Naruto Shippuden: UNS Revolution’s New Trailer Goes After PC Owners

By Ishaan . August 8, 2014 . 12:29pm


Bandai Namco’s latest trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, which they’re affectionately calling the “Get Hype Trailer,” does everything it can to get PC owners excited for the game.


Focusing specifically on the game’s Steam release, the trailer (above) runs through the game’s large cast of selectable characters and touches upon some of the new features present. It also mentions the various pre-order costumes that PC owners can avail.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will be available September 16th on PC. The game will also be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • I was happy to hear that the last one sold very well on Steam and I am looking forward to getting this one as well.

    • They’ve had a lot of sales on Steam. It did really well when it was down to 20 or less.

      And the online connections for battles are really good – there’s YT play of it practically everywhere if you look.

      • Hexodious

        Actually, it was almost scary when I experienced that the online connections was literally solid. Whenever tried to do PvP on my PS3 the connections kept buffering and sometimes even disconnect.

        • I heard the horror stories. That was really the reason why I went with the Steam version over the PS3 version. That and it looked like there was more content on the PC version.

  • [S]unjay

    Still waiting for a new Bleach game. Meanwhile, Naruto, One Piece and DragonBall Z are going full throttle….

    • aizen310

      So, I’m not the only one with this “first world problem”.

      Just played Bleach on PS3…
      Even Saint Seiya got a somewhat faithful fighter powered by the engine used in Naruto Storm games.
      I think we don’t get a new game unless the anime continues. Hopefully, seeing how recent manga chapters are being really-really good, people might get interested in the series again.

      In the meantime…
      Enjoy your yearly dose of NOPDBZ.

      • [S]unjay

        Yes, the games are usually based on the anime which has been halted.

        I don’t have a PS3 so I can’t play Soul Resurrection but the Heat The Soul series is one of favorites.

        • aizen310

          You should play Soul Carnival 2 on the PSP or on an emulator (JPCSP works, but PPSSPP has some freezes right now, as far as I can tell).

          SC2 is the best Bleach game story-wise. Soul Resurrección is basically a Soul Carnival 3. Just not packed with content like SC2. Waaay fewer playable characters, no transformations because everyone is already in his/her transformed state, the music is recycled from SC2 and basically the whole gameplay boils down to a basic Dynasty Warriors-like experience (some says it’s more like Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce… well, I dunno, never played that). And the leveling… it’s just atrocious after playing SC2. Not to mention SC2 had those equipable Soul Fragments (basically, these grants you skills) which you could collect than try to equip them in a way to make them link together, so they can grant additional attack or defense too. There’s simply no deepness in B:SR’s gameplay. It’s there for pure fanservice… and it’s even bad in that without the various forms and such (Grimmjow and Ulquiorra is in perma resurreccion… Well, I liked them in their base forms more, Byakuya is much cooler in shikai, but guess what… no shikai for us.) The whole game is just…. eh…. I want to like it sooo bad, but I just can’t. Insult to injury is that the game is not just beautiful, but I dare to say it’s one of the most gorgeous cell-shaded games I ever played. It’s really around the Naruto Storm’s level.

          And yes, I’m infuriated right now, because the source material is begging for a good fighting game, but no. Just no. It seems, we are not worthy. Hokuto no Ken got 2 games and it’s a 30 years old manga. Saint Seiya got 2 games, and it’s at least 25 years old too. But Bleach? Nope… one failure and they cancel everything that bears the name Bleach.

          Anyway, Soul Carnival 2 is the best stroy based Bleach game, imho. If you want somewhat decent fights, you had to go with either Heat the Soul 6 or 7 (it’s just a matter of preference at that point), or play some Blade Battlers 2nd on PS2. Latter is quite deep in it’s gameplay and surprisingly, it is decently balanced. Also fun playing a 3 or 4 player match with friends :)

          • [S]unjay

            Soul Carnival is a great game. I’ve played it but I haven’t completed it. My old PSP is broken so I have to rely on emulators. It kept freezing in PPSSPP but I still have the ISO file so i’ll try it out in JPCSP. I liked being able to choose forms in the Heat The Soul series, sucks if you can’t in Resurrection. I usually like cell-shader, it gives games like Borderlands a unique style.

