Freedom Wars Producer Responds To Players Who Say The Game Is Too Tough

By Sato . July 2, 2014 . 3:17am


It’s been about a week since Freedom Wars released in Japan and players seem to be having a tough time with the game’s difficulty. Producer Junichi Yoshizawa responded on the his official blog, regarding the difficulty and some free downloadable content.


Since the release of the game, players in Japan have voiced their concern through social media networking sites about the difficulty of Freedom Wars.


Freedom Wars is fun but the combat is too tough,” one player said. Another tweeted, “the enemies in Freedom Wars are unfairly too strong, I take two hits and die or sometimes get one-shot killed.” These are just some of the many quotes found on Twitter about the game’s difficulty.


Keep in mind, this is coming from a nation full of G-rank Hunters and seasoned veterans of the hunting genre, so they’re not exactly too shabby as players.


Here’s what Yoshizawa had to say about the players’ concern:


“It has come to my attention that the current players find the degree of difficulty to be too hard.


In regard to the matter, we’ll be looking at countermeasures in the next few days.


With all due apologies, please wait a little longer for corresponding details and the schedule.


Additionally, on July 3rd, we will be delivering new DLC. They are avatar parts that will be available for free.”


The free DLCs consists of an Eye Pack featuring seven new eye-types, and hairstyles for male and female characters, with ten different styles for each gender.


“Furthermore, I previously mentioned that I was thinking about releasing paid DLC, but this doesn’t mean that all additional content will require payment.


The reason the DLC is free this time, is because we feel that it is suitable as free content. Depending on the content, there will be some that will be paid, and others for free. I believe that pricing [in such a way] is of utmost importance.


When it comes to eyes, hairstyles, and other avatar parts, we’ve decided that they’re best delivered free of charge. We hope to see you all of you guys enjoy the body customization in Freedom Wars once the DLC items are delivered!


That is all for now!


So then, “Let’s Contribute!”


– Toshizawa.


Freedom Wars is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita, and will be release later this year in the West.

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  • Go2hell66

    lol what a bunch of scrubs

    • Kami nii

      Those who complained probably did not plan a way of attack at all they just went all out and like hey I can always re spawn when I die SMH, Its actually true the game is challenging BUT and its a huge BUT if you plan your attack and know when to strike its actually pretty easy game LEARN to USE YOUR WHIPS use it to your ADVANTAGE!!

  • Shady Shariest

    *cough* *Cough* *Krhmhmm…* “Grow some balls. Learn To Play”
    I seriously would love to see this being the answer =W=

  • ARMs7777

    oh god please release a difficult setting patch instead of nerfing the difficulty please. Hearing that the game is hard make me like the game even more.

  • I’m still waiting for Retail version to be put up in the UK, Its been announced I’m just worried it maybe download only and I don’t want that ¬_¬

    • TrueDefault

      It’s released by Sony themselves, so hopefully it won’t be digital only.

  • Shadow Rebirth

    one-hit kill is indeed a bit OP. Even MHFU which i consider the hardest MH series doesn’t have one-hit kill unless you just jump into G-rank quest with beginner’s armor. Well, i hope they don’t altered the difficulty to the point it is so easy.

    • ARMs7777

      The one hit kill moves from certain enemies was intentional from the beginning. You are playing with a group of players and AI robots that can revive you.

      • Shadow Rebirth

        it would be suck to always get revived like God Eater. At least I know I will be frustrated. That said, if the one-hit kill attack is too obvious and slow, i wouldn’t mind the difficulty it is right now.

    • Namuro

      The Lv.100 monsters in MH4 can one-hit you, even with Über armor-sets, though. :D

    • ShiShi

      Actually, the Yamatsukami can one shot you if you don’t have the guts ability with his inhale attack.

      I’m a little sad though. I’ve never played a hunting game that was so difficult that I complained, and now my chance is going to vanish before I even get to try. I was worried freedom wars was going to be too easy. Now I’m more worried.

    • Land of Green Pasture

      in RO and ACE, some boss has OHKO moves, but you have the invulnerability pot and mobility to match tho…

  • Dede Ogbe

    they’ve always been like this. In kingdom hearts birth by sleep, they had to nerf the secret boss for the japanese version because they couldn’t take it. The western version got the original difficulty for the boss. I don’t think the game is particularly hard. Its only when they throw two abductors and human opponents that things become challenging. Freedom Wars is not the sort of game where you can melee attack start to finish. You need to think. If your in a position where the abductor can ko you that easily your doing it wrong.

