The King Of Fighters ’98 On Mobile Comes Complete With Multiplayer

By Eugene . July 28, 2014 . 1:29pm


SNK have released their mobile version of The King Of Fighters ‘98, and it has a local multiplayer mode. You’ll be able to play against a friend via Bluetooth.



This is the Neo Geo version of the game, which includes 38 characters and staples such as Iori Yagami.


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It also has both Extra and Advanced modes, and a Training mode (though this is a training mode from the 90’s, so don’t go in expecting more modern day updates).


You can also play with either the 4 button configuration or 6 button scheme. There’s also a newbie SP button, and Bluetooth controller support.


The King Of Fighters ‘98 is out now on iOS and Android.

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  • ivanchu77

    No online and mobile…

    yuck, i wish ASW or something buys the kof franchise, getting tired of seeing kof getting raped by “SNK” all the time

    • Weeb

      Ehh. I rather not see ASW handle the series. Their sprite work has never been as smooth as SNK’s and their DLC prices are pretty terrible.

      • ivanchu77

        well, who else do you think could work well with SNK games? Playmore doesn´t seem to be up for the task anymore, that´s for sure. At it´s undeniable that ASW makes amazing fighting games

        • Weeb

          ASW makes good fighting games here and there, but they barely even resemble anything close to SNK fighters.

          Honestly it better just to let SNK do what they do now and fade away. They made great games in the past but nobody else would be able to match their style.

          Pumping out ports every so often/raking in cash from pachinko, then using that money to make a great fighting game is better than having some other company make ham-handed versions of their games.

    • Kaitsu

      I feel like most of you don’t understand that SNK isn’t the company they used to be. They really can’t afford to make large games anymore, not ones they can risk selling anyway.

      • ivanchu77

        yeah, but you know, it´s kinda sad to see the future of the KOF franchise are these crappy pachinko and iphone games, this franchise deserves way more than that

    • RunningWild1984

      “SNK” went bankrupt a long time ago. SNK Playmore just isn’t the same.

      Also you really think ASW would be any better?

      • ivanchu77

        well, much better than Playmore is doing right now, the last KOF game (XIII) was released in 2010, amazing game with horrible online.

        ASW at least can make too extremelly good and fun to play games, and they are definetly very active with their fighting games, having right now 3 franchises updated, while others like Capcom and Toei with much superior resources only have 1 franchise “active” , there´s high possibilites they would make a nice KOF game and keep up updated too, especially considering the franchise is still very popular in some places of Asia and sourth-America

        Not to mention the online of their games are definetly among the best of the genre.

        And also a lot of the old SNK staff went and works for ASW, i´m sure they will threat the franchise with more respect and care that the pachinko and iphone lovers of SNK playmore

  • OlimacFTW

    Another smartphone game by SNK. Sigh!
    How the mighty have fallen!

  • roockie112

    The Budget, the budget, man I tell you that has to be it! because I don’t see any reason for this crap lol .

    • Vesperion

      Actually SNK makes good money from mobile and pachinko games

      • roockie112

        Really ? they could make even more if they ever made a new game for Arcades or consoles yet they are throwing the same old games on Mobile kinda like how Capcom is doing with super Street fighter 4

        • Vesperion

          Well SNK isn’t what they used to be. They don’t really have the kind of funds to just push out full on console games like capcom can

          • roockie112

            I guess you are right I feel Bad because King Of fighters is one of my favorite fighting series and they have fallen.

          • Vesperion

            Indeed. I would love to see the next KOF sometime soon, but we could be waiting for a good while.

          • Weeb

            I’m hoping we will see at least one more Dream Match in the future. I need to see Geese Howard playable one more time.

          • Vesperion

            Capcom and SNK needs to get together ONE MORE TIME!

          • Ghost

            Metal Slug Defense and Rhythm of Fighters are both fun games. Both use decade old assets though. And considering this I can’t help but wonder why the roster is so small for ROF. Then you have the 2 more recent KOF games. One has a small small roster but supports controllers. The other has a full roster but no controller support. WTF SNK?

          • Vesperion

            Yeah i would give em a try. I would rather play KOF sky stage though

  • Isuke-sama

    Wonder if anyone still remembers that Chinese Kof ripoff?

  • Lifestreamer

    So it’s a “the slugfest” port, at least put “the ultimate match” version -_-

  • Just Tim

    Why hello there, Ralf Jones and One-Hit Knock Out Galactica Phantom!

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