This Week In Sales: Freedom Wars Debuts Amidst Balance Issues

By Ishaan . July 2, 2014 . 11:59am

Period: The week of June 23rd – June 29th (2014)

Top-seller: Freedom Wars (PSV) – 188,888

Nintendo 3DS sales: 5,081 | Total sales: 9,527,024

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 22,803 | Total sales: 6,199,735

PlayStation Vita sales: 22,192 | Total sales: 2,880,779

Vita TV sales: 2,727 | 121,075

Wii U sales: 10,653 | Total sales: 1,812,249

PlayStation 4 sales: 8,059 | 620,619

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Hunting-action games are the PlayStation Vita’s bread-and-butter, and last week, Sony released another such game in Japan—Freedom Wars, designed by Shift, the studio behind the God Eater series.


Freedom Wars sold 188,888 copies in its first week, which is an impressive debut, although not surprising, given the game’s genre and the heavy marketing that Sony have been doing in the months leading up to release. Here’s how the game’s first-week sales compare to those of other recent hunting-action titles on PlayStation platforms:


God Eater 2 – 378,350 (PSV + PSP)

Toukiden – 188,810 (PSV + PSP)

Soul Sacrifice – 92,396 (PSV only)


Very respectable. Freedom Wars has sold the same amount at launch as Toukiden did across both Vita and PSP. The question now is how the game will do in the weeks to come. One point of concern in this regard is that players have noticed some fairly serious balance issues within the game, and these are prominent enough to have prompted a response from the game’s producer, who has pledged to iron them out.


Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Freedom Wars presently sits at a rating of 2.5 stars (out of 5) on Amazon, and a number of user reviews point to the aforementioned balance issues, complaining about the second half of the game. Ideally, this wouldn’t affect sales too much, since we live in an age where problems such as these can be patched and fixed, and more savvy consumers are aware of this, but it should be interesting to monitor the game’s performance over the next few weeks regardless.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Freedom Wars 188,888 New PSV Sony
New 02. Watch Dogs 63,595 New PS4 Ubisoft
New 03. Kamen Rider: Battride War II 62,649 New PS3 Bandai Namco
New 04. Taiko Drum Master: Don and Katsu’s Great Space-Time Adventure 53,095 New 3DS Bandai Namco
New 05. Girls und Panzer: I Will Master Tankery! 31,526 New PSV Bandai Namco
New 06. Watch Dogs 31,028 New PS3 Ubisoft
02. 07. Yo-kai Watch 29,590 1,147,202 3DS Level 5
03. 08. Mario Kart 8 23,520 492,837 WiiU Nintendo
01. 09. Pokémon Art Academy 15,373 46,454 3DS Nintendo
04. 10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 13,026 136,893 PS3 Konami
New 11. Date A Live: Arusu Install 9,703 New PS3 Compile Heart
05. 12. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 7,072 237,379 3DS Atlus
New 13. Kamen Rider: Battride War II 6,936 New WiiU Bandai Namco
New 14. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate 6,768 New PS4 Koei Tecmo
New 15. Grand Theft Auto V (Bargain Edition) 6,732 New PS3 Take 2
10. 16. FIFA14: World Class Soccer 6,510 53,813 PS4 Electronic Arts
08. 17. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai 6,454 56,742 3DS Konami
New 18. Robotics;Notes Elite 5,467 New PSV 5pb.
12. 19. Pokémon X and Y 4,641 4,092,653 3DS Pokémon Co.
17. 20. Monster Hunter 4 4,250 3,300,689 3DS Capcom


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

  • God

    About that low rating… was it only beacuse of the balance issues or beacuse of something else? I’d hate to see that the time has come when whe judge a game’s quality by its difficulty…

    • 하세요

      I’ve always used difficulty as a game’s quality rating. It really depends if the game was intended to be that way. Like Dark Souls was meant to be really difficult, but I don’t think devs made Freedom Wars to be a painful, trial and error filled maze of death and chaos (and stupid flamethrowers).

      Goes both ways for games being too damn easy. For example, Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Some friends loved it, but I cannot see why. No death penalty is a major no-no in my book, so I personally would rate a game down for that. I make sure to point that out though. “If you don’t mind this game being too hard/easy, then it could be right up your ally.”