    • Crevox

      Problem with birth by sleep is that most of the secret bosses were just learning that mashing the roll button is the way to win. You’re basically invulnerable, attack when there’s an opening, then go back to rolling. It took many players some time to realize that this is basically how they intended you to fight the bosses.

      Well, do that, or get some of the OP command combinations.

      • Dede Ogbe

        my god the combos in that game were ridiculous, but also satisfying. Especially Ventus

  • I know a game is supposed to be enjoyable and fun, but while sometimes frustrating the difficulty adds to the enjoyment of the game. Freedom Wars hasn’t even been out that long, and they’re already complaining. SMH

  • Dragard Kaos

    They sound like casuals.

    • I love how people talk about casual players like they’re a problem. Some of us don’t have time, money, patience, mental ability, etc to be ermagerduberawesome. Elitism in gaming is getting out of control and making comments like this is not helping.

      • Namuro

        You sir, are a nice person! Here, have a like and my respect.

      • Duo Maxwell

        They are a problem when they want developer to change the game mechanic to fit their skill. Especially in this case, the game is even easier than all other previous hunting games.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Well, if the game is being unfair like some saying that the fodder character can keep attacking u without missing and staggering u like everytime, i would also be mad here as that is not being difficult but more on bad design.

          • Duo Maxwell

            As long as you don’t charge ahead and command your ally to move first/cover for you, then that won’t be a problem. They just need a different mindset in this game than MonHan or GE.

      • Shippoyasha

        It can get irksome in some online forums, but the game developers don’t throw enough bones to hardcore gamers and gamers who like difficult games. While many games are ruined because they bend backwards to cater to a casual gamer market and irrevocably change the game design, such as level design and enemy variety.

        Also, just because a game can be challenging doesn’t mean they will test peoples’ patience and force people to quit. It hasn’t been that way for decades in gaming and it shouldn’t be that way these days. People are coddled by on-rails experiences I feel. Especially of the ‘cinematic’ kind.

        • Jadfish

          I know what you mean.
          I started Infamous Second Son yesterday, and I put it on “Expert” difficulty…. It is about as hard as an average PS2 game.

          The industry has been catering a lot to casual gamers to broaden the audience as much as possible, and in the meantime looked past the needs of other types of gamers. Hardcore gamers being one of them.

      • Lilburrito

        It goes both ways really. If you don’t have the time, money, patience, etc. to sit down and learn all the quirks and tricks to that specific game then that game is simply not for you. What’s more is that this is the hunting genre we’re talking about here. You’re meant to pour a lot of time into these games.

      • Dragard Kaos

        Filthy casualry, I bet you want to hold hands with video game characters.

      • Ninezero

        Excuse me if I sound rude, but if you don’t have the time you shouldn’t be playing these games in the first place.

      • MaximDualBlade

        wat r u a casul?

    • I ‘m pretty sure Usa and europe will do worst.
      If japan can’t , no one can.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Kinda of odd to hear that. Although, I personally think a bit of difficulty does add bit of enjoyment.

    • Zazon Zenzy

      Considering the importance of no continue runs, it’s fair to say that way. Considering all factors though, from the demo, at least, they’re generous about continuing. Whereas most hunting games only let you respawn for 3 times limit, Freedom Wars demo let you respawn (not revived, again) 8 times and even more. Don’t forget that from the demo, you don’t make the gears, but they’re looted like Diablo games. I may be wrong, however. Plus, HP is automatically gradually healed regardless of damage intake. Both MH and Toukiden limited that by the HP’s red gauge.

      Not to forget, though, the importance of breaking limbs. The demo didn’t dig much, so… maybe the difficulty is worse than we’ve heard. Difficult can be fun, but unfairness isn’t fun.

  • DamTheLad

    Wow, I’m sure it’s hard and challenging but to ask the devs to change the difficulty is a bit…too much? Have they played the Souls series? It can be pretty cheap too and nobody complain about it.

    • Zazon Zenzy

      Remember that Souls series’ boss don’t take more than 5 minutes to beat; Very small amount compared to whopping need of 15-35 minutes in hunting games!

