Club Nintendo’s Platinum Rewards This Year Are Downloadable Games

By Ishaan . July 16, 2014 . 9:00am

Club Nintendo USA has announced its Platinum status rewards for the year, and this year, the rewards are all in the form of downloadable games. Here’s what you can get if you’ve achieved Platinum (P) or Gold (G) elite status:


  • Game & Wario (Wii U) – P
  • NES Remix (Wii U) – P
  • Earthbound (Wii U) – P
  • Dr. Luigi (Wii U) – P
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  • Fluidity: Spin Cycle (3DS) – P
  • Dillon’s Rolling Western (3DS) – P
  • Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move (3DS) – P
  • Ice Climber (Wii U) – P/G
  • Kid Icarus (Wii U) – P/G
  • Super Mario Bros. (Wii U) – P/G
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Wii U) – P/G
  • Donkey Kong 3 (3DS) – P/G
  • Wario Land 2 (3DS) – P/G
  • Metroid (3DS) – P/G
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS) – P/G


Your reward of choice must be availed before 11:59 pm PT on August 15th, 2014.

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  • Pheria

    Lame. I really prefer the unique physical trinkets.

    • Shippoyasha

      Sadly, this is a trend we could see coming miles away. Still doesn’t make it any easier to accept.

  • 하세요

    Can’t say I’m too excited for these. At all.

  • On one hand, this is full games. I can’t fault full games.

    But on the other hand, it does feel like a cop-out regardless. At least they went for games people are not as likely to have, like Game & Wario and DKCR3D, but it is a little uneasy that they went this route.

    Ah well. Likely gonna get DKCR3D, unless if someone can somehow make an argument for Game & Wario.

    • Quizler

      Free points towards the Deluxe digital promotion when you get Game & Wario. That’s why I’m getting it, I don’t care for much of these games at all

      • Does Game & Wario actually count towards the Digital Deluxe Program? Was it confirmed to work?

        • Quizler

          It worked with those free MK8 games, so it should be the same here.

          • Oh, yeah, I guess it did. Huh.

          • Apparently Wind Waker HD didn’t work for someone when it came to this, so it might be best to wait and confirm.

    • You would think Nintendo would actually think “Gee I wonder how these people got all these coins…oh well give them games, most of which they probably already have if they have a crap load of coins anyway.”. It really does seem like a cop out to be honest but hey at least its something.

  • Michael Richardson

    I would much rather have these than some useless CD or calendar that takes half a year to ship. I got DKCR3D for my nephew as a gift thanks to this. <3

  • Jin Kisaragi

    This sucks. There isn’t anything that I want. I would have wanted something physical.

  • AlteisenX

    I sold my reward for 150 Gold in Guild Wars 2. Guess its worth since I’ve almost got my legendary (Need Gift of Fortune, T6 material parts, and precursor =/)

  • Shade DMessiah

    So there’s the fact that i have mostly all of these. Then there’s the fact that i got most of them for free BEAUSE of Club Nintendo and me being an early 3DS adopter. These are terrible >.>
    If i get bored of my vita anytime soon i’ll see about getting Earthbound.

  • Yuuki

    This is great! A bunch of games I never wanted to play! Great job Nintendo!

  • Black Is a Status

    the free pokemon download was the best one. I know it wasnt a reward, it was a registration giveaway, but who cares

  • Meanwhile in Japan they get a yoshi plushie. :/

  • raygunner659

    But wait, if you’re platinum or gold then wouldn’t there be a big chance you already have a large number of these games…

    • Nesther

      I have platinum and don’t own any of them. Probably going to get Game and Wario.

    • Shade DMessiah

      Own nearly all of ’em.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      then kindly give them to someone who don’t.

      It always nice to share.

    • Symbol de Au

      Give me Donkey Kong.

  • Mite

    There’s a huge value difference between games here. I’m trying to understand why everyone wouldn’t just go for Donkey Kong Country 3D because its worth twice as much as everything else at least.

    • Nesther

      I don’t see much reason to get it if I already have Tropical Freeze. Also they cut the framerate in half so that’s kind of a turn off for a platformer.

      • Mite

        That’s a fair point but having played it, the frame rate hit was never a problem. I prefer the version because of the 3D, the controls and the extra levels.

