This Game Is About My Humble Hometown Taking Over All Of Japan

By Sato . July 4, 2014 . 12:45am


You might’ve never heard of Gunma Prefecture, Japan, but I don’t blame you—most people in Japan don’t really know much about it, either. However, they will learn about it… by force, once it takes over the rest of the nation in this Nintendo 3DS game.


Gunma is actually my hometown. To bring you up to speed on my humble life, I was born in Gunma Prefecture, and most of my memories of the place consist of playing in the woods, catching fish, and riding my bicycle along the fields of never-ending cropland.


Gunma is a quiet rural prefecture located a little north of Tokyo, that isn’t really known for much besides its natural beauty, vast mountains and superior ability to grow crops like green onion and cabbage.


And now, it’s time for Gunma to shine, and dominate Japan.


Gunma’s Abition (a play on Nobunaga’s Ambition) was originally a smartphone game. It’s now coming to Nintendo 3DS, and the premise is to harvest Gunma’s specialty crops to use them as a way to control other prefectures in Japan, and absorb them into expansions of Gunma.



And of course the main resources used in taking over Japan are green onions, cabbage, and konnyaku. With these crops, the likes of Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, and Okinawa, will be “a cinch” to take over, as said by voice actress Atsuko Tanaka (who is also from my hometown!) in the trailer.


Your goal in Gunma’s Ambition is to become the ultimate invincible Gunmaster, and take over the rest of Japan, making it into one big nation of Gunma.


There are also special “city and town” cards that can be purchased to upgrade your produce variety, which should help out in conquering Japan.


2014-07-02_041936 2014-07-02_041955

You can look at all the produce in the library, which according to Tanaka, sounds super exciting, along with “beautiful graphics” depicting the expansion of Gunma that brings all citizens of Gunma to tears of joy. Gunma’s Ambition.


You can now take over Japan in Gunma’s Ambition for 500 yen on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, in Japan.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Ah, that sweet taste of soil waking up me up every morning. Rural life is fun.

  • wererat42

    I tried konnyaku once when I was studying in Yamagata; they were serving it on sticks like dango. It was like eating a ball of flavorless gum.

    Just a useless little tidbit.

    • Shippoyasha

      That’s why you usually drink something to accentuate the taste of Konnyaku usually. It’s a tea snack basically. It’s a nice escape from more bombastic flavors that we always get out of snacks.

      Now I miss my rural snacks of my youth…

      • Zerreth

        It’s great in oden broth as well.

    • ishyg

      I tried cooking konnyaku like strips of tofu. It’s a good meat substitute, for almost no calories at all. Still like chewing gum though.

    • Pinkemon

      I never heard of Konnyaku before until a character from Kill la kill brought it up(And even then I didn’t get much of an idea what it was), so it’s a nice little thing to know for me.

    • Sato

      I’ve never heard of it being compared to gum, but I could see why! I usually don’t like it on its own much, but it’s great in nabe :P

    • Dylan Anantha

      I heard Konnyaku shouldn’t be eaten on it’s own because it has no flavour.

  • ishyg

    Ah, how I envy you. I’d rather grow up on a rural place. Actually, I did kind of.
    That said, I’m being pushed to live in Matsue. No way.

    On topic, that’s quite an interesting game. “Gunmaster”, what an awesome pun.

    • Sato

      Oh cool, I’ve never been anywhere near Shimane haha. Yeah! I kinda miss being around all that stuff

  • Akai Ringo

    this was an awesome cm with some crazy acting by Tanaka-sensei! man this makes me want to play it…

  • Alexander Aubert

    hope it’s get translated

  • Kornelious

    Man do I wish I was born in japan…..That would take care of the localization problem……But then getting games handed to me would take away the excitement of those localization announcements, and would just be TOO easy…..And that’s why I was born in the U.S XD

  • Tg

    If I had this game, I would love to take over Hokkaido with Gunma’s vegetables. No sweat. All those lovely lavenders shall fear my merciless negi (onion) and kyabetsu (cabbage)! Wahahaha…..

    Yeah, Gunma is rarely promoted in all the Mitsuwa fairs that I’ve been to. I hear of this prefecture a lot, but, I never quite understood what’s in it or what they grow. Now, I know. :D Thanks for this CM vid, Sato!

    • Sato

      Got a good chuckle out of that! And anytime! :D

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