      • DamTheLad

        I understand that but it’s not just the bosses who can kill you, pretty much everything can and if your Bonfire is far from where you died it’s pretty sad XD. But I understand what your saying there. I was wondering something though, Freedom Wars is a SRPG a la Valkyria Chronicles or a hunting game such as Monster Hunter? I’ve read it’s a SRPG so why is everybody compares it to a Monster Hunter game?

        • Namuro

          Because it’s straight up a Monster Hunter type game, but with more people in the party at the same time.

          • DamTheLad

            Oh I see! So I must have been drunk when I saw it was an SRPG XD. I understand why in the story trailer that it was really not like a Strategy RPG lol. Thanks for the enlightment ;)

          • Namuro

            No problem.

            By the way, here’s a gameplay sample, in case you missed it before:


          • Alter

            Err… did MH games includes capture-the-flag mode ? *IKR*

    • Masa

      The difficulty has nothing to do with skill its just bad programming by the devs, so many enemies are more powerful than played characters and they get crit attacks and super 100% accuracy you also get one shotted by weaker enemies, the game needs to be fixed.

      • DamTheLad

        Damn, that’s hardcore. This really is a balancing problem from the Design team of the company . Whoever have QA this game and did not complain about this situation should be fired.

        • Duo Maxwell

          It’s more like a TPS when dealing with humanoid enemy than your usual hunting game, so I’d say it’s a culture shock to the Japanese.

          I’m willing to bet when the online mode get implemented and the PvP is widespread, people will get used to the game’s system.

          You just don’t act like a Rambo. Use your partner to deal with the humanoid enemy instead. There are people who passed those mission effortlessly, so I’d say it’s not the game’s problem.

          • Jadfish

            ahahaha! Imagine if all it takes to play this game well is to treat it like a standard western cover shooter!

      • Duo Maxwell

        Man, you sound exactly like people who first played the Monster Hunter games.

  • DragKudo

    I was expecting him to say suck it up and get better. :(

    • Wrathful

      He is not Itagaki. If he was, he would have ignored it and proceeded to make it even harder.

      • Shippoyasha

        The gaming world could use more Itagakis around.

      • Jadfish

        Kamiya would have done the same thing, AND put glasses on every character in the game while he was at it

  • Namuro

    Weird how no one complain about all the other hunting games that have been released so far. I wonder just how hard can it be? Also, to hear such complaints from Japan is quite unusual. I mean, that’s the place where I saw high school girls getting to G-Rank on MHP3rd a few days after it’s been released, for crying out loud.

    Maybe the new, or casual players are being really “vocal” this time? Who knows…

    Oh well, since it’s gonna be localized, I won’t bother getting the Japanese version just to find out.

    • Armageddon

      maybe its the learning curve. I forgot to add compared to other MH games 3rd was probably the easiest seriously i can’t even beat jaggia without thinking i might die(it was monster hunter 2nd and G fyi).

      • Namuro

        Could be… Let’s see what the developers have to say after this.

      • 하세요

        Gen 3 as a whole was ridiculous easy in MH.

        • k.b.a.

          Oh yeah? Good. As long as it is no cakewalk. I didn’t buy the game to die. I bought it to hunt monsters.

          • 하세요

            You still have to try, of course. They just nerfed monster damage big time, so it’ll take longer to get KO’d as long as your armor is worth anything.

            But this is about Freedom Wars, so enough about that.

    • s07195

      Maybe it’s the thorn mechanic?

      • Namuro

        I can just imagine people not knowing how to stop when they pulled themselves in with the thorn-whip, and died from crashing into buildings. LOL

        I know you can’t get hurt from doing that, but still… :D

    • Duo Maxwell

      From what I saw, it’s mostly because the game doesn’t play like your usual hunting game, but more like a 3rd person action game. The biggest problem come from the “human” enemy. The battle could be frantic at time when you have to deal with both the big boss and those little annoyances. Sound really like they can’t deal with distraction.

      Also, it needs to be note that you can be revived. Both by touching a downed ally or using the Thorn, so it’s even easier than God Eater 2.

      I guess since it’s a new IP, they couldn’t just say “suck it up and get better”.

      • Magicks

        From what I see, the thorn has a pretty long range. Wouldn’t it be possible just to revive from a long distance? Even if the AI swaps target to the revived player and shoot him down again, that gives the second player a little breathing room to mow down the horde that is attacking the helpless first player.

        Also, the thorn looks like it makes travelling and closing distance rather quick. Why don’t they use it to quickly move into cover? Or to flee in general.