      • God

        One thing is to like/dislike a game’s difficulty, or specific settings (a game CAN be difficult without a death penalty, for example), but to base your opinion only in these things is something that i think should not be done.

    • I would suggest watching the video Sato posted an hour or so ago. It’s not “difficulty” at all in this case. It’s bad design, plain and simple. One issue is that weaker enemies are able to constantly stun lock and mob you to death, while you have no chance of counterattacking whatsoever.

      Another issue appears to be that enemies have ridiculously good aim and do ridiculously high damage. So you’re put in situations where you’re coming around a corner and are immediately sniped by an enemy, stun-locked, and then sniped once again.

      I seriously doubt any of this was intentional. You don’t hear people complaining about the difficulty of games in other cases like the Souls games or Monster Hunter or even the 2D Marios. In this case, it’s very much a design/balance flaw, not a feature.

      • nekolife

        Right, there’s a big difference between dying due to your lack of skill versus unfair mechanics. I’m surprised a major game would get through play testing with these kind of flaws.

        Hope they come up with some major improvemens by the time it comes out here. I was psyched for this game, but broken balance really ruins a game.

        • If this game were developed completely by Shift, I’d point a finger at them, since God Eater is filled with things that could have used a lot more polish, too. But in this case, the programming work was done by Dimps, so it’s partly on them and partly on Sony for failing to do proper QA.

          • planetofthemage

            What all did you feel like needed more polish in God Eater?

          • The physics, the animation and the monster behaviour, primarily.

      • tubers

        Ishaan, the video there is a bad example as the player is either deliberately being stupid or a complete noob to the game. I’m not saying the game is perfect but that video isn’t a good representation.

        Almost every instance was an avoidable mess.

        You don’t dive into 7 Human/oid enemy AIs alone w/ a plan to melee all of them.

        You toss Grenades when you take cover and see a mob of AI cuddled together.

        You lure a mob, stay ahead faster through dives, drop a mine or lay an AOE thorn trap to destroy clustered melee enemies that follow you.

        You shouldn’t stick close to the usual AI spawn areas.

        Flamethrower enemies are pretty much useless at range. Use the ceiling and walls.

        You don’t go head to head, close range, with the burst rifle AI with a standard rifle.

      • God

        All the deaths i saw where fault of the player, either beacuse he left himself wide open, poor planning, taking to many enemies by himself, poor positioning and lack of awareness of his surrioundings, and even if it’s “bad design”, what i am asking is if that is the only reason the game recieved a bad rating.

        • That is the primary reason, yes. Go check the Amazon page. There’s a number of reviews complaining about the difficulty. It isn’t, as the person above suggested, some stupid console war issue. Nobody expected this game to be on anything but Vita. It’s a first-party title.

    • Mugen555

      Never really trust JP Amazon reviewer.
      They are capable giving score 1 because it’s not on their favorite console

      • British_Otaku

        This isn’t one of those cases though, not only is highly unlikely that JP Amazon reviewers would complain that it isn’t on the 3DS or whatever.

        The reviews are addressing actual problems.

      • God

        Thanks Mugen, for actually answering my question.

    • tubers

      From what I’ve seen in the past few streams, it seems a lot are approaching it in a traditional hunting-action game when the game seems to favor a more TPS-style playthrough (at least for the non-superior reflex endowed).

      Enemy AI don’t have perfect aim, a dash would most of the time miss you w/ their shots.

      I’ve seen too many streamers that don’t do ranged revives, thorn dives and learning to just keep on stunning abductors nor people use the Thorn Aim trick when they suck at aiming on Abductor parts.

      Most don’t also efficiently use the AI commands (not perfect but better used as some imperfect insurance/safety net).

      Watch hamayama and cshk123 twitch streams. Seems like they know what they’re doing and the game difficulty may seem questionably easy.

      Maybe it’s the game’s fault for not properly explaining these things but on the other part, that should be an incentive to explore the game’s system.

      Just wait for a few more days til people finds ways to abuse the game similar to how they learned to abuse SS (not delta).

      What seems more annoying from what I’ve been seeing and reading is the luck/range/roll based Weaponry upgrades.

