Mecha-Naruto Is As Fun To Play As He Is To Watch In Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

By Robert Ward . June 30, 2014 . 5:30pm


A few months ago, I sat down with CyberConnect2’s CEO and had a chat about Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. In that conversation, Matsuyama told me that he and his team are always thinking about how to keep the game consistent, stylish, and cool. I think that’s exactly what I saw when I got to play Mecha-Naruto for the first time at E3.


Mecha-Naruto is everything you’d expect from an original character designed by Masashi Kishimoto. The robot aesthetic isn’t just skin-deep; it’s built into a unique and surprisingly fit-for-the-universe-of-Naruto moveset that differs substantially from other playable versions of Naruto, while at the same time not losing that identity entirely to the robot motif.


Mecha-Naruto tromps about with the same degree of terror as (fat) Majin-boo from the Dragon Ball series, all the while spouting soulless robotic versions of Naruto’s most famous catchphrases. Hearing his Speak’n’spell-like voice victoriously utter “dattebayo” after executing his ultimate Jutsu, in which he transforms into a gigantic cannon that’d make Megatron jealous, is just one example of the lighthearted humor you can expect to see.


It’s as easy to close to gap with Mecha-Naruto as it is to create one, which makes him a lot of fun to play with. The same jets you use to activate his rocket-propelled, rasengan-wielding fist are used to boost him far away from enemy fists. Of course, his ability as a ranged character differs based on the Jutsu type you select before the match begins.


I prefer to get up close and personal, so I chose the awakening jutsu type. Mecha-Naruto is one of many characters who will have two-stage awakenings. His first stage is a three-tailed beast transformation, while his second stage lets him combine with an even larger Mecha-Kyubi to rain havoc on his opponent. The three-tailed transformation’s attacks stick, similar to Wolf in Super Smash Bros Brawl, while Mecha-Kyubi, if we’re still using Brawl for reference, feels like Bowser. Its moves are powerful, but leave it vulnerable after executing them.


If Mecha-Naruto’s moveset doesn’t please you, the game will include an original story exploring the origins of Kishimoto’s new character that might. I can understand why Sasori might make puppets in the likeness of his parents—but why would anyone want a mechanized version of Naruto?


I asked if he might be fueled by the sheer energy of ramen, but the Bandai Namco reps offered no response.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Love how they are giving him a proper story too. The core ninja war plot needs some levity and fun. It is just way too many “WHAT A TWEEST” after the next with Naruto the past 100 or so chapters.

    • Göran Isacson

      Aaand que the “Mecha-Naruto was the main villain all along!” twists. And then Killer Bee wakes up and goes “man that was a weird dream”, and the game continues.

    • One mastermind after another.

  • >Mecha-Kyuubi

    Sweet merciful crap.

  • subsamuel01

    Can’t wait to play the demo tomorrow.

  • Does this Mecha Naruto come with its own version of Talk no Jutsu?

    • Christopher Nunes

      “L e t ‘ s b e f r i e n d s. . . I a m a R o b o t. . . D a t t e b a y o ”

      … yeah I think was a terrible joke I just did. XD

      • Who knows? That could be effective against Kaguya. Snrk.

  • Kintama

    “a gigantic cannon that’d make Megatron jealous”
    I lol’d

  • Naruto

    A ramen powered mech sounds awesome.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery
  • In related anime-fighting-game news today, IGN had a bit on Dragonball Z Xenoverse – the first PS4 DBZ game? And they confirmed that Dimps, of DBZ Budokai and Street Fighter IV fame, are returning to the series with that game :)

    So not only am I super hyped for another great Naruto fighter from CC2, but my enthusiasm for Xenoverse just went up SUBSTANTIALLY now that I know Spike or Artdink aren’t being handed the reins to the next DBZ game again.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    There is going to be a Naruto Shippuden 1-Hour Special on September 11 with Revolution’s Mecha Naruto. I hope it’s good.

    • MaskedHeroxx

      Good news I was not knowing. …mr see I like mecha naruto

  • Paul Rodriguez

    For those interested, the list of trophies/achievements are out –

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