        I just want to see more videos of the game; I’m certain that there are strats that you can pull off.

  • hiroy_raind

    From what I’ve heard, the biggest problem on the difficulty isn’t from the huge Abductor (though some did report that some mission requires facing at least three of them at the same time and it gets pretty hectic), but from the human enemies as they keep respawning and that their aim is too good. They also said that the allies’ AI isn’t very good (I’m guessing at dodging enemy attacks. The demo shows that friendly AI will savagely aims for the head/critical point of Abductors).

    • Namuro

      There are humanoid enemies? As in small fries, and not Criminals from other factions like Abel.

      • hiroy_raind

        It’s criminals from other panopticons.

        • Namuro

          Oh okay, so they are criminals as well, but just the goon-type ones. Gotcha.

          • hiroy_raind

            They’re basically the same as friendly AI as they carry both thorns and the same type of weaponry you can bring.

    • Duo Maxwell

      The ally’s AI isn’t good if you just leave them at that. I saw people who played the game like a 3rd person tactical shooter game and giving command with each minute has succeeded in those stages quite easily. I guess it’s just a difference in perception toward the genre and the game.

    • hiroy_raind

      It might also be a factor of that most Japanese (and other players) aren’t used to the system yet. Just barging with melee weapons isn’t very effective in this game (as you’ll only hit the legs).
      You either need to use the thorn effectively (which needs you to claw using the right hand), or use the range weapons as if playing a TPS game (I saw a couple of gameplay videos by Japanese players, and their range game isn’t very good as they tend to stop moving while shooting and such. Probably wasn’t using the shooter or technical type control in which you can shoot using the right trigger instead of square).

    • Alter

      You can command your Accessory to aim for weak points OR breaking parts, heal you, use grenade, etc. Depends on AI set.

      • hiroy_raind

        Ah, good to know that we get all the tools we need.

  • Tweetums

    The last time I remember something like this happening was with ATLUS’ Catherine :o

    • and resonance of fate from tri ace.

      • qygagw wgag

        rof is like chess. every inch you move counts. its a thinking man’s game. not for casual and noobs

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmmm i hope that this bad voices won’t hamper its future sales here as Japanese gamer mouth to mouth reaction can be quite powerful here.

    The last time these kind of things happen(For Jojo) the game sales plummet like crazy and even many games end up on bargain bin like in 1 week,

    • hiroy_raind

      It’s definitely nowhere as bad JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star battle.
      And on a poll on a Japanese news site, the number of vote saying it’s hard is still slightly less than those saying that “it’s just right” and “at least it’s not an easy game like God Eater 2”.
      Not to mention this is something fixable, with the producer already looking for a solution (unlike JJBA ASB where the microtransaction system stays no matter what).

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        I do understand what u are saying there but, bad mouth to mouth is always bad here.

        I just hope that the developer is able to iron out the problem ASAP here. As Japan gaming market is very competitive here.

        If one game did bad, we only need to move to another game here.

  • Vash bane

    this is interesting first time (or second?) Ii’ve seen this kinda news. if the pro’s are having trouble I can only picture how much trouble i’ll have (also it sounds like a challenge but 2 to 3 hit deaths? …sounds like one of those evil games)

    • hiroy_raind

      They’re probably not used to the system yet. It’s true you can get knocked out easily in the game, but you can be helped (before getting respawned) as easily too. In fact, you can help a downed ally from afar by using the thorn. And unlike God Eater where helping a downed ally costs you half of your life, it only cost half of the thorn bar (which is always regenerating when not in use).

      And unlike Monster Hunter and God Eater where 3 death/respawn is the limit for a mission, Freedom Wars lose limit per mission is 8.

    • Duo Maxwell

      I can assure you, it’s not hard. At least not on the same level as MonHan. In MonHan the G rank quest has a bunch of mission where the boss 1HKO you. I’m quite sure it’s because this game’s system is quite different compare to all other game and they haven’t had much time to adjust (the game just come out for more than a week).

      • JCTXS

        That’s more comforting to hear. I’ll take your word for the difficulty level. Perhaps they have gotten too used to Monhan Tri which made things as easy as shit? Nothing will ever be as hard as monhan frontier Elder missions though, just easy one hit deaths…

  • Alter

    Definitely not for casuals, IMO it’s just like Dark Souls hardness. Without proper preparation (i.e. right boosters, items or elementals) you’ll die easily. I do find my NPC comrades is a lot weaker (even at Lvl 10) than Heaven Soldiers in Heaven’s Judgement missions. I do want separate command for each NPC than group command. I screwed a few times in Heaven’s Judgement missions because annoying shielding and infinite spawn.