            I’ve completed Heat The Soul 6 and 7 too many times to remember + the tournaments. I want to play Heat The Soul 5,4,3,2 and 1. I have to get a PS2 emulator for Blade Battlers xD

          • aizen310

            Using PCSX2 1.0.0 is a great way to play Blade Battlers 2nd. Don’t bother with the first BB title though, BB2nd is a major improvement in every possible way over the first. Well… BBB1 have the Soul Society traitors in their captain uniforms (so, Aizen with glasses FTW!), but fangasm aside, it’s not worth the time.

            Also don’t know if you know this, but PS2 also have a TPS brawler and a JRPG Bleach game. The former one covers the very first arc (Substitue Shinigami arc) and is considered a very repetitive and bad game. The JRPG one is actually quite enjoyable. It’s embarassingly low budget (just look at those battle screen animations) but it was a good one. Full japanese of course.

            Aaand Nintendo DS has these neat little games, Bleach DS 2 (4 player fighting game, localized version exists, excessive number of playable characters), Bleach DS 3 (an SRPG, the genre is not my cup of tea, never truely played it, they say it’s very good, localized) and Bleach DS 4 (an action-RPG game, a Soul Carnival wannabe, just not that good, never left the japanese shores).

            Last time I checked, Heat the Soul series was perfectly playable on PPSSPP.

          • [S]unjay

            Okay, i’ll try Bleach Blade Battlers 2. I’ve always wanted to try the game. I would love to all the character designs but gameplay comes first.

            You deserve a millions but not from me, haha. I love JRPGs. Persona and Atelier are amazing. I’m currently playing Conception 2, Valkyrie Chronicles and Hexyz Force. I would definitely play a Bleach JRPG. My favorite manga + JRPG = perfection.

            I’ve seen the DS games but they look so low budget compared the Naruto games. They just don’t look as good as the Ninja Destiny games.

            Yes, I play Heat The Souls on PPSSPP. I’m in the mood to play it right now.

          • aizen310

            LOL So, is this a pattern or what, that Naruto games always better than Bleach ones :(

            Anyway, Bleach DS4 is a very decent action-RPG-platformer for the DS. Give it a go, if you want some new Bleach experience. It’s a “filler” story though, about the zanpakuto Higanbana which can manipulate it’s masters to do evil things. It has cool cutscenes, refined sprites and animations. Also the game features young Byakuya as a playable character :) Bleach DS1 and 2 are… need to get used to. It’s more like a party fighter on a 2D plane, it shines when played against other people.

            The JRPG’s title is:
            Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou

            JRPG is my thing too.
            FF6, Dragon Quest 5, Persona 3-4 (currently playing the first one on PSP), Phantasy Star (the original 8-bit/16-bit ones), Slayers Wonderful… jut to mention a few… I love them! :)

          • [S]unjay

            Yes, Naruto tends to be better than Bleach with games. Though I must admit, I prefer the Heat The Soul series over Ultimate Ninja Heroes.

            Okay, I may try it out soon. I think I skipped that filler, lol.

            Yes, I saw it when I googled Bleach JRPGS.

            I’ve never played FF6, Dragon Quest 5, Phantasy Star or Slayers Wonderful but they look interesting.

          • aizen310

            These JRPGs are all quite old and I played Slayers because it Lina Inverse and Gourry and the rest from the anime :D so some of them didn’t aged that well. But they were part of my childhood, you know.

            When I said filler, I meant filler story for a game, it’s non-canon, game exclusive filler. It was never animated in any form. That Bleach JRPG also has a non-canon story. It’s taking place between the Soul Society arc and the Visored arc, the main antagonist is Bansui Amatsuki, an exiled shinigami.

          • [S]unjay

            Aha, i’ve never heard of any of these xD You sound mega-otaku. Though I must admit, Slayer looks interesting so I added it to “plan to watch”.

            Ahh, I see. If it’s like that then it will be more interesting because it will be new. That’s understandable, the gameplay looked somewhat similar to the beginning on Bleach so I could tell that it happened in Karakura town.

          • aizen310

            If you want to watch Slayers just watch the old ones (Slayers, Slayers NEXT, Slayers TRY), and the numerous movies and OVAs can be a good watch. Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R… well… Pokota killed it (that little rabbit-cat something who was new to the series).
            But I think the first Slayers series is the most epic one.

