretty upset about this, but nothing we can do about it. There’s no good reason for not having dual audio nowadays. It’s just always those stupid VA contracts ruining it for everyone.

          It’s going to be especially weird and stupid if they’re able to keep the song and not the voice acting.

          • Oh they mentioned the song will be intact? I just tweeted at their reply lol

          • Senka

            Er, I could have worded that better. I meant it’ll sound weird to have English voicing and a Japanese song. In fact, I think it’d be weird if they could get the rights to publish the NA game with the Japanese song but not with the Japanese voicing. I fear we’ll get a replacement song.

            I really don’t get why localization has to be complicated like this.

          • well considering games like ar tonelico kept it’s song intact I can have…hope that they will keep it in.

          • Senka

            I never got around to playing that, unfortunately. Does that game have dual audio or keep the Japanese voicing? If neither, then that does give me hope for the songs in Gunvolt staying.

  • Namuro

    Oh man, the song that plays after Gunvolt gets resurrected gives me goosebumps! I really love this song system!

  • Go2hell66

    Song system kind of reminds of the boss themes in metal gear rising. Gets me all hyped up :p

  • Wagnaria

    man… GV really resembles Zero, just look at his character portrait during dialogues, that pose. LOL! xD ~Zero-rashi…

  • Kroz

    This is starting to sound so good ii forgot it was only a downloadable game…makes me want them to make a bigger budget physical release

  • why does it revolve around coming to a complete stop and op shocking everything on the screen? Those rockets on the boss just got destoryed while he was just sitting there draining its life.

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Astraea’s Eyebrow

    Omg! is that Touma’s VA for Azure? I really hope they make it dual audio =(

  • QNA Kunai

    Gunvolt’s voice sure is deep for a 14 year old…
    or is that just me?

  • Just hope Lumen wont disappear at the end of the game

  • MaidKillua

    That big electric circle looks really OP and sort of looks like it would take almost all of the fun out of combat

    • raygunner659

      Even worse, the pistol doesn’t seem to do that much damage either, which sort of forces you to use the circle… I hope I’m wrong.

      • MaidKillua

        The pistol appears to only exist to mark enemies for the lightning circle (something I haven’t seen anyone point out yet, though i’m sure it has been noticed). Like, the person playing always makes sure to get a shot in on each enemy and they get marked with a targeting circle THEN they use the shock. So the pistol is probably utterly obsolete for use as an actual weapon, by design. Which is a bit of a shame

  • 60hz

    kudos system sounds awesome and also explains the triple lock on i saw when i watched the video earlier before the kind ladies and lads of siliconera translated it.

  • God

    Only 2 songs? Such a waste…

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    That’s pretty cool, although two things come to mind. I probably remember the music changing part in a few games I played before, where the music changes as you either play the game very well. Also the Lumen bring GV back to life is also familiar to me, although the one I saw in Kingdom Hearts II, from what I remember so far was pretty much whether you had a chance of Mickey showing up at little chance. That’s all I remember so far. Other than that, it is good to know these things. Although, when you play through these levels like a pro, having Lumen bringing you back to life would only occur not as much when you intend on making sure you do well on not dying.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Dear inti…..I love you.

  • so the gun is not a gun but a tracking device for the volt attack?

    • That’s what it looks like, yeah. You fire the Dart Leader at whatever you want your Lightning Ring to home in on.

  • Dianatos

    The finisher is pretty cool. RAIDA ZA RIGHTNINGU SUFIA!!

    • gk2012

      *Futtobashite! Armed Blue! Lightning Sphere!

      Making up Japanese phrases takes away the coolness factor.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Looks pretty. Wonder how many different skill we gfet

  • Göran Isacson

    I giggled a little when I saw you could heal yourself with electricity powers. Lightning Really Does Everything, indeed.

    Also as others have said, this sure looks pretty easy, at least compared to megaman zero which is the game that most immediately springs to mind. I suppose it could be the case that the challenge will lie more in creating long combo chains, rather than fighting challenging enemies as was the case in MMZ though.

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    can i have it in my vein asap? or? :|

  • Monterossa

    This game looks better than that Mighty No.9 shit but I really want it to be multi-platform even though I have a 3DS. It’s my least favorite gaming device I have right now.

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