    But in the end it’s so fun. I feel an accomplishment everytime i beat a Heaven’s Judgement mission, that 10K years really worth the efforts.

    I notice NPC perfect aiming skill too and devs intentionally let out soldiers with Defensive type Thorn which takes a bit more efforts to kill.

  • Virevolte

    Well, they also found Catherine too hard.
    If it’s fun, I don’t mind the difficulty. It’s more rewarding like that.

  • Lemski07


    • XiaomuArisu

      That what she said

    • What the-

    • Shippoyasha

      and LONG.

    • Spider-Man

      I’ll show you a hard game. C’mere.

  • JohnNiles

    Is one of the people in that screenshot an AI partner? No, don’t leave me!

  • qygagw wgag

    awwww its too hard for them awwwwwwwwwwwwww. well i didnt play it but games like this arent bs hard where its unfair. so they just need to try harder. i heard the same statement for other games. and they werent even hard once you figure out how to really play it.

    • k.b.a.

      Hmm… when Japan complains about difficulty I proceed with caution. because it is a fair chance of stupid bs. Anyone remember when d3 launched.

  • SauriansMaster!!

    “Keep in mind, this is coming from a nation full of G-rank Hunters and seasoned veterans of the hunting genre, so they’re not exactly too shabby as players”
    confirmed for ignorant, most japanese players never get to G Rank through skill, all of the JAP players i’ve played with in MH Frontier are all terrible.

    • Judgephoenix

      interesting? I have played all of the MH games except that one. I thought the difficulty was not that high on that game or is it about the same as the others.

      • SauriansMaster!!

        It has a fair amount of unavoidable stuff, like WoW. But keep in mind most people who bought MH for 3ds or psp did it to play with friends. There is a reason people call it the Japanese COD.

        • Hexodious

          Oh? That’s the first time I heard such a thing, last time Persona was the “Japanese COD” (I hear it all the time on Kotaku).

          I guess the Tales Of series are going to be the next “Japanese COD” eh?

          • SauriansMaster!!

            lets open up the checklist then eh?

            1. Multiplayer

            2. Sells millions (4million Japan alone)

            3. Bad Graphics

            4. lolsohardcore casual fanbase (jp)

            “I hear it all the time on Kotaku”

            dragon’s crown is apparently ‘rape culture’ on Kotaku, maybe you should make your own opinion about something. Persona could never be the Japanese COD it doesn’t sell nearly enough for that.

          • Hexodious

            And so what? That doesn’t stop people form putting an “Japanese COD” term onto game series.

            Watch a fairly new series get popular, make a lot of games and they will receive such a term as well.

          • SauriansMaster!!

            MH being the Jp Cod has been termed since Freedom Unite. It’s where the term originated most likely.

            “and they will receive such a term as well.”

            I see this VERY rarely, if at all.

          • natchu96

            With the amount of social elements in the “modern” Persona games (you know, the ones that aren’t 1 and 2) I feel Persona is really forever doomed to be one of the best selling and huge niche titles out there. It seems really hit or miss to me; It just hits very hard or misses by a mile.

            Personally I like it, but I can see many things people would not like about Persona.

          • Hexodious

            I prefer that it says that way, I doubt there are many people who will completely understand the entire Persona concept anyways.

    • Yes, because Monster Hunter Frontier is clearly the game that the MH community at large is invested in.

      It’s debatable as to whether the comments about the game being too hard are coming from seasoned MH players (which I kind of doubt) or the more casual hunting game players that are into God Eater and Toukiden, but I would not say the best Monster Hunter players in Japan lack dedication or skill.

      • SauriansMaster!!

        Good thing I wasn’t referring to the ‘best’ mh players, just most. The overwhelming majority of MH players have been young 12-21 agegroup and are playing it casually with friends

        and frontier is bigger than you are giving it credit for. (in japan at least)

        • Sure, but that applies to every game ever. The vast majority of players don’t see games through to the end. Monster Hunter is no exception.

          The difference here is that these are experienced players complaining about these issues. You’ll see what we mean in a few hours. We’re working on another post that illustrates the problem.

