This Platformer Lets You Take Over NPCs Bodies And Use Their Abilities

By Mark . August 2, 2014 . 3:29pm

Made by Ravenous Games Inc., Infestor is a mobile platformer game that allows people to play as a body-snatching alien blob as they dodge traps and bad guys.


The goal of each of Infestor’s sixty levels is to get from point A to point B without dying. Players can move their little green alien blob left or right, and can have him jump over various traps, such as electrified spikes. Sounds like a pretty typical platformer, right? Well, actually, no.


The thing that sets Infestor apart from the countless other 2D platformer games is that your blobby alien can take over NPCs bodies, allowing you to play as an NPC and use its abilities. For example, if you take over the body of a security guard, then you can use the guard’s gun and shoot other security guards in your way. Or, if there’s a big, heavy box in your way, just take over the body of a construction worker and push that thing out of the way.



If the host NPC gets killed while you are inhabiting their body, then your little green alien jumps out, with no harm done to it. That can be quite handy when there are spikes on the ground or bullets in the air. Most levels require that you take over the body of some unsuspecting NPC to finish the level.


Infestor is currently available on iOS devices.

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  • Carl B.

    Sounds just like Messiah, which had the same mechanic.

    • Nix da

      Oh fuck somebody remembers that game !

    • Dyne

      oddly I was looking at game today on gog, forgot about it until now as it was one my dad games.

    • d19xx

      I used to play that game. It was mind blowing back then.

    • There’s a game even earlier from the old arcades called Avenging Spirit/Phanatasm by Jaleco. It was also a 2d platformer like this game.

    • Wait what

      Also Oddworld, which did it before even Messiah.

  • Kaitou21

    I was interested, then i saw the words mobile and iOS.

    • Rafael Martines


      • darke

        No doubt it’ll be on the PC soon enough; looks like the stereotypical game that gets a mobile->PC port on steam greenlight.

  • machomuu

    This sounds eerily similar to the N64 game, Space Station Silicon Valley.

  • Strain42

    Sounds good, and Ravenous makes a lot of great games. I may check it out.

  • Suicunesol

    Reminds me of Avenging Spirit.

  • Lalum

    Not interested in a platformer with digital buttons.

  • Scissors

    Doesn’t NPC stand for non-playable character? So technically wouldn’t it not be an NPC if you can take over and play as them?

    • Invisbin

      No, you’d be playing as a blob who possesses a person you can’t play as

  • Alex B.

    From the headline, I thought of Mindjack.

    • I thought of Geist for the Gamecube, or Metal Arms.

      It’s a good mechanic. People should do it more often in games.

      • darke

        Given the number of game titles people are randomly throwing out, it sounds like it’d done often enough as it is. :P

    • Time Sage

      I thought of Space Station Silicon Vally

  • I got exactly this far into the article:

    “Made by Ravenous Games Inc., Infestor is a mobile–”

    Platformers do not work with touchscreens. Come on. Be on PC at least.

  • Wow, Siliconera readers are some savvy gamers!

    I’m really impressed to see people mention pretty much every other game with a possession mechanic in it! Messiah? Space Station Silicon Valley? Avenging Spirit? Mindjack? And I got Geist and Metal Arms. Wonder what else did it?

    Oh, besides Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Just remembered that gem!

    Most communities on sites these days have trouble remembering what Assassin’s Creed game came out two years ago, lol :P

    • 60hz

      maken x!

    • British_Otaku

      Murdered Soul Suspect came out 2 months ago as well.

    • Wait what


    • AndyLC

      For me Siliconera’s community (and writers) feels like the days of 90’s game magazines where reviewers were really excited to share with their readers games they’re personally interested in.

      None o’ that 21st century snark here heh

  • Onikagen

    Can’t forget Psi-Ops as well! =]

  • leingod

    I remember a gameboy game that had pretty much the same mechanics, Avenging Spirit. This one seems to take the individual abilities of characters further, though :)

    • AndyLC

      It was originally an arcade game too, was a lot of fun

      • leingod

        Oh yeah, it was. Forgot about that!

  • Steven Hunt

    Just to throw into the games that had a similar function: Abe’s games in the Oddworld series.

    • And to some degree, the sadly-overlooked Maken X.

  • PotatoPower

    wasnt this game on newgrounds like years ago

  • bykfiend42

    Didn’t Tsuganai: The Atonement have a similar idea? It’s been a while since I played that one.

  • AndyLC

    Nice to see the possession mechanics of ‘Avenging Spirit’ (an arcade platformer by Jaleco that came out in 1991) appearing in a new game!

    The premise is your girlfriend gets kidnapped by a crime syndicate and you’re killed in the process. Your girlfriend’s dad though summons your soul back and now you’re a ghost possessing criminals to rescue your girlfriend.

    Did any other games have the possession mechanic before 1991?

    • Göran Isacson

      Man, I think you win the “obscure game reference” here. No idea this game even existed… looks kinda neat though. Also found a cover for the Game Boy version that makes it look like a Dick Tracy games. Oh, old school game packaging. You were something special. Not necessarily good, but sure was special.

    • DenjinJ

      Nice – did not know of that one. I was going to come here and say something about Shiny’s 2000 game “Messiah” that also used a similar mechanic.

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