Freedom Wars Patch Fixes Some Balance Issues And Adds New Actions

By Sato . July 8, 2014 . 1:02pm


Freedom Wars players in Japan have been expressing their thoughts about the game’s balance problems, which prompted a response from producer Junichi Yoshizawa. Following up on the issue, Yoshizawa recently shared a few notes on an upcoming patch that will aim to fix a few of the game’s problems.


Yoshizawa wrote on his blog that the development team is currently working on a patch to adjust the degree of difficulty in Freedom Wars, and thanks players for sharing their feedback.


He goes on to mention that in most situations, problems should be thoroughly checked prior to release, but in this case, he felt that they needed a better understanding through feedback from fans themselves before taking action.


According to the producer, it will be a little difficult to release the patch this week, as much as they would like to do so, but next week should be a possibility. Yoshizawa apologizes for having fans wait a little longer.


As far as what the patch will change is concerned, it looks like various stages from chapter 7 and onward will see several adjustments such as enemy respawn time, lower health for certain Abductors, and more.


Chapter itself 7 will have a change in enemy prisoners and their thorn-whips, along with their AI, and weapons. The patch also adds a new action that allows players to use the thorn-whip in the middle of a dash, in addition to new control schemes for the whip.


Yoshizawa ends the blog post with another apology for fans who found the game to be a little unfair, and once again asks them to wait just a little longer for the patch.


Freedom Wars will be released sometime this year in the West, and will have 50 cities instead of Japanese prefectures for the Panopticons of the City-State War mode.

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  • Toybatsu

    Thank god

  • TheCynicalReaper

    I hope we get this with the initial West release

  • mike dickson

    Lame they should of kept it hard

    • Lastlight

      That’s what she said…

      • mike dickson


      • Lilburrito

        Silly human, Taokaka only cares about food and dem bazongas.

        On a more serious note though. I would’ve love to play the game as it was originally intended to be played, the developers most likely had something in mind when they decided on this level of difficulty. It’s disappointing that it had to be this way.

  • Mika Moreno

    People have being saying it’s the casual players complaining it’s hard, but it’s the G ranked gamers who are saying this. In happy about the patch.

    • tubers

      That statement shouldn’t have been made in the 1st place as MH play style doesn’t require as high frequency with fine aiming with the right stick, MH isn’t exactly heavily flavored with TPS elements. Different pacing as well.

      Throw in bot-like TPS/FPS human-oid enemies and you could be in fresh and green.

      • Lastlight

        That is why he said MH players are complaining
        They are playing the Game Like MH going into the game with a ‘MH clone’ mindset. Because of that they are getting their asses handed to them.

    • Alter

      Oh G ranked gamers, who cares, FW is not MH. Seriously, measuring other game with MH metric now ? LOL

      • Guest

        exactly, it’s like someone who exclusively plays 2d fighters going into a 3d fighter and expecting to own.

    • ShoeTyrant

      G ranked gamers?

      I’m going to call BS

      I barely played MH yet here i am finished the main storyline with a little over 850K years sentence in Prison

      Sure there were stages where it’s almost BS considering the the ally AI pathing issue (looking at a certain base capture stage) and the ridiculous enemy NPC spawn , i persevered through it by actually reflecting and fixing things i might be doing wrong or just getting creative

      If it helps,
      I have minimal knowledge of moon yet that didn’t stop me from playing it

      • God

        You can finish the game without getting your Years to 0? Does that mean you get a special ending for reaching 0? Or is it simply impossible (like, if you reach 0 they just make an excuse to send you back to 1.000.000)? No spoilers please.

    *1 HIT KILL*

  • disgaea36

    I love how the previous post was loaded with no lifers saying how much they love difficultly and japan sucks. Let me tell you something if they are having a hard time then something is wrong because they are the original NL. Don’t nobody got time to play a uber hard game especially if it’s broken from the start. bring on the patch lol

    • tubers

      Doesn’t matter as much now since it’s gonna be patched out to be easier in the end but I wouldn’t say things like “Japan sucks” or call someone “No Lifer” but regardless of the nationality or “status” it’s more on either the player’s refusal to play by its rules and make full use of the features thrown at them or the game not being able to properly explain the importance of each mechanic:

      Here’s the “unbalance” video. Check 1:57 onwards

      Compare that to these nicovideos (requires nico accounts) that show the whole mission-scenario that heavily implies it’s far from unmanageable relative to the “unbalance” vid:

      Melee only. Low level weapon (10 mins).

      Rifle, Mine, Thorn Trap strategy (5 mins):

      IMO the team should’ve better shown more of that and started working early for later Abductor and environmental variety patches/dlc and doing something about the luck-based upgrades.

      • Ban The Jackass

        Wow, if the player got mobbed, it’s over. I see what they mean by OP and too tough… It certainly is a bit unfair since there seems to be no room to retaliate after getting mobbed.

        • tubers

          There’s plenty of room to exploit so you don’t get mobbed in the first place. Not to mention grenades, mines and traps at your disposal w/c the first “unbalance” vid player never used.

          • Rad Phil

            “There’s plenty of room to exploit so you don’t get mobbed in the first place.”

            That’s not well balanced.

            I’ll fight cheap by being cheap…
            I don’t care who you are…taking control away from the player, i.e stunlocking, is not “hardcore”, it’s a frustrating and stupid design to designate “difficulty”.