          • SauriansMaster!!

            “The difference here is that these are experienced players complaining about these issues.”
            I don’t see any credible information to see that this isn’t just casual players complaining on twitter, every new IP in japan gets this treatment because it is something people aren’t used to yet. Having played the demo myself and the testimony from import friends dictate that the game isn’t that hard, just different from MH (the defactor hunting game) it’s no wonder japanese players are complaining. Mechanically the game focuses not only on the boss but the surrounding areas/mooks. They do a fair amount of damage.

    • Sato

      “most japanese players never get to G Rank through skill”
      I’m sorry, but that statement alone is “confirmed for ignorant”.

      Given its popularity, MH in general has a wide range of players from casual to hardcore, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.

      • natchu96

        Generally though there is still more casual players than hardcore ones no matter where you go.

        Time investment is not for everyone, especially if you don’t make money from it.


    Difficulty is perfect for me.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I would have said “if it’s too dificult, then GET GOOD!”

    • Shippoyasha

      Git Gud.

      • Jadfish

        I ctrl+F’ed “git gud” and only found 1 post…

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I love difficulty in games especially if when you die you know it’s your fault.

    I just don’t like dying the cheap way – jumping and not knowing that there is a spike or pit at the other end of the screen (where you can only find out after dying).

    • natchu96

      Same here.

      This is the kind of game where you slowly improve by learning attack patterns of your bosses. If you’re good enough theoretically you can do a zero-damage perfect run and predict every single thing. The most lethal moves are usually flashy, and the flashier the attack the more telegraphed it is.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    The media has tied this to Japan’s low birth rate, global warming, and the obesity epidemic. Also, it’s Obama’s fault.

    • Hexodious

      Sounds like a party

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        A Freedom party!

        Really, this game needed to be called Freedom Party.

        • Hexodious

          That wouldn’t even surprise me with all those “vocaloid”(?) singers in the game.

  • Took 1-2 hit to die? That’s totally normal for me when solo-ing a G-rank Golden Rajang in MH2G. Are these guys really that skilled?

    Must say the casualty of games spoiled them good.

    • natchu96

      I can play God Eater Burst on story mode and still say 1 hits is the most I can take without dying. If I’m lucky.

      Story mode is not exactly a difficult thing to beat in that game.

  • Zukato

    Interesting. I’ve heard that the difficulty of Natural Doctrine is also really tough.

  • shibomi

    The only hard part I’ve noticed when watching freedom wars streams on twitch is the last boss of the story arc. But even then they still managed to beat it, albeit they exploited some impassable barriers to prevent from being hit by melee.

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    Just release a demo and let us be the judges of the difficulty.

    • Kami nii

      I Tried the JPN ver Demo and all I can say is yes it is Hard if you don’t know how to take advantage of your equipment as I wrote below the whip and your weapon is enough think of it as a Attack of the Titan actually there are similarities Overall its a challenging game.

  • Tyrannikos

    I want to be cautious about this and chalk it up to (potentially) unskilled players, but that video is somewhat damning. There were multiple deaths there where the player had absolutely no time to react and/or simply died too fast to call it their fault.

    Though, the video is cut to show those things, so it could be a sea of stupid mistakes a player made, then spinning it to make the game look hard.

    I guess I’ll wait and see what comes out of this. Still a day one purchase.

    • natchu96

      There probably are many situations where you can get stunlocked to death in this kind of game. The genre is not without precedent.

      Frankly after eating a few of those you should be able to see them coming, and in the first place getting caught in it is your fault. Finding ways to kill yourself against bosses and reloading saves is kinda a video game staple, you know? :3

    • TheCynicalReaper

      What video?

      • Tyrannikos

        Oh, whoa. There WAS a video in this article showing how difficult the AI can be. Was that on a different website? Jesus, I had so many tabs open this morning.

        Here’s the video I saw. Somewhere.

        • ShadowDivz

          Man, i love that costume. Don’t know if it’s called a cat suit or not, but it looks cool.
          I was wondering if i should make a girl or a guy.

          On topic, yeah that does seem somewhat harder than tolerable. Maybe it take some getting used to?

  • Junko Enoshima

    “The game is too hard?” What are you, weak?