            About Bleach, as long as it’s interesting, I don’t really mind game-exclusive filler stories. Just don’t be a Bount or Lurichiyo-sama level borefest :/

            I’m so in love with this Bleach s**t that I’m single-handedly working on a hungarian localization for Bleach: Soul Resurrección :D Because despite what I said earlier… it is still Bleach, dammit! XD

          • [S]unjay

            Yes, i’m watching Slayers. There are also the manga.

            I hated the Bount arc but I actually enjoyed the Rurichiyo arc.

            You speak English quite well, who would’ve known that it’s not your first language? How do you do it?

          • aizen310

            “How do you do it?”
            The english speaking? A lot of Cartoon Network induced self-education as a child, then I studied English in high-school. Right now, my target is the japanese language :)


            The hungarian localization for Bleach:SR? Honestly, it’s only possible because of the english version. I still don’t know how to edit kana and kanji characters in a HEX editor to translate to at least english, let’s say… Heat the Soul 6 or 7. It’s not impossible to do, it’s just needs some researching on my part.
            Anyway, I use a neat and old little program, called SNESEDIT. As the name implies, it was used to hack NES and SNES roms back then, but simply renaming the extension of a file to *.nes is enough to open any file in SnesEdit… and then edit it. You know, most games use some kind of encryption for their texts, some games don’t use them at all and just plainly visible even for the untrained eyes.

            Some example:

            Silent Hill for PS1 uses a simple structure.
            1 byte = 1 character
            – this is the least problematic structure, all you need is time and effort to translate and type down the massive amount of characters the game has, occassionally, you may need to reverse engineer some symbols that are meant to be non-ASCII characters (like icons and such)

            Ninja Gaiden 3 for NES uses a more complex structure that mixes compressed terms with non-compressed (Silent Hill-like) ones.
            1 byte = 1 character (when it’s NOT compressed)
            1 byte = MIN 2 characters (when it IS compressed; truth to be told, in this case 1 byte could contain any number of characters, but at least 2 to be be considered as compressed)
            – now, the thing is, when you translate a game like that you can see the text like: “Where are ╚ going!!!”, where one part of the text is an illegible character. In the game, it looks like “Where are you going!!!” This means, if you see a ╚ character in the text, that means “you”. Notice that the ╚ character takes only 1 characterspace… 1 byte, whereas the word “you” taking 3 characterspace. Hence the definition: compressed term or compressed word. In my example, ╚ is actually a link that points toward another offset inside that same rom. These compressed words are stored somewhere in the rom files, but translating them is not so simple. In their current state, they might fit in to the english context, but when you localize, it will look stupid. (english for no is NO, hungarian for no -according to the context- can be NE or NEM). So in the end, you have to retranslate everything and create your very own compressed words from the more often used words. Back then developers had to use tricks like this to not run out of memory usage. Translating games like this can be a nightmare. It needs you to know all the texts in the game to be able to reverse engineer the compressed words and even then, it’s a tedious, unforgiving procedure. Most JRPGs for SNES used this method as well. You know, when a character’s name is shown at the top of the text box… that’s usually a compressed word too, and it’s use is logical since it is used most frequently.
            (About the memory usage thing, staying at my example: “you” —-
            “you” is stored somewhere in the rom file, that’s 3 bytes, then let’s say we have 4 instances of a ╚ character that refers to our stored “you” word, 1 ╚ character is 1 byte, but we have 4, so it’s 4 bytes. The total of this is 7 bytes.
            Now, let’s say we don’t use compressed data.
            We don’t need to store anything in advance so it’s 0 byte so far. Now, my latter example said we had 4 instances of ╚, we meant “you”, so now, because it’s not compressed, we have 4 instances of “you”. 4 x 3 bytes = 12 bytes.
            7 bytes vs 12 bytes. That’s why developers used this method, it saved them a lot of memory. And it’s just 1 word. Ninja Gaiden 3, an NES game has like 30 of these compressed words. Imagine the amount of saved memory.)