      • God

        I knew it! Damn these casual players! Now they are gonna lower the diffiulty beacuse of them!! And what do you mean about weapon upgrades being random? Oh, and does this game allow some level of grinding? I don’t like to grind, but it’s nice to know wheter you do or don’t have the option.

        • tubers

          For random rolls please check the gamefaqs thread. Can’t remember w/c topic it was but there will be a random element and controlled elements when upgrading:

          Yes. You grind for mats and points for “rights” to get higher levels of certain items/mechanics like the Thorns or Plants that produce materials and Boosters.

          It’s probably not even the “casual” skill that’s the problem. It may be more of the poor attention span of a certain group of gamers that refuses to explore the games mechanics and plays it restrictively.

  • British_Otaku

    In other news, there will be a Youkai Watch 2 Direct on the 4th of July…
    And a lot of you folks can celebrate being independent from our British arses.

    I’m expecting the numbers from Youkai Watch 2 to be monstrous for a whole year as well, I’m not even sure if any previous video game -> multimedia bonanza has had it this good in recent years. Inazuma Eleven and Megaman Battle Network were definitely massive hits as well, but we have seen so many games fall short without a second go (good on Capcom for giving Gaist Crusher another chance)…

    On the rest of the sales, I’m surprised by how Watch_Dogs did on the PS4, but with how marketing has been over here and given that Ubisoft commissioned a manga for ACIV, I may have to look up whether Jordi Chin has a sidestory manga. I need to start watching Girls and Panzer, Taiko did pretty well and stuff.

    • I do wonder how YW2 will open. I don’t expect it to start out at 1 million… I don’t think it’s that big yet. But it should be up there (I’m going to say 6-700k) and I hope L5 are prepared with additional shipments.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Wait. Capcom’s giving Gaist another go? Huh. I missed that.

  • otakumike

    I believe something that should have been noted was how well watch dogs did. 63k? not too shabby for ya Ubi.
    EDIT: Also note how it sold more on ps4 than it did on ps3, despite the install base difference. A sliver of good news in the wake of the poor ps4 sales over there.

    And….keep test playing the game for us Japan, I was FW all patched up when it comes stateside. ;)

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      it will drop next week

      • otakumike

        what else is happening next week?

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          Yokai Watch 2

  • A couple of other quick things to note, since I couldn’t find the space for them in the article:

    1. Watch Dogs sales are pretty impressive when you count the PS3 and PS4 numbers together. I remember Assassin’s Creed used to do fairly well in Japan at one point in time, too.

    2. Smart of Take 2 to come out with a budget edition of GTAV to keep sales rolling. At this rate, I could easily see the game reaching the 800,000 mark, counting sales of both regular and bargain copies.

    • nekolife

      It’s interesting how slanted the sales are towards the PS4 version of Watch Dogs. I saw the PS4 system sales and worried for the health in Japan.

      I suppose you could read it less positively as starvation for PS4 games driving sales. But regardless, it’s nice to see stronger sales on PS4 to tempt other publishers. I’d just as soon not play anything new on PS3, myself.

      • I do think that’s partly it—that people on PS4 are simply willing to try more things because there’s very little to play at the moment. That’s why they always say that the start of a new generation is the best time to introduce new IP… people are willing to take more risks and buy something that they may not otherwise.

        Ubisoft have been great about that in general. Last gen with Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, this gen with Watch Dogs.

        • tubers

          Ragnarok Odyssey PS VITA.

        • British_Otaku

          Likewise, they opened up with Red Steel on the Wii (sold over a million copies in a few months, though the sequel which was actually good didn’t sell so well) and ZombiU on the Wii U which seems to have a following though Ubisoft aren’t that happy with the sales.

        • Göran Isacson

          I was curious about Watch Dogs good numbers. Do you have any idea if there’s been any particular hype for the game in Japan that might have contributed to it, or is the most likely working theory that it’s a question of game starvation? Also kinda curious how well it sold in comparison to some other big name sandbox games, like GTA.

          • To my knowledge, there’s been no particular hype in Japan. On the PS4 front, I’d estimate the sales can be chalked up to early adopters looking to do something with their fancy next-gen console.