  • Mika Moreno

    Well great… I’m so excited for this game, but I’m not the best gamer. If it’s hard for the Japanese it’s going to be impossible for me >.<

    • Xerain

      They also complained about Catherine. Atlus actually added a cheat code to unlock Super Easy Mode in response. Don’t think that would work in a multiplayer focused game, though.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    And?! I wanted to play a monster hunter/god eater/ Dark souls type of game. Keep it hard plz

    • natchu96

      Considering how I suck very badly at every MH game I’ve ever tried out on my friend’s consoles yet somehow am alright at God Eater I wouldn’t call GE a particularly difficult game. Not compared to the other two anyway

      And you still die in two hits in that against anything that remotely poses a challenge, so yeah :/

  • Xerain

    I don’t think Enemies killing you in 1 or 2 hits is inherently the problem. After
    all, this is a nation of G Rank Hunters. However, what matters is WHEN
    it happens. Monster Hunter does NOT start at G rank. G Rank can actually
    be viewed as the post game. Yeah yeah. I know what you MH vets going to say. However, the credits do technically roll before you hit G Rank, assuming you play the game in order of ascending difficulty.

    So the point is, in MH you get to fight each monster like 5-10 times before
    the version that can one shot you normally becomes available. And if you
    can’t handle it, you can go back and practice on a weaker version. If
    the Monsters in Freedom Wars are basically G-rank from the get go, and
    there’s no way to practice, I can see how that would be a problem.

  • Kroz

    This is odd. I thought all the complaints were of the enemy AI and how half the time it just sits there and soaks up damage, rarely attacking. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?

    • decus

      Dunno, but usually I just hear complaints that amount to “I don’t know how to use the whip yet” since rockets will 1-2 shot you and they’re hard to dodge without the whip.

  • Dystopiq

    Damn Casuals! The lot of ya!

    • natchu96


      What other hunting-esque action game that looks even remotely like this doesn’t have every hit deplete 60%+ of your health bar? Dying in one or two hits is a genre staple!

      And they have the thorn whips for mobility and f’ing guns dude, they have no excuse to get hit in the first place.

      • Dystopiq

        Stop getting hit. Problem solved. Next question.

        • Jason Ryer

          have you played god eater? Saying that quit getting hit is naive. The systems in god eater work similar to this game.Stun lock is when you get knocked on your butt so there would be a regen phase but by then your dead.I am guessing this causes permadeath-GAMEOVER splash screen.

      • ShadowDivz

        Monster hunter, where your character feels the need to flex after drinking a potion or being a little chilly destroys your stamina bar.

        They don’t know TRUE PAIN!

  • Stormourner

    ppffffttt!!! Demon’s Souls was my first difficult game and I’m on fourth playthrough, leveling up makes life easier. I don’t complain over difficulty because I love brutal difficulties (I play casual games aswell)

  • Ann Weschenfeller

    I’m probably going to be hated for saying this but here I go…

    A) An easy mode does not affect harder modes.
    B) A hard mode does not affect easier modes.

    Why don’t just have a difficulty for everyone while not messing with anyone’s expectations? The game isn’t worse or less worth for offering several skill levels.

    • ShadowDivz

      Yes it is!
      Im kidding, some people do think that though.
      But what about multiplayer? Would the game default to normal?

      • Ann Weschenfeller

        Default the multiplayer, let people play with the difficulty they want when offline. The harder you play alone, the more content you can access.

  • The Watcher

    Too hard? Games like this puts hair on your chest

  • Inb4 God Hand.

    Seriously, that was a great game with a wacky story with perfect battle controls that “gave you everything you needed to not die if you were good” and not only did people complain about the difficulty but we never saw more games from that studio due to lack of sales :/

    C’mon people, don’t let that happen again pls :'(

    • Kaetsu

      That game was completely fair, though. If you die in God Hand it’s almost always your fault. From what I’ve been seeing from Freedom Wars is that the difficulty comes from unfairness and BS like being stun locked in a flamethrower or getting one shot by a gun. There’s a difference.

      • Ah, well that sucks then. After all these years you’d think games today would give you all the tools you need to not suck, but every once in a while it seems we’re diving back into the Nintendo days of irregular game design that ends up resulting in situations like in this game.’

        1hko’s is one thing, but if the game provides you with no real way of using your own learned set of skills to avoid them, especially in the case of stun locks, (allow the player to do the same, easy fix :O) then we got a problem here.