            And finally Bleach: Soul Resurrección. I’m sorry it took so long but I wanted to emphasize the difference between the various methods. Bleach can be frustrating, but all in all a dream to localize. … Once you know what the heck is going on, that is.
            You see, I never encountered the problem Bleach showed me. It uses a… … how shoul I call this… “stretched” structure.
            4 bytes = 1 character
            Now to say the least, it is sooooooo much better than Ninja Gaiden 3, Bleach:SR’s text looks like this:
            ” K u r o s a k i _ I c h i g o”
            Well, it’s easily editable as it is, but given how SnesEdit works, it can be tiring, so I had to make a 4-byte table, which defines which HEX values means which character. Normally, the 1-byte version HEX value for “K” is 75. But the game uses [NULL] before every letter. The HEX value for [NULL] is 00. [NULL] is a big fat nothing. It’s not a space, or a placeholder for anything else… it’s the “nothing” character. But a character we need, because I created a 4-byte table, where “K”‘s value is the following: 00000075. Using this table, our main heroe’s name can be finally viewed as “Kurosaki Ichigo”. It’s more legible and infinitely more convenient to edit then before. The best thing about this is that it’s easier to reverse engineer the various emblems and icons the uses during it’s gameplay. PlayStation buttons for move lists for example, now I can edit these like letters ’cause I know their codes :D

            I think my inner long-forgotten senpai switch just flipped LOL XD
            Anyway, localizing needs tremendous work. Don’t be deluded that, because a game is for NES, it will be easy. Hah! If anything, it will be harder than recent games. And I have to mention the fixed characterlength. The memory usage thing can be applied to even modern games. If you use a HEX editor, you don’t have a choice but to stay between the boundaries of the original text. Game specific editors might be better for translation work, but I can’t say this for sure… I always used SnesEdit, it’s the best. It’s more work, but in the end, I just see happy gamer faces :)

            And thank you for reading my nonsense :D

            TL;DR: It’s a difficult, tedious work and I’m a masochist.

          • [S]unjay

            Sorry but I didn’t understand the mathematics but that’s okay xD

            Hmm, so why do you prefer SnesEdit if it’s harder?

            No problem :)

            It’s okay, I can be a masochist too ;)

          • aizen310

            Because it has more functionality. For starters it has a good built-in Dialog Editor. Even paywares (software you have to pay for to use all of it’s functions) don’t have something like this. SnesEdit is a FREE software from the DOS era, I use a fan-made Windows port. It also has a built-in Kanji Editor and a built-in Tile Editor. SnesEdit was made specifically for universal ROM hackings and translation works, and is very good at that.

          • [S]unjay

            That does sound good. Maybe you’ll like Pokemon rom hacking.

          • aizen310

            Umm… I… have to confess…
            I never played through a single Pokémon game.
            I kinda started the older color one, but… it never appealed to me that much. If it’s about catching monsters, I rather play a Shin Megami Tensei game. Classic hardcore JRPGs.

          • [S]unjay

            Pokemon was my first JRPG…. I then wanted try Atelier because it looked cute and had lots of moe. Then Hexyz Force then Persona 3. I guess that Pokemon is a good entry but you must be pro to skip to hardcore stuff like Shin Megami Tensei.

          • aizen310

            LOL I started with Final Fantasy IV. Then nine Final Fantasies later I discovered Shin Megami Tensei.

            It was so… different.

          • [S]unjay

            Oh, yeah. I forgot that I played FF III and IV remakes :)

          • [S]unjay

            Ah, sorry for the late reply. I don’t remember seeing the reply email.

            I’ve only played the Final Fantasy IV iOS remake but i’ve never played Shin Megami Tensei. I’ve played Persona but it’s a side-series.

          • aizen310

            Persona is another take on the franchise. It’s not a side story. There’s no way for Persona’s story to do anything with the flagship SMT title. Persona is a game with SMT monsters. That’s it.

            That aside, I love Persona too :D

          • [S]unjay

            I guess that’s what makes Persona so good. It’s just unique yet somewhat similar to SMT.

  • DesmaX

    Didn’t knew this was coming to steam too…

    Hope they don’t lock it at 30fps

    • pokeroi

      or 20 like last time…


    100 playable characters is nice, except they all practically play the same.
    Pretty, though.

    • The Watcher

      I bet you none of those 100 characters are Zetsu and Anko. lol


        Anko doesn’t get the respect she deserves :( Especially not in the actual comic.

