Phantasy Star Online 2 Teams Up With The Irregular at Magic High School

By Ishaan . August 4, 2014 . 2:58pm


A new limited time event for Phantasy Star Online 2 is kicking off later this month. From August 13th – September 9th, a Summer event for the game will feature Summer Rappies dropping rare items that will allow players to use various Photon Arts and Technics regardless of their class.


Two such items that will be made available during the Summer event are the Rainbow Board (which is a Sword) and the Storm Shade ( a Rod). The former comes with the “Ride Slasher” Photon Art, while the latter comes with the “Anti” Technic.


Additionally, a “Beach Wars 2” Emergency Quest will have you going up against level 70 enemies. This quest will also feature different characters in the game donning swimwear.


Finally, the game is also entering a collaboration with yet another anime series—The Irregular at Magic High School—and will feature weapons, costumes and hairstyles based on the show, alongside its own Summer-themed costumes.


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  • invasive Ads

    I sure miss playing this game… damn you college.

    • Namuro

      And then later on, it will be “Damn you work.”

      Then… Even later on “Damn you kids.” LOL

      • Chaos_Knight

        What about….”damn you wife.”

        • SupaPhly

          …”damn you irregular bowel movements”, as an elder :P

        • 하세요

          If he plays his cards right, she’ll be complaining about the kids too and they’d want to sign on together.

        • Namuro

          Just ignore her.

          …And then, “Damn you Milkman.”

      • invasive Ads

        Well, if I can say “damn you work” I’d be glad since I would have one :P

  • SakuStar Light

    o.o is america IP banned i heard the sever were D-Dos recently i got error 107 i think.

    • 하세요

      There are still some ISP bans but it’s across the globe, including Japan themselves. There is still no IP Ban in the Japanese version.

      • SakuStar Light

        ok ty so much.

  • Sapitntapit

    This anime has been showing up in everything lately. Is it really that good?

    • Vesperion

      I been watching it. It’s my new fix since it’s loaded with Oreimo voice actors

    • $18114340

      It’s terrible.

    • Isuke-sama

      I wouldn’t say it good, it’s popular in Japan for sure, but it’s just your below average harem anime crap. Slow-pacing, plot goes nowhere, bland characters, incest, harem, useless bad guys, loli senpai and sensei, and so on. And yes you can see why it’s popular in Japan.

      • $18114340

        It’s so much worse than that though. Somehow this show manages to go below and beyond even the most hated harem shows.

        I LOVE harem shows. I eat that shit up. I hate Mahouka. I hate it so much because it’s filled with stupid jargon and nonsensical exposition riding on anti-logic. The main character is literally an emotionless Mary-Sue robot (I guess that’s a spoiler), the plot is predictably always convenient to the protagonists and doesn’t actually lead anywhere, and not a single character in the series is memorable or even remotely likable. The script for the anime reads like they literally handed out copies of the light novel to the voice actors and told them to read straight off the page. There is no dramatic tension, there is no direction or pacing. Even amongst shows of its ilk Mahouka is boring, soulless, ridiculous, and pandering. I am legitimately baffled as to why it’s so popular. The power of marketing, I guess.

        Seriously, this has got to be one of the most wretched unwatchable abominations I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. And it only gets worse as the series continues to drag its feet. I’m committed to seeing it through to the end but I groan every week when I see a new episode’s out. What a waste of time.

        • jack

          Still better than Mahou Sensou, in my opinion.

          • $18114340

            Oh my god i can’t believe you reminded me that thing exists, what a terrible show.

            When shows get that bad I don’t tend to think of them as “better” than each other. Mahouka is “less worse”.

          • jack

            It’s really a shame, Mahou Sensou as it’s supposed to be is actually kind of neat.

            Anyways, I’m a fan of Mahouka. Like, I read the light novel. I’ll admit I’m pretty let down with the anime. The first episode hit it in all the right places, but it went seriously downhill from there. It cut out a lot of the fun scenes, like a lot of Mayumi scene’s. It sort of downplays character’s personalities where they don’t have nearly the same impact as the books. Like, a lot of the characters seem much more 1 dimensional in the anime. Even worse, the action seems a lot less compelling than what I read about.

            And, for some reason the animation is wayy inconsistent. Like, it’s weird, really weird. Tatsuya looks like how he’s supposed too, but the way his loli teacher is animated makes it look like she belonged on another show. There’s even more glaring inconsistencies as it goes on.

            The manga captured a lot of the content better.

        • Instant kills and regeneration.

        • Diarek

          Probably same reason as Gundam SEED and SAO, Japanese seems to has hard on for Gary Stu MC.

          • Morricane

            No other show rubs you the perfection of the protagonist that blatantly into the face though…Mahouka is really…annoying in this regard.

    • Ping92

      It’s an average anime. Read the light novel yo, so much more detail. Also there is no incest, it’s more of brocon/siscon, there is a difference.

    • michel

      I’m not into this moe stuff. However, I tried to watch the first episode and fell asleep halfway through…

    • DyLaN

      I’m still watching it w/out much complains despite all the moaning and whining frm both anime-only viewers and LN readers so it must have done something right to be able to keep my interest. That or I am super lenient with my entertainment.

      And honestly I prefer Tatsuya over most harem MC like Itsuka Shidou. This is the guy who gets shit done by working around his limitation instead of pulling out a Sandalphon out of “shounen powerup!”.

    • shuyai

      Its mediocre at best

      I think it is obvious that the writer has some sort of inferior complex(like a nerd pride him self in test score and look down on sports guy but jealous of him deep down)and projected himself onto the MC-Tatsuya.

      basically it is a magic focus world and Tatsuya is “bad” at magic while his stalker bro-con dere dere sister excel in it. while Tatsuya is “bad” at magic he can defeat anyone with ease, everything he do is ground breaking and never been done before in history. Seriously every episode is fill with info dumping and useless jargon of magic to explain in a new way how awesome he is and how only he can do this and that while shocking everyone with his talent

      • Morricane

        Pretty much this. I watched 13 episodes with a friend and all the enjoyment we could get out of it was making fun of Mr. Perfect. We ran out of steam eventually, so its dropped :)

        Well – at least you can make fun of this guy, which still makes him better than hetare harem-anime protagonists who are just…you know, you want to punch them hard. All the time.

        • shuyai

          Glad to know its not just me that feel this way i mean over at animesuki forum everyone is team Tatsuya

          But to be honest hetare harem-anime protagonists is a necessary evil, if them behave the same as a normal guy, 99% harem will turn into full on porn.

  • Armageddon

    These guys love their crossovers don’t they. I wonder whats next?

  • Vesperion

    Gaaaaaah! Tell me how to get the costumes!

    • Ferrick

      pay cash or buy it from the market

  • Vash bane

    well all that looks awesome and stuff but…when are..jk lol I’m not that big of a fan of the series I started with universe and played a little of the psp titles. so I personally cant guess how much a true fan would fill. but the way the mage class fights now is cool.

  • DyLaN

    Is it me or the face on both “Tatsuya” and “Miyuki” looks off as hell?

  • Ric Vazquez

    I always get my hopes up too much for a localization announcement for Vita when I see a PS article *sigh*

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