    • As it got pointed out: Game & Wario should count towards the Digital Deluxe Program. The games from the MK8 promotion counted towards it (Pikmin got me 599 points, so.), so there’s no reason this wouldn’t count either.

      So at least you’ll be getting free points if you go with that.

      • Mite

        That’s an excellent point, I didn’t consider that. So you could get Game & Wario and then get $5 to get something else. I heard Game & Wario is pretty terrible though lol

        • Yeah, that’s the one downside. But on the other hand, you won’t be spending any money on it.

        • ecoutercavalier

          It’s got a great pictionary type game within that’s totally worth it. Other than that, it’s pretty terrible.

      • Herok♞

        Wind Waker didn’t give me anything

        • Really? Weird. Cause Pikmin DEFINITELY gave me points…

      • SuperSailorV

        I can corroborate, since I got 599 points for NSMBU from the MK8 promo.

        Also, I bought Game&Wario a while ago on the eShop and received 299 points (it was $29.99 at the time, not sure if its still the same price but I would dare to guess so).

    • AlteisenX

      People that already owned it…? Though I just sold mine so meh. I’m still pissed off at Nintendo for cheating out like this.

    • Tiredman

      Don’t like Donkey Kong.

  • Cazar

    I forgot about this… I was 20 points away from platinum and I still had more surveys to complete. :(

    Oh well I went with Super Mario Land 2 which was oddly my favorite 2D Mario game and I already have most of the others.

  • subsamuel01

    Was hoping for something better seeing as how I have all these games.

  • Samuel Lok

    last year’s poster set was awesome.
    I was hoping, with Smash and Kart this year, we would get some more amazing posters from the aforementioned games.

    Yusuke Kozaki’s illustration for Smash Bros. Please.

  • Heath Bunch

    On the one hand, I can’t really complain because they aren’t obligated to give away anything at all, but on the other hand, its still really disappointing, because I really liked the unique physical rewards.

    • Tiredman

      The reason they are obligated is because they started club nintendo and set a certain tone for it that people resonated with. Due to this they sold a lot more “new” software than they would normally since people wanted working club nintendo point vouchers. I am no longer going out of my way to buy interesting, but untested, games new anymore, thanks to this. I was looking forward to a physical good, even if it was a bit underwhelming, but now I feel like I earned those 1000 points I have for nothing.

  • Eder García

    hopefully they are preparing something big for next year

  • laurenhiya21

    Ugg… No wonder they’re being skimpy with the normal physical rewards. Nintendo is probably going to phase them out all together :/ It wouldn’t bother me so much but Japan still gets awesome stuff… *sigh*

    I don’t even have a WiiU… Could I get a WiiU game and redeem it later?

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    I was literally about to buy Earthbound last night. Glad I didn’t!

  • pokeslob


  • Weeb

    Really? Nothing exclusive? I thought the whole purpose for the elite status was to get rewards that nobody else can get. Should have at least translated Nintendoji and call it a day.

  • ReidHershel

    I am glad we get anything but at the same time, these are all games (with the exception of Game and Wario) that would probably appears as normal Club Nintendo rewards instead of getting something with more effort put into it such as that triple poster set from last year.

  • MasterScrub

    Wow, I really don’t want any of those, at all. I guess I’ll just sell my code or something.

  • .-.



    At least they put DKCR3D in the pile?

    …….. Nope, no matter how I look at it it doesn’t seem like there’s a side of this bright enough to make me feel like plugging in 800 coins worth of games was worth it this year.
    At the very least put a soundtrack in it next year maybe? Like they did with Majora’s Mask. yeah, that’d make up for these.

    • GameTaco

      The brightest side I can see to this is that free games will be *all* Club Nintendo will be offering at some point, what with the free Pokémon game and the free Wii U game with purchase of Mario Kart 8 offers. This will then be extending to the rewards for the program itself. Which is a good thing, I suppose, even if it isn’t “special” anymore. Nintendo might be understanding that today’s gamers are deal hunters that will gladly go for cheap and free stuff, especially if it’s a quality title that normally would *never* see a price drop.

      But these rewards are just… Unusual. I guess they just wanted the broadest spectrum of new and old so that someone is *bound* to at least settle on something they don’t currently own. I dunno. Even with low expectations, I feel a little underwhelmed by it all.

