Open Universe MMO Entropy Has You Travel From Galaxy To Galaxy

By Eugene . July 1, 2014 . 3:30pm

Entropy In-Game Screenshot  (9)_1403601649

There seems to be a bit of a renaissance phase going around for space-based simulators, and Entropy is hoping to join the action. The alpha version is available now over on Steam’s Greenlight list.


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A little bit of EVE Online, a little bit of Privateer and a little bit of Star Citizen, Entropy sets itself up as an open universe MMO. There are no classes, free-form gameplay, and an entire galaxy to explore and even conquer.


Entropy Hanger Screenshot (2)_1403601634

Entropy Character Creator Screenshot (4)_1403601623 Entropy Character Creator Screenshot (8)_1403601629

Doing a bit of poking around, it appears that the still-in-alpha game has players moving around the galaxies in a top-down, 2D fashion. Not sure if that will stay, though. Once you reach an area however, things switch over to full 3D. The 3D screenshots and gameplay teaser trailers we’ve seen show a beautiful world, inclusive of a character customization aspect for your pilot.


Entropy In-Game Screenshot  (4)_1403601641 Entropy In-Game Screenshot  (8)_1403601648

Players will be able to fly around and utilize space-based tactics including inertial movement. Combat though, looks relatively simple. One wonders how lag will play a part in larger-scale conflicts, seeing as how there are some 120 different star systems already explorable within the game.


Entropy aims to feature a completely dynamic and player-driven economy. This means you could potentially play the entire game as a trader and miner, making profits by shuttling between stations with valuable cargo. Naturally, such an economy can also be messed around with. Player-versus-player ship combat is a given, and Cartels—the game’s version of guilds—could eventually end up owning swathes of territory.


Entropy is available on PC now in alpha form.

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  • darke

    So… I don’t see how it differentiates itself from Eve Online? More pretty? More character driven? Given the player-economy aspects it sounds like it’ll end up being just as spreadsheet driven. :?

    • theoriginaled

      They could go a long way toward competing with Eve just by making it more accessible. Eve has a stigma of being a bit unapproachable.

  • Warboss Aohd

    i don’t have to be a humie! WOO!

  • Magus KilIer

    Lol, the name makes sense if you’ve studied Freud a bit

    I hope this game makes stories as entertaining as Eve’s, i haven’t actually played it, but the players have made some very interesting stories

  • smek2

    So, i am one of the few who actually bought it, when it came out on Steam Early Access. Right now, about 9 people playing it on average. Good luck finding any players online, during play. The rest of the game is kind of boring too. I eventually stopped playing it.
    Just wait for Elite Dangerous, which will be released at the end of this year.
    This is not to bash the devs or the game though. This was one of the better Early Access projects, with a playable first release and subsequent updates that improved upon bugs and gameplay mechanics. It’s just… not really like you’re in space. But the one true problem of the game is, nobody plays it anymore, already. Such a pity.

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