            That said, Japan does seem to find some of Ubisoft games interesting in general. Assassin’s Creed used to do fairly well. Just Dance has always done fairly well, too (although, Nintendo localizes and publishes that series in Japan), and now Watch Dogs is catching on.

          • Göran Isacson

            Huh, did not know that. I guess that since I so often see the argument that mainstream audiences in Japan are falling out of buying videogames since they so often these days aim at a hardcore otaku audience, if these are the games the mainstream go to. Big, fairly storydriven open world games that offer a lot spectacle in size, as most open sandbox games ala your Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs and GTA’s and Sleeping Dragons do.

            Kinda curious also is games like Rayman, Child of Light etc are well regarded in Japan as well, or if Ubi’s successes are mostly their big, realistic open-world games. They’re not the kind of games you associate with Japan, you know? I mean sure, the Japanese game consumers taste aren’t necessarily the same as Japanese game developers, but it’s still a bit funny to see games you’ve been sort of conditioned to see as “western” strike it big in the East.

          • Well, the thing about mainstream audiences in Japan not buying games any more… I would say that’s primarily a result of people not making games for the mainstream audience any more.

            Namco’s happy targeting the anime fanbase. Compile Heart and NIS both compete for more or less the same otaku fanbase. Gust has a little more presence among the otome market, but their target audience is primarily the otaku, too.

            Konami is mostly irrelevant in the consumer games space outside of their sports games and Metal Gear. Square Enix are only just now finding it in them to come back to portables, after Bravely Default’s success. Koei basically does nothing other than Dynasty Warriors now.

            …and so the list goes on. I would say there are very few publishers left in Japan, that are capable of attracting mainstream audiences any more. Level 5, Square, Nintendo, Capcom… those are really the only ones off the top of my head.

            So, I think part of the reason you’re seeing certain kinds of western games pick up in Japan is that consumers aren’t spoiled for choice any more. They either learn to like a broader variety of games or they have nothing to play.

  • Even though Freedom Wars doesn’t look like my kinda game, parts of it look cool and I think it’s nice that it did well.

  • DesmaX

    I’m more surprised by Watch Dogs sales.

    Congrats for Ubisoft

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      not really surprising

      • DesmaX

        There’s nothing more surprising in the list

      • darke

        The ‘surprising’ part is that it’s not the PS3 version at the top of the list, but the PS4 one with double the sales of the PS3 version.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          I dont think thats suprising considering that currently PS4 line up is heavily slanted towards western audience which can mean that most of the current owner of PS4 is Japan is more than happy to get those games as that are their types of game.

  • Congrats to Battride War 2.

    I might try to import that as well down the line, since I went ahead and got Battride 1.

  • KuroNathan

    Girls und Panzer did better then I expected, I guess people were really looking to a WoT kinda game on their vita?

    (Or the anime has more clout then I give it credit for)

    • ronin4life

      I wanted it. Then I heard it sucked…
      That was a real bummer. I liked the Anime and wanted a WoT portable…

      • taekk

        Who said it sucked? The reviews on amazon Japan are about average. Not bad nor good.

        • ronin4life

          Amazon reviews are pretty mixed, but slanted towards the negative side of the scale. And Famitsu was not kind to it…

          If anyone on Siliconera gets a copy, I would love to hear their thoughts.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Am I the only one that likes how sexy that sales count is? 188888. FIVE 8’s in a row! That is a fine ass madness!

  • Suriel Cruz

    Wow! That’s a great debut. Indeed!

  • Ethan_Twain

    I cannot remember the last time there were 11 new releases in the top 20. Busy week. Unfortunately, part of this is because the market is so incredibly weak right now. Sure Robotics;Notes Elite (whatever the hell that is) made it into top 20, but it still only sold 5500 copies. That’s not a good number, and that number showing up in the top 20 is not a good sign.

    I wonder how much better Pro Evo Blue Samurai might have done if the Japanese national soccer team didn’t perform just HORRIDLY in the world cup. Seriously. That game against Greece was shameful – I’m glad a team of that caliber didn’t advance.

    I would be curious to see if all the Hunting Action games on the PS Vita combined have sold as much as Monster Hunter Tri 3DS. Let alone Monster Hunter 4.