      Still, at least this month brought us Paper Mario for 250 coins. Good enough for me.

      • Mm I think they went for 1) games that weren’t in the 30 cent promotion 2) games that didn’t sell and 3) games that weren’t in the mk8 promotion which left them with a bunch of weird stuff. Kind of surprised W101 isn’t up there.

        It’s too bad I paid for Dr Luigi, that game kind of sucks

  • Blue_Falcon

    Only thing that I love about this year is that I feel completely justified in having not attempted going for Platinum status.

    So anyway…Super Mario Land 2 or Wario Land II?

  • Yindustries LLC

    I barely missed platinum last year so I didn’t get the Majora’s Mask CD, I ended up settling for the calendar (I had most of the downloadable games, the ones I didn’t I weren’t interested in) So I was sorta happy I got platinum this year. I didn’t get my hopes up for something cool, but to even get any of these games, I’m gonna have to get a new SD card. :(

  • Kaijumaster

    Why do I even bother earning platinum?

    • Tiredman

      Thats how I feel after seeing these rewards. They have guaranteed I will now be buying more used games instead of being the new game buying sheep I was. I enjoyed being the sheep until today.

      • Satori Satya

        So, you’ll be a GameStop sheep instead?

        Those GS reward points you get after paying $15 dollars for membership won’t pay itself until you buy like over 30 games with them. And the free membership is an even bigger joke.

        I don’t care for these rewards. I have like 500 coins at CN and they’re just sitting there. I don’t buy games for any other reason but to PLAY THEM.

        • Tiredman

          I already shop almost exclusively from gamestop because they let me preorder games, and keep paying a bit on them, even after they release. That is far more useful for me than trying to save up full price for every game I want. I preorder, and pay $10 a week on whichever game is due to come out next.

          Only other place I tend to buy games is Amazon sales. Never spend over $15 on digital games, and i expect meaty games for that price, since the developers have no outgoing cash, no marketing, no manufacturing, nothing, so other than the hardware manufacturers cut, the companies get all the cash.

          • Satori Satya

            Well if that works for you, that’s fine.

            But I rather give my money to the companies who are making these games. Not to GameStop, which is a company with a dark, insidious history of screwing their customers.

            No doubt these rewards suck. But like I said, that’s not the reason why I buy games. I buy games to play them. Getting some trinkets or access to games that weren’t in my radar, that’s irrelevant to me.

            So it doesn’t register with me to boycott a company just because they refuse to give me some of their tablescraps after I buy their games. Just sell me the damn game, take my money and shut up.

          • Tiredman

            Welcome to most big companies. There are far worse companies than gamestop and I am fairly certain you probably shop at them without knowing how much worse they are since they aren’t reported to you on your websites of choice.

            As for rewards, club nintendo’s rewards are why I bought games I wouldn’t normally buy new, new. It is why I went out of my way to find new copies of older games that, since they had published by Nintendo, didn’t go down in price much, if at all. If I no longer have a reason to care about club nintendo, I won’t go out of my way to guarantee I buy new, and I feel a lot of other people will go the same route.

            Club Nintendo isn’t why I buy games, its why I buy games brand spanking new instead of buying used. I own a lot of Nintendo games I didn’t think I would own, entirely because I have never played any other games in their series. Normally I would buy one used, see if I like it, but for Club Nintendo I bought new just for the gold/platinum.

            Oh well, was a good run while it lasted.

          • Satori Satya

            As far as I am concerned, there are no worse retail stores than GameStop when it comes to games.

            No other company sells me OPENED games as brand new. No other company gives me pennies for my used games and then turns around and sells them near full price (usually $5 dlls less than new). No other company hires people just to turn them into soulless drones that will repeat the same sales pitch with dead-eyes every time you visit the store. No other company sells brand new games as used (Xenoblade) so that they could keep most of the money.

            In regards to buying new games so you could own some exclusive Nintendo trinket or digital game, well that’s your choice.

            When I buy a new game, I want to REWARD the company that made it. Not the company that is selling it used at full price, like GameStop.

          • Tiredman

            Actually, if you want sealed, look around, assuming it isn’t an old game, many stores will have sealed copies available.

