Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon’s Theme Was “Lonely Farming”

By Ishaan . July 18, 2014 . 4:01pm

While ArtePiazza are best known for their work on the Dragon Quest series, the studio also helped create one of Marvelous’ Harvest Moon games a few years ago. Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon was developed by ArtePiazza for the PSP, and unlike other games in the series, it took place in a sci-fi setting.


When we recently spoke with ArtePiazza, I couldn’t help but ask CEO Shintaro Majima how they settled upon the sci-fit setting of the game.


Majima replied, “The Marvelous Entertainment producer at the time came to us asking, ‘Don’t you want to create something?’ There was already a large fanbase for Harvest Moon, but their request was to create a game that would use a completely different approach, so it was decided to use a sci-fi setting that hadn’t existed up until then, as well as to make the main character execute farming work in total loneliness.”


“That was [Planning Director] Sugimura’s suggestion,” Majima explained. “In order to enjoy lonely farming, we were very picky about the operability of the farmwork, and challenged ourselves by creating things like a robot appearing to help with the farmwork, an automatic Bas&Ket trolley system, the main character’s vehicle [a buggy] and other tools.”


Innocent Life was originally released for the PSP and was later ported the PlayStation 2. Both versions of the game have been released in North America, while the PSP version is available in Europe as well.

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  • Nan

    Was this game any good for psp? It’s always looked intriguing and I love HM…hmmm

    • wyrdwad

      I liked it, myself. It was very charming.

    • Would had even a lot better if you could marry in that gametho, took oout that big part

    • It certainly has its charm though i wish there are more stuffs to do in farm

    • Innocent Life and Magical Melody are my two favourite Harvest Moon games, so I’m probably biased, but I quite enjoyed it :)
      It took risks and did some things that really set it apart from other Harvest Moon titles at the time (like having a set day of the week you could progress the story)

  • Ganali Castillo

    It was pretty good. I certainly did feel lonely.

  • Kaetsu

    I’ve never played Innocent Life but doesn’t “lonely farming” kind of defeat the purpose of Harvest Moon?

    • The first few titles in the series didn’t have a Marriage System, either. As far as I can remember, that is.

      • CDM

        The first game in the series, on the SNES, had marriage. The first two gameboy sequels did not. The third gameboy sequel, however, marriage returned, although only with one love interest, and if you were playing as the girl, the game ended after marriage.

        Since then, just about every game in the series but Innocent Life and Save the Homeland included marriage. And even Save the Homeland received a “sort-of” remake in the form of Hero of Leaf Valley.

        • Shippoyasha

          Marriage aside, it is true that the first game felt very lonely. It’s just you and the farm for whole swaths of the game. And not enough helpers and events like in the later games.

    • It may depend on why you play Harvest Moon. If you’re playing the game largely/primarily for the marriages (which some fans do), Innocent Life probably wouldn’t be for you. But it’s one of my favourite Harvest Moon titles, so I’m probably biased :)

  • Guest

    sequel hints ?

  • FlobotingIt

    I would give Innocent Life a second chance, honestly. I only heard bad things about the first one, but really, I’d give it a shot. If it was made for the Vita, and not such a stripped version of Harvest Moon, I’m sure it could actually be a good game. I might see if it’s on the PSN so I can get it for my Vita. But, honestly, if there were to be a second one for Vita, I’d probably end up getting it just for the hell of it.

    • chibidw

      I was mainly turned off by the “nature vs technology” story trope that it got pretty preachy about.

      “We’ve got to plant crops by hand instead of machines or some angry spirits will blow up the volcano/world/whatever because technology is bad or something!” was total camp even by Harvest Moon standards.

  • Shippoyasha

    They could always try something like a robotic helper crew and maybe even give them personalities. Maybe add a journeying mechanic in case you need to go to Mos Eisley to get drone parts and socialize there.

  • Samuel

    I remember almost picking up this game. The cover looked nice.

  • Aqua King

    I enjoyed this game. I wish they would release a sequel / HD remake with added features. This would be a good game on PS Vita.

  • Ecchitori-san

    Memories of this game… It was nice! Actually, one of my first PSP games. :D

  • Robert Dexter

    Rune Factory > Harvest Moon

    • As much as I like Rune Factory, why is this necessary in so many Harvest Moon discussions?

      • Robert Dexter

        The games are similar, you’re obviously going to get comparisons.

        • Savage Sui ♥

          Those similarities arise from the fact that Rune Factory is a spinoff series from Harvest Moon, lol.

          • Robert Dexter

            Right, so Rune Factory is obviously going to be mentioned at some point during Harvest Moon discussions.

        • You didn’t even compare, you just phoned in a “Rune Factory is better” and ran off.

    • Savage Sui ♥

      I love both series personally~ I don’t believe one to be explicitly “better” than the other; both have their charms if ya ask me. And if it wasn’t for Harvest Moon, there’d be no Rune Factory to begin with so there’s that .w.

      • Robert Dexter

        It really depends on what you’re looking for. I prefer the story-adventure RPG with combat and character interaction that Rune Factory has more than Harvest Moon.

    • No, not really.

  • Kioku

    I loved this game.
    The concept of lonely farming is actually nice and it gives you a warm heart when playing it :D

  • Arz

    Lonely farming….wow that actually describes what I feel when playing this game. One of the most unique Harvest Moon, wish I finish it though, if only it’s on Vita….

    • It’s on both PSP and Vita in North America (as well as being a PS2 classic, downloadable on PS3s). So there’s a few different ways to snag it now :)

      • Arz

        SWEET thanks man, I never knew.

  • Savage Sui ♥

    Hmm… I have this game for PSP. I never got too far into playing it though, if I recall correctly .w.

  • God, this was such an odd game. It wasn’t too bad, that’s for certain, but some things were definitely not that great. Like how foraging was somewhat pointless, since it was limited and didn’t really result in much money, or how automated animal raising was. Or how you had to unlock more of the field to even use it. And the stats for your character felt very superficial– though I did have a soft spot for being able to get him better at cooking.

    I mean, it wasn’t bad, but there are definitely better Harvest Moon games.

  • ReveurIngenu

    I LOVED this game. I don’t understand what everybody had against
    it. For the time, it was one of the most beautiful games available.
    The sunsets, the cherry blossoms during spring, snowfall during winter,
    the calming music, etc. I especially loved the mermaid, she was sort of
    freaky yet mesmerizing. And I loved the exploration aspect. The world seemed so big that you had to travel using the buggy.

    I think they just needed to include more festivals with the townsfolk and maybe add more dialogue. I’d really love a sequel.

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