    There are a lot of new games on this chart, but a lot of them are of the anime license/otaku type game that tends to sell all up front and not have much of a sales tail. I’ll be curious to see how many actually stick around for another week. Freedom Wars definitely will, but with the negative word of mouth even that one may take quite a hit.

    • You are SUPER right!

      You know, I’ve been watching these awful numbers for a long time. When there’s a game selling just 5k units showing up at no.17 or so, that SUCKS. Even though it’s a weekly chart – best case scenario says that it’s going to sell <20k for the month. That's pathetic.

      I know people say that the mobile market is dominating Japan right now… I'm curious to know what kind of "successes" there are over there, and seeing if they are apparently sucking up the money that used to go towards games on traditional systems. I'm gonna guess not, and that it's going to be 1 or 2 games making boatloads of cash (Puzzle & Dragons), and then a bunch of games that suck just as much as the titles on this chart.

      But I am really curious to know; what the heck could be causing this? This is depressing. I'm tired of seeing so many low selling games… and also so many "safe" and boring titles that are, like you said, just licensed niche titles selling to the same small fanbases. Too many companies are just focused on making their niche fans happy, to the tune of 100k sales or less, which can't fund new & more ambitious games that may appeal to broader audiences. They just keep existing in that pergatory… and that's not helping the game industry right now. Not one bit.

      • Ethan_Twain

        This went up on the website a few days ago.

        In my mind the current issues boil down to the issue that Japanese companies aren’t making games that appeal to wide audiences. Let’s count the games that can sell 1 million copies in Japan: Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Level 5 games (Early Inazuma 11, Early Youkai Watch, Early Layton), and Nintendo games. That really is kind of it. Persona 5 might break that threshhold in a year or two.

        Yes, the Japanese industry has a problem with making games that have international appeal. They can’t compete with the technology or scale of games developed elsewhere anymore. Comparing the open world of Lightning Returns to even the open world games the West was releasing four years ago just makes look the lavish production values of Final Fantasy look dated. And the anime/otaku market outside Japan is tiny.

        But I think that the problem with international appeal is only a symptom. Japan is having trouble making games even with DOMESTIC appeal. That list of million sellers? It was a small list!

        So until Japan starts releasing more than one or two quality games that appeal to wide audiences a year, this decline will continue.

        The really interesting party here? Nintendo. They make more hits than the rest of the Japanese industry combined. But since everything they do is tied to proprietary hardware their market burden is exponentially greater than any other software developer. Also worth remembering is that Nintendo has stayed completely away from the hunting game genre and the anime/otaku scene that kinda makes up the rest of Japan’s output these days.

        • AkuLord3

          Though to be fair, gaming market in America is…stupid at times. Certain Western games that hit the past the million mark in only days aren’t anything to hit home about (you know the ones) but both markets do the same thing, sell what sells.
          You’re not wrong though.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Most games coming from both development scenes are stupid. The stupid is universal. The ability to sell millions of copies… that’s not universal. So that’s the problem.

      • darke

        If you follow the western game sites, they seem to all have top-10 charts; it wouldn’t surprise me if you’d find unusually low selling titles on theirs if they went to top-20 as well; and they sell a heck of a lot more games then the Japanese ones do.

        I always find it amusing when I compare western vs Japanese sales of the otaku games I like and the western version sells considerably more units, since they’re an even more niche game then in Japan. :P

    • planetofthemage

      There’s a chart somewhere that basically shows that Monster Hunter on the WiiU and 3DS have outsold basically the top 50 PS Vita games combined.

      • British_Otaku
        • d19xx


        • Land of Green Pasture

          as both handheld owner I’m happy, as a Vita owner I’m sobbing and as 3ds owener I feel ‘dude I only have that many game, but they sold more than my vita gaems?’ . ok I feel sad because one of my things sold poorly, most typical nintendo games are sure console selling machine…

          • darke

            As a Vita owner I’m “Wow, I’ve got more then one game to play!”. :P

          • Thatguy

            Well, you can always add more games in *3DS* part.
            But… i don’t think we will see Vita’s part.

          • Land of Green Pasture

            but you can only play one at a time.. that’s the problem for us with lots of games..