            As for selling games, I don’t =p I am currently hording a collection around 250 to 300 strong, almost all rpg’s, action rpg’s, strategy, and a few odd ones I felt like trying, like Vanquish.

            As for soulless drones, that depends where you live. I have found the soulless drones tend to be in places with a whole lot of people. The stores that the employee’s can’t take 2 minutes to talk to people or they will leave 5 other people unattended, like a mall gamestop. Every gamestop within 30 miles of me is nothing like that because I live in a small area surrounded by other small areas. Yes, my cousin who is the manager at one of those gamestops does give me the spiel occasionally, but she is usually grinning at me and I am giving her a hard time about it.

            For Xenoblade, I had a good laugh about that. Course, I bought mine brand new when it was released as that game is right up my alley. I bought all 3 operation rainfall games actually, day 1.

            For the new games that are my choice, it is. My reasoning, and everybody elses is why this discussion exists. If you didn’t buy Nintendo software and participate in club nintendo, then you really shouldn’t have much of a say in this matter, should you? My problem is the extremely lackluster rewards this time around versus every other year prior. Nintendo chose to do this to us loyal customers, so they should be prepared for the backlash, which people talking here are part of.

            As for rewarding the company, I am glad you are so thoughtful. I used to do that, then those companies spent more and more time trying to screw me over the bigger they got, so I am a bit jaded on that front. Very few companies appeal to my “want to reward them so buy new” side. Nowadays I view most companies as just that, companies. Most of my love goes to publishers / developers, like NISA and XSeeD and of course Atlus. Due to being their own publishers, and knowing their fanbase, we aren’t faceless consumers to them, we are rpg gamers, action rpg gamers, and so on, so they cater to us, not us cater to them.

      • Kaijumaster

        $10 eShop credit for Gold
        $15 for Platinum

  • Should I go with Wario Land 2 or Super Mario Land 2? I barely played any as a kid.

    • Nan

      i love super mario land 2. totally nostalgia, but still.

      • You picked it, I picked it.

        • Nan

          Good call, Adol!

  • idrawrobots

    Look at what is in the Japanese Club Nintendo Store right now! WTF NoA?

    • Ms_Fortune

      They don’t need to court the american market, so we get mediocre rewards.

      • Tiredman

        Yep, and that will backfire on them once people realize nintendo points are worthless now. Used sales will happen more since people will care less about nintendo club points.

    • ネオフォトン ~ Neo


    • Satori Satya

      Wanna know the reason why they don’t give away a Yoshi plushy in the West?

      Because some crazy Westerner did this to Yoshi:

    • Aoshi00

      to be fair, that’s not a free Platinum reward though, it cost 650 points, and Jpn games give fewer points, so it’s kinda like 1000 coins for the US.. I have 710 pts on my Jpn acct and 460 pts are about to expire in Sep.. right now this Yoshi is sold out, hopefully I could get it in time once it gets restocked :(… really cool plush! Or maybe I just haven’t reached Platinum :(

      And man, digital games this year, every year worse than the last.. I wanted that Luigi’s Mansion statue, but I didn’t have 1200 coins at the time.. that would be a great platinum gift. Otherwise I would take posters too..

      Oh well, I’ll get Earthbound I guess.. I just d/l it at least there’s no waiting till year end lol

      • idrawrobots

        I would happily spend my coins on that or Nintendoji, or things in the past that we never got like the DS game that character like Power Rangers where you had to yell into the mic, or entries into winning one of those rare DS colors.

        • Aoshi00

          I got Nintendoji as one of my Platinum games before but haven’t really played, it’s like a rougelike I think.. yeah the Rangers game looked interesting, it was on sale for pretty cheap on ebay before.. one thing the US coins are better is they won’t expire.. I didn’t redeemed for many of my DS and Wii imports for a long time and they all expired :(

          But man, this year d/lable only, pretty stingy.. you could just buy them w/o being gold or platinum, which should have more unique things that you cannot buy.

          • idrawrobots

            US coins didn’t use to but they do now. too many people hoarding I’m sure. Right now you have to hoard because what are you going to buy with the coins? And I currently have 22 unregistered games, and platinum status for this year already.