            If people remember the whole “tripping” thing in RE6 (among other stuff), it’s like that.

          • tubers

            No. It’s a valid strategy to get to another room and funnel enemies. Same as going into cover and throwing a grenade into clustered enemies.

            It’s also a valid strategy in the game to look at the map and make sure you aren’t swarmed from the behind by flamethrowers that have a rev. time before firing off.

            Not to mention you could stick to walls and ceilings to make flamethrowers useless.

            That’s not cheap. That’s not “imbalanced”. Far from it. That’s called taking advantage of the game’s mechanics.

          • Rad Phil

            Just because you take advantage of a game’s mechanics doesn’t make the DESIGN OF THE GAME good.

            I can take advantage of Vampire Rain’s gameplay, doesn’t mean that it’s a well thought out game.
            (And don’t take this as a message saying Freedom Wars is crap).

            It’s like turning a blind eye to an issue. Just because you can avoid it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. When there’s an effect in the game which causes a player to lose control, that’s not difficult or fun, it’s just frustrating. (I’m talking about the Stun Locking)

          • tubers

            That’s entirely subjective with Freedom Wars case. I don’t see what I’ve been talking about a bad design at all in that “imbalance” video. It’s simply different that your typical handheld mp-jarpg game.

            They give a radar, the tools for traversal, several means to avoid the situation and yet they focus on the stunlocking flamethrowers that are easily mitigated. An utter myopic view.

            You’re an idiot (not talking about you) if you keep getting killed by flamethrowers because you simply refuse to follow the games set of most basic rules.

            IMO, what people should be focusing on is the RANDOM UPGRADES and abductor and environmental variety.

            Now if someone’s gonna argue that the devs should’ve emphasized and clarified the importance of every mechanic then I may see something that seems for valid.

          • Rad Phil

            Yea that I agree on. The video DID pad on things, but there’s some things within the game that need addressing, and it seems like people are focusing on one side, than the other.

          • tubers

            Yeah.. but on my earlier point, some of my views barely matter as some are getting patched (to make the combat easier). I guess if that’s what Sony/Dimps/Shift would think would be better for the most or for more prospects then that’s fine

            I personally wish they’d have focused on polishing up the NPC commands/pathing.

            The upgrade elements also seem pretty questionable with random stats getting carried or what not.

            It seems PS+ users gain some advantage as well since they can spam dl/ul saves so they may not have to farm as much as non Plus users unless you love long redownloads of games because of the VITA not having a seprate save file system.

            Other than the environmental and abductor variety, I wanted them to focus on explaining or revamping the above mentioned.

  • James Reilly

    Hoping they don’t overdo it with the nerfing. Tons of the complaining were the product of playing the game wrong.

  • inb4gitgud comment

  • Valtiel Ikari

    seems like the thing to do now a days when gamers are playing wrong, to complain until it easy enough to win using the wrong strategies.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    rather than nerfing the enemy AI, and some other enemy adjustments… isn’t buffing player ability far more relevant (still challenging yet a little bit forgiving), or make better AI partner (heard the AI partner is almost useless)

    • Alter

      well, not quite useless, i can command my accessory to pick items on the field, aiming for weak point, aiming at breakable parts, heal me with item, using combat item.

      • God

        People can’t handle support units, they need the AI to do all the work for them.

  • DragKudo

    So players complained that further into the game it got harder and unforgivable? Please save the difficulty for people who love a challenge.

    • ishyg

      I think there are certain issues like the excessive stun-lock for flamethrower hits that are valid complaints. But in my honest opinion, I think maybe these players are just used to being owned by the big monsters instead of the small grunts.

  • Alter

    oh shit NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, damn those crybaby casuals. They should make separate volunteer mode “casuals” than nerfing current system. I’ve been killing ペルタトゥルム (7-5 mission) for under 2 minutes constantly, you’ll make it under a minute? what a joke. I tell you i’m neither Hardcore or Pro or G ranked, i just barely at 500K year mark.
    If anything to be patched is if they can somehow makes abductor loading smoother.

    • Somerandomperson

      I can only kill it in 4 minutes, how did you do it?

    • ShoeTyrant

      I agree
      Difficulty wise, it isn’t really that hard since the AI preps the player for the eventual PvP where human players are more competent and creative.

      If anything, The ally AI pathing, the spawn area of enemy NPCs, and (my god) the stunlock on the FLAMETHROWER are the ones that need to get patched.

    • Dkmariolink

      Theres a total of a million years? Damn, how long is this game?

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    Besides, there’s still Dark Souls.

    • Neckbear

      There’s a huge difference between Dark Souls and what I could see in this game. This game is just cheap.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    If you equip 2 guns or 2 swords at once, can you dual wield them or do you just wield one but have two to choose from? Also, I know this is a stupid question, but what is a G ranked hunter? I’ve been hearing that term a lot lately.

    • tubers

      You can’t dual wield “2 separate weapons”.

      G Ranks are tough/toughest monsters/missions in MH.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      in MH terms, it is a top ranked hunter. in internet, a “pro-player”. for dual sword question, uh, i don’t think so.

  • Armageddon

    I just hope they don’t make it a no-brainer. I feel stupid enough going to school knowing most of what I learn I will never use.

  • Lemski07


  • Anthony Birken

    Damn, now I’ll never know what that difficulty feels like…..I want that hard mode…

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