          • darke

            I know that feeling. I was just escaping my backlog and the sales started happening, so all the games I hadn’t purchased due to them being more expensive then my interest held in them suddenly became cheap enough to buy and I’m trapped again. :(

  • nonscpo

    Does anybody know how previous Date a Live games sold, cause less than 10,000 for Arising Install doesn’t seem that impresive for a top 20 (then again I could probably say the same for Robotics;Notes Elite)

    • hng qtr

      23,340 in the first week.

      • nonscpo

        Wow that’s really not good, no wonder they won’t bring the franchise games over; guess the DVD sales weren’t that great in the west too. Curse licensing practices :'(

        • Anewme…Again

          That’s actually quite good for a VN.
          Lot of VN only sell a few thousand copies in their life.

          • nonscpo

            I know visual novels numbers tend not to be great, but I’m looking at it from the perspective of this being a major franchise, kinda, sorta. By the way love your username its deffinetly unique :o

        • darke

          It’s a no-gameplay VN as well, which means it’s never going to be a likely port to the west anyway. :(

  • Silver

    Is the Freedom Wars demo already on the Japanese PSN? Couldn’t find it the other day.

    • planetofthemage

      It got taken off when the game came out. It was out on the 12th of June originally.

  • planetofthemage

    Seems like an excellent week for the Vita. Hopefully it can keep this up.

  • subsamuel01

    Good to see a bump in Vita sales, hopefully the trend continues.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I can’t wait to see how Youkai Watch 2 does next week. Well, I suppose we won’t see that until the week after, but yea. The original is STILL driving a good 30k every week, so I really have to wonder if that won’t hurt the sequel. With so many still just now getting around to the first game, how much of that million will be ready to move on? Should be interesting to see develop.

    As for Freedom Wars, glad to see it up so high. It certainly seems that Soul Sacrifice’s aesthetic choices hampered its appeal in Japan. We know the genre wasn’t the issue and, by all accounts it’s a solid game, but seeing how much in excess of that Toukiden and now Freedom Wars have done, I think it paints a certain picture. Sony put just as much muscle behind SS’ marketing as they did Freedom Wars’ and, both being new IP, I’d still have given the edge to SS since Inafune was attached. Yet, as we see, FW came out the gate at nearly double — though to be fair, Vita’s LTD is double what it was then as well.

    Now I just wonder what Sony will do next to inject a bit of life into the Vita. In the end, Freedom Wars looks to be more viable moving forward than SS, but with God Eater and Toukiden on the scene, is that all there is for the Vita’s future? Trying to make bigger and bigger hunting games?

    Sega’s landed on splitting Project Diva with the PS3, seemingly to their own detriment, so that’s off the table. The Phantasy Star Portable games were very popular, so Nova should do well. Beyond that, I can only hope Gravity Rush 2 (whenever that resurfaces…) shows growth over the original.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      For, Yokai Watch 1 i don’t think there will be any problem on killing the sales early as u should know, that Ninty and LV-5 had that promotion which gives the new owners of 3DS the game there.^_^

      • Solomon_Kano

        Right, right. The promotion gets new 3DS LL owners a new copy of the first Youkai Watch (ends in September, I believe). So the first one actually has more copies out there than we can even tell from these charts, which makes me wonder how the second game’s performance will start out since lots of people are just now playing the first game. Usually sequels have a bit more breathing room, to the point where the original game isn’t still selling so well.

        The hope is that most of the people who bought the first game will buy YW2, but I have to wonder how many of the first game’s owners will be ready to move on come next week.

  • Grand Theft Auto Five (Bargain Edition). Love that name.

    Can’t wait to see how Yo-kai Watch 2 does. Will both versions be charted as one like Pokémon?

    • Solomon_Kano

      They should. Media Create puts games with multiple versions together, but goes in depth on each version later on in their breakdown iirc.

      • Thanks for that Solomon! :D

        • Solomon_Kano

          No prob.

  • All right Freedom Wars & Date A Live! =^_^=

  • awang0718

    I have a few things to say:

    1. Freedom Wars sold great. It will likely be one of the top selling PS Vita games in Japan.
    2. Watch Dogs sold better than I thought, but only sold a third of what Mario Kart 8 sold during its launch week.
    3. The Wii U appears to be stabalizing at around 10k units sold per week, though I could be wrong.
    4. The PS4 still can’t outsell the Wii U, even with the release of Watch Dogs. This doesn’t bode well for the PS4.