          • Aoshi00

            Wow, did u get the luigi s mansion statue I didn’t have enough for that since I blew on the gold nunchuk. Lately there’s nothing on there true, guess they are pushing people to redeem for dl games. No what I meant was u can’t even leave ur Jpn games unregistered since the cards and codes have a one year expiration. I didn’t realize at the beginning and left many games’ register cards expire. On top of that u need to redeem ur points, but won’t be too difficult on club Ninty Jpn. I want that yoshi plush but out of stock now :(

  • Lavitz

    I was hoping they’d continue with the soundtracks :( those have been my favorite reward so far

  • PowerSerg

    While Nintendo doesn’t “owe” us anything to get platinum you need to spend damn lot of dollars on Nintendo products in a year to get platinum. Meanwhile on a vita, ps3, ps4, xbone, 360 I can pay 60 bucks a year and get loads of triple A games for free. Don’t even need to buy new games on the systems with their current reward system. After buying so many games you think Nintendo would go the extra mile and bring us something really high quality. Or be like you can get 2 or three of these games. is 60 dollars of digital content really so much to ask?

    • Herok♞

      Those are entirely different systems, Like for PS3/Vita Playstation + was free games just because you were a member. However with PS4, and Xbox Live its also a subscription to be able to use various online services that are completely unable otherwise and not just a program to get free games. Also when you buy a game you get nothing unless something came with DLC or something like that. Also receiving games that are usually at least a year old is stretching the value of these service a bit, yes that works for some people but that doesn’t mean they are giving out the latest games with those services leading to long periods where you can either get something you already have or something you aren’t interested in. Thats been my experience with PS+ on PS3/Vita

      Now the way Nintendo has it set up, you can use all services for free without any paywall except the ones from the service itself like netflix. Then they give free coins with each game purchase which you can redeem for rewards like games and accessories and then at the end of the year they give, more rewards to members who bought a lot of stuff. I don’t think there has been a single year where just buying a few games didn’t get me to gold and thats after skipping some games.

      Basically you are trying to compare apples to oranges

      • Satori Satya

        Yeah it’s quite different.

        For instance, the “free games” you get on PSN+ are yours as long as you have a valid subscription. If you lose membership. your ‘free games’ expire and you have no access to them from that service unless you renew. It’s sorta like Netflix. I have “free” movies and TV shows to watch whenever I want. But as long as I pay for membership.

        While the “free games” you get on Club Nintendo are yours to keep. No subscription fee.

        So yeah, not the same situation here.

        • PowerSerg

          While it isn’t the same the fact of the matter is what’s an NES game now adays? People make flash games with much more depth then a lot of these titles. These are rewards for long time loyal fans. People who have spent 300 or more dollars for gold and even more then that for platinum. So when I have my selection of games they made years ago, that made tons of profits already years ago, and they have newer titles or they could just give me a bit more then that’s an issue.

          There is also something to be said about using club Nintendo’s value to Nintendo. They don’t do this to be nice. Surveying is a very important part of knowing your customers so they can market things and make things that consumers want. By using club Nintendo were doing Nintendo a favor and they are “paying” us with a NES game every 200 or so dollars. However, the nes game costs them nothing it’s like getting grease from a burger joint. Like I said I don’t except a lot, I don’t even expect the amazing things Japan gets, all I expect for giving everything Nintendo releases a chance is a little bit more then a 15 dollar game. A bucket of NES games would be cool, two choices from this list would have been cool, something that says “Hey thanks for sticking with us and sharing your thoughts on each title.”

          • Satori Satya

            Listen while you fill out surveys to earn a trinket or some ‘reward’, I use those surveys for just one thing:

            To tell Nintendo everything that needs to be done on the 3DS and Wii U. Like an account system not tied to a system. Like another F-ZERO or Star Fox (that one is on the way). To bring us more games on the Virtual Console in a more quick manner (it’s pathetic the amount of games that service has).

            Every text box in a survey that they let me use, I use it to inform them of my demands.

            You should try it. Demand Nintendo that you want some plushy or keychain next time you fill out a survey. You might get what you ask for.

          • PowerSerg

            I do already do that. I tell them what’s wrong with titles, how they can improve, and what I did like. I also actively make know that dlc and bad business practice turned me off from a title. I’ve used club nintendo lots of ways but it doesn’t remove the value my input holds to nintendo.