        Here’s hoping a future patch fixes things because this games been on my radar for a hella long time. I’ll buy it regardless but I would like “real” difficulty instead of the fake stuff we’ve had to put up with since the 80’s O_o…

  • Ozymandias

    kids these days… please try playing battletoads

  • Learii

    the harder the game is the more fun is

    • Ann Weschenfeller

      I agree, but we’re not going to suddenly become green and grow nuclear ulceras because the game has more skill levels, both harder and easier, so everyone can enjoy, both the unskilled and the skilled alike. Hell, let’s do as games did before. Let’s block levels-equip-quests-endings depending the difficulty you choose, so the better you are the more content you enjoy, encouraging people to improve.

      Let’s try and be inclusive, please. It can be done without ruining anyone’s experience.

  • Jadfish

    “I take two hits and die or sometimes get one-shot killed.”

    Now I can understand being salty about the one-shot kill (unless it is super slow and telegraphed), but taking two hits then dying isn’t a huge problem.
    For starters, you aren’t supposed to be hit even once – in hunting games you often times have a lot of ways of dodging things, so if you take a hit, your priority is to get away and heal up. Sticking around with half health or lower is never a good idea unless you are a badass that don’t make the same mistake twice.

    All that being said, it’s difficult to judge based on hearsay. I would love to try it out and see how hard it is.

    • Joseph Fontana

      Except when you get shot once and then raped my mutiple enemies during hit stun? Thats the difficulty people are complaining about. Theres a ton of “fodder” enemies that just gang rape you with “imbalanced” accuracy and kill you in the middle of thorn dash or trying to peek above cover to kill an enemy and die in 2 seconds before you can even get a single enemy.

  • ShadowDivz

    Too hard? Please, unless it’s ninja gaiden, i don’t believe this. (master ninja anyone?)
    Or the old megaman games, where you’re reflexes MUST border on god like to survive. (like quarter of a second reaction time)

    Guess il have to play to find out.

    • Aspenharls

      MegaMan isn’t so tough, it’s just adjusting to the less forgiving physics. Ninja Gaiden, however……

  • Pedro Victor

    I seriously wanted his answer to be something on the lines of “Learn to play, noob.”
    You might think no game developer would ever be this rude and edgy, but hey, Kamiya-sama is a thing.

  • ishyg

    “Freedom Wars Producer Responds To Players Who Say The Game Is Too Tough”

    Wow, and all I see in the trailer is “this is fun”. I never expected it to be that tough. Well, that’s more fun! Woohoo!

  • Yojimbo

    Hard for higher difficulties is fine. But if it’s a single star and too hard that’s just unbalanced. Mind you hard is good!

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    Has anyone here played it, and if so does it seriously have a difficulty issue or is japan a bunch of newbs.

    • Anontastic

      “or is japan a bunch of newbs”

      This is the country where MH is one of the most popular entertainment franchises on the market. No, they are not a bunch f newbs.

      • Daniel Rossevelt

        I was just kidding around, although i still wouldn’t playing it myself as i feel maybe the difficulty should be higher for additional fun/challange. i like a game that makes me rage

  • TheAnswerisback

    People have to remember games aren’t always meant to be easy , look at monster hunter if that game was easy at all times you could say bye to the franchise, what made MH fun was the challenging monsters that made you think and have to react with proper timing and come up with strategy’s that would lead to a fruitful outcome

    • Anontastic

      That’s the point of the article: People who are GREAT at MH games are saying Freedom Wars is too hard. When a huge segment of your player-base agrees that the game is unfairly difficult, it’s okay to consider that they might be right.

      They aren’t asking for “easy”. Just a moderate challenge.

      • Duo Maxwell

        It’s because people who are great at MH that they are suck at this game. The western players base who imported the game have no problem because they used to play TPS/FPS without aim assist bullshit, while the JP who are bad at it like to play like a hunting game at those stage where you have to fight against another prisoners like yourself.

        Have you ever tried to play Uncharted by going all melee like Metal Gear Rising? Same shit happened here.

        The stage that most of the Japanese complained about is this one. See how it’s done? Now imagine those Pro-MH trying to charge in using melee only.

  • vileBrenman

    I remember them advertising this game as a game where you can die really easy.

  • I literally can’t wait for this….

  • Yan Zhao

    Im glad they are doing Free DLCs because it makes sense to be free, and not be paid for the sake of it.

  • Anthony Birken

    “Freedom Wars? You mean that game with the godly AI?” Lol, I want to play it even more…

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