    • AkuLord3

      Noone is going run out for a Ps4 to play Watch Dogs, get real. Yeah its an ok game but yeah

    • darke

      Huh? Why would Watch Dogs sell the PS4? It’s a western game, and western games don’t traditionally sell well in Japan, let alone sell consoles! :?

    • ishyg

      “The PS4 still can’t outsell the Wii U, even with the release of Watch Dogs. This doesn’t bode well for the PS4.”

      Why? I’d rather pit the market with a release like KH3 than Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is a western game.

    • xXDGFXx

      Nobody in Japan would ever buy a PS4 just because of Watch_Dogs.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I had a feeling that Freedom Wars did pretty well.

  • darke

    Interesting that the PS4 sales of Watch Dogs are double that of the PS3’s, and they’re also bigger then a new release 3DS title though I’m not sure how niche that is (it doesn’t seem very).

    All the ‘western gamers’ on the 360 migrated to the PS4 this generation?

    Have to figure that a 10% attach rate for a western title in Japan in the first week is pretty good anyway. Wonder what the sales of a Yakuza game made in the same style would be like?

    • keithmaxx

      This is Japan. 360 is as good as dead, XB1 is not out yet, and the WiiU version is still waiting for a release date. That said, Watch Dogs is bound to have sold that much on a home console, being the only ones it is available on.

    • 永次

      Taiko no Tatsujin will sell far far better than Watch Dogs.

      The previous game for 3DS sold 63k in the first week and sold 550k in total.

      [3DS] Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb (Bandai Namco Games) {2012.07.12} – 63.388 / 548.898

      • British_Otaku

        This Taiko game is an Rhythm RPG game unlike the others, but yes it should have some legs.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I just hope, wen the US version of freedom wars is realesed, it will have the option to play agaist the unbalanced enemies, sounds like a great challenge!

    • Somerandomperson

      I replied to someone below once saying that the game is hard because of the enemies’s auto aimed guns. But I just discovered that you could do the same with the Thorn(ibara). That solves some of the problems.

      You just have know how to cooperate the Thorn, Gun, Melee Weapon to defeat the enemies.

      (My younger brother who is better than me in the game told me about the aiming)

      • Valtiel Ikari

        that is what I being saying (kinda) been saying in another post (the one with the video), that to me, it seems that players weren’t really using the abilities given well, thus, they died, over and over again, because they haven’t learned to use and combine the platora of abilities at their disposal.

        • Somerandomperson

          The Defensive Thorn can also be very useful, you can make you comrades use it on you to boost defense. (or you could use defense buffs)

    • Shady Shariest

      Have you seen the ones that can and will one shot ya? :P

    • British_Otaku

      Yeah, even if the difficulty is poorly designed, it would be a loss to have it be exclusive to the Japanese version, they could hide it behind three Yes/No screens and warnings or something but it would be interesting to look at.

  • Somerandomperson

    Even though the levels are hard, they can still be completed. Upgrading weapons and leveling up you comrades can help. Using the Thorn Properly for auto aim is extremely useful for shooting the long distance melee attack.

    (I spend many hours getting the required materials to upgrade, now I think I don’t need to complain about the game being too hard anymore).

  • Aristides

    Great week for the Vita, I hope they keep it up X3.

  • Rabbit

    HOLY SHIT!! . . . Watch Dogs beat Kamen Rider? Wow.

  • Alter

    bottom chart: vita at 27K

  • Ric Vazquez

    Give it to us already Sony XD

  • Gessekai

    Im a bit envious that the 3DS is doing marginally better than the Vita, though at this point all I can do is applaud Nintendo. They took advantage of the exclusivity of Monster Hunter, and then rape stomped the Vita with Pokemon X and Y soon after that. Sony then continued to fuck themselves over by relying on half-assed games like COD: Black Ops Declassified in North America, and then switched to relying on Indie games, which the reason they did that is far beyond me; I can’t pull any sense out of it. The best thing Sony has done to help the Vita (which for whatever reason people complain about), is filling it up with monster hunter-like titles like Soul Sacrifice, PSO2, Toukiden, etc. Greatest strategy by Sony, but it seems like too little too late.

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