      • PowerSerg

        Read my comments to Satori since i don’t think it will notify you of them.

    • Tiredman

      Giving games is a worthless reward since people buy the games they want prior in order to get those club nintendo points and rewards. The games should of been much higher quality, ones that people balk at buying due to the prices. Since this is digital only, it wouldn’t of hurt Nintendo to offer that.

  • Ziggy Wish

    You know what would have been awesome this year….A Gamecube controller.

    • CartmanKusanagi

      True, but at least this year’s choices beat the boring ol’ playing cards I won a few years back (man, I wish I had platinum status when they were giving away those Mario caps).

      • SuperSailorV

        That was year 1, and I got one! I ended up giving it away to a little cousin. It didn’t fit. I had no use for it. I don’t even know how you would display it properly.

      • Tiredman

        Would prefer the cards to this, as i already own every game I care about. Probably just going to grab nes remix to not waste a free game, though I don’t really get into games like those.

  • SakuStar Light

    -.- just saying but there so much complaint about this status thing…i dont mind it it makes me feel nice knowing im getting something for free. I mean it could be worse you could get a pat on the back and a letter saying..Oh idk congrats on reaching platinum status and that’s it. My advice and sorry to say this to allot of you…But why do you complain to the company that you dont like..if you dont like Nintendo look for sony or microsoft heck even the pc. AS for me thanks Nintendo im glad to know im getting a reward for the effort of reaching platnuim.

    • Max465

      The problem with digital games, especially digital games already available to purchase is just that…some of us might already have them all. Which makes us feel shafted when we also went through the effort of reaching platinum only to get nothing in return.

      This isn’t the case for me as I had yet to get earthbound and had been meaning to, but as more most of the others, I do already have them in some form or have no interest in them what-so-ever.

      If we don’t own the games then yes. This is absolutely a wonderful little gift, but if you’re a true die hard fan and own these games already this will feel like a slap in the face. It isn’t too much to ask for one exclusive item. Even if it isn’t that big of an item. Just something that we can say we have for supporting nintendo. Is that too much to ask?

  • Reiswindy

    It seems Nintendo is acknowledging the existence of non-US/Canada residents who do own Club Nintendo accounts. Since they can’t get physical rewards, they always go for digital ones. Maybe Nintendo is trying to appeal to them?

    • Tiredman

      Doubt it. Why appeal to a market that is equal to or less than the American market by screwing over the American market?

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I like digital games but come on. Couldnt they make a better selection? The majority of.those are NES games…

  • SPac316


  • 3PointDecoupage

    I kinda think these rewards suck because Nintendo realized its not that hard to not buy a game and steal the code for the points. Why shell out the money to mass produce posters when people aren’t even buying their games?

    • Tiredman

      Not sure how many people you think don’t buy their games. I buy their games, though I don’t buy unsealed ones anymore, since I bought a supposed “new” one from gamestop once that didn’t have a functioning Nintendo code in it because, I am assuming, one of the employee’s used it and put the code back in the box. Took it back immediately and got my money back since they didn’t have any other copies.

      I buy most to all my Nintendo games new entirely due to club nintendo. If this is the future of the rewards, that will no longer be the case.

      • Time Sage

        Yeah I had an unfounded conern with a DLC code in Sonic Lost World. I asked the guy at the counter ahead of time if it was returnable if the code didn’t work. Thankfully it did

        • Tiredman

          I am just lucky I was friends with the assistant manager there. It would of been easy for them to say I used the code out in my vehicle and brought it back for a refund after using the code.

  • Blesmi

    I would rather have had Iwata come to my house and spank me for 10 hours than this list of shitty games. Jesus Christ this is awful.

    • Satori Satya

      Spank you? You would enjoy that.

      You really meant that Iwata would slap you silly.

  • Kornelious

    The only GOOD game here is Donkey Kong Country Returns…..Which isn’t even mentioned here……Other than that these rewards suck :(

    • Satori Satya

      Nah, some of those classic games are certified grade A stuff. It’s just that they’re ancient games that most people either already played/own or are not familiar with.

      Besides, most people were expecting something tangible that they could place around their room. Like this thing:

      • Kornelious

        Now why couldn’t we get something like THAT!? XD

    • > list includes Earthbound, Wario Land 2, original SMB, Super Mario Land 2
      > only good game is Donkey Kong Country Returns

      How old are you?

      • Kornelious

        I’m not saying those aren’t good, I already have them from previous CN rewards or from the Wii-Store, And I just find it weird that DK is the only newer game out of the bunch…..

  • Mark

    I would’ve been happy if it wasnt for the fact that half of this list for the damn Wii U, which I do not own! -_____-

  • Personally, I only started using Club Nintendo when they started giving away free games. I know it’s a totally “f you I got mine” opinion but the physical CN rewards were always crappy, except maybe the nunchuk they used to sell.

  • Nan


  • JohnNiles

    I only registered for Club Nintendo after missing out on last year’s rewards – one being a soundtrack – and even vented about it here. So I sifted through a pile of games, registered enough to hit Platinum, and waited a year. This is the end result.

    It’s been brought to my attention that the purchase data and survey data does have actual worth to Nintendo. If this is where things are headed, it’s not worth the effort for me.

    Likely response:
    1: Let Platinum reward expire
    2: Stop registering games
    3: Don’t fill out surveys
    4: Hold off on purchasing a Wii U until absolutely necessary

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      If your reasoning for buying Wii U/3DS games is to get a bloody soundtrack that doesn’t even cost more than $30, then please. Don’t buy a Wii U.

      • JohnNiles

        My reason for buying games is to play them. My reason for _participating_ in Club Nintendo, which requires filling out bothersome surveys just to register a game, is to claim a reward. Stop twisting my words.

        I make purchases based on how I feel; marginal purchases, the ones that can be decided by a coin flip, are easily dropped.

  • SPac316

    I got Dillon’s Rolling Western…
    Anyway, I hate to sound ungrateful but after
    years of cool things like the Mario cap, vinyl statue, pins, etc. this
    is rather bitter-sweet.
    I could say that maybe they can’t spend the extra money to make something like those but then Japan is getting a Yoshi plush so that can’t be an excuse. It seems like they are phasing out the physical stuff all together as I’m
    seeing less and less rewards on the site. Makes me wonder what’s the
    point in continuing?

    Right now, our Club Nintendo is a joke. They better not let us down farther
    more because they are treading on thine ice right now…

    • idrawrobots

      I made this a few weeks ago and there is NO comparison between Japan and American Club Nintendo.

  • MillerKun

    I’m gonna have to pick Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D out of the whole thing.Although I kinda want EarthBound for the 3DS.
    I hate to say but the irony of Club Nintendo taking feedback on improving games but doesn’t improve their rewards. :/

  • People sure are griping a lot about free games.

    Earthbound is exactly what I was hoping would show up among this year’s rewards, so in all likelihood that’s what I’ll get.

    That said: Game & Wario, DKCR and even NES Remix are tempting, given the value. Are any of these must-haves?

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t complain here. I buy Nintendo games because I love the games. Club Nintendo is just a little icing to a bigger cake.
    I even have 1400 coins I’m sitting on. Well, time to finally get Ice Climber! :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething not bad..

  • Wait… you mean we don’t get crap this year? Dangit, I’ve not been bothering to enter my codes because we usually get pathetic prizes!

  • Elizabeth ‘Ely’ Moreno

    I have a question regarding this.
    I really want Earthbound from all the games on the list. Only problem is I don’t have a Wii U.
    Now, my birthday is a little bit before August 15, but even if I get the best case scenario (aka money), I doubt it will be enough to buy a Wii U from day 0.
    So my question is: I know that I have until August 15 to redeem my Platinum status, but the code of the game I get to chose will expire on August 15 too or I can just get the code and then download the game any other day?

    • xPhoenixMoon

      The code will last forever, as long as it isn’t used.

      I have emailed Nintendo about this before and they said that the only time you would need to worry is if for some reason they were removing the game from the eShop, but that is very rare.

      So to answer your question, yes, you can keep the code and redeem it any time.

      • Elizabeth ‘Ely’ Moreno

        Oh my thank you thank you thank you thank you so much! (Nintendo is taking forever at this…)
        I can be more calm about the issue. Thank you again.

        • Yeah, don’t worry at all. I sat on a code for a downloadable game for almost a year and it worked fine. :)

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