  • Where is my drunken Rock Lee? ;-;

  • 100 characters that all play basically the same. But I’m a hypocrite since I have fun with tenkaichi 3.

    • Tyler

      hardly, if theres one thing this game does well its different character playstyles.

      Nothing like tenkaichi, where 99% of specials are just recolored beams.

      • British_Otaku

        It would be hard to argue that UNS’s specials don’t largely consist of Rasengan clones as well. Chidori and Raikiri have the exact same properties as well given that they activate a cutscene which cancels supports. >_>

        Given that all of the playstyles in Storm give people mostly the same options (a few combos, no specific combo specials or special movement), it has always been behind the likes of Budokai Tenkaichi which isn’t my first recommendation for technical fighter but distinguishes the line up.

  • pokeroi

    Hope adventure mode is less boring

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Nothing but love for CyberConnect2 and Naruto but this is getting real old real fast.

    It feels like it’s turning into Call of Duty.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’m still surprised no one has made mods for the first PC game to add The Rower and/or the Dangerous Box to the game x3;

  • CirnoLakes

    I only casually once got a little bit into Naruto when it was new and first getting. I’m not a big shounen fan, but it was really interesting to me, especially at the beginning. And by casually I actually mean surprisingly big.

    I tend to ignore shounen anime a lot and I didn’t watch more than maybe a dozen or so episodes of Bleach and I tend to kinda… well I ignore most shounen anime because I’m more into cute stuff rather than machoness. Like I can see why people like things like Dragon Ball Z where there’s beams of energy and power levels and things like that(it’s pretty unique in terms of power fantasies, being very Chinese, but also pretty much almost nothing before or since was as in depth with the Chinese mystical concept of “chi” or “ki”. You pretty much can’t get a more pure power fantasy experience, especially with such inoffensive innocence, I feel like too many other would make Goku’s personality more gritty, but for all its machismo, Goku is innocent and kind in a different way from other superheroes, despite being a bodybuilder superhero of great violence, it’s hard to see Goku as anything but pure smiles and hugs and kindness, for someone who loves fighting, he’s an awfully loveable person). It’s still kind of a bodybuilder dudefest, Pan was the first female part Saiyan aside from the women from planet Saiyan. And there’s like Android 18 who is probably among the strongest and most important female characters, who isn’t around for Mr. Roshi… to be Mr. Roshi about.

    But… where was I going with this. Oh yes, despite all of the good things I can say about Dragon Ball Z. It’s kind of a bodybuilder dudefest. And Dr. Slump is my favorite Toriyama anime. And this sort of thing is definitely one of the things I tend to not like about Shounen in general.

    But Naruto wasn’t to bad, it had an interesting ninja lore going on in the beginning. And Naruto is a really cool character actually, being his family and how I feel he is easy to like and an someone to want to support being in a bad situation but being positive and passionate anyway. And the setting is actually really deep and interesting and immersive, I can see why many people have been obsessed with it. And while it could be better in terms of gender representation, it’s leagues better Dragon Ball Z(though Dragon Ball Z is an old influential anime from a more sexist time). But it’s not too bad and you can see how shounen have been getting more and more gender progressive.

    It’s just.. I got a little disinterested in it once it started becoming so disinterested in it once it became soooooo focused on the Uchihas and the while the plot direction of Pain wasn’t too bad, there are some other things I would have liked. I always liked the Hyuuga clan more than the Uchiha clan, despite all of their problems(well, I mean both families and probably all ninja villages are pretty horrible and have systemic problems I suppose.).

    And I know that people can be too negative about the Uchiha clan stuff. I’m not that negative and I know the unfair notoriety and stuff, I was there when people were first complaining about Sasuka and the Uchihas and it was not fair and people were homophobic and it was a mess. And good for Sasuke fans.

    I just… I was never a big fan of Sasuke from the very very beginning. And with all of my favourite things being ignored I just… it’s overwhelming to watch so many episodes and read so many chapters. And it wasn’t as fun anymore.

    But I just wanted to say that so that I hopefully am not too offensive to shounen and Naruto fans. I’ve tried and like some but I’m usually not a big fan. I both think that Naruto has good and bad points. And I think it really deserved its popularity in the beginning, and it was super popular, but that it could have gone in a different direction.

    I think at this point it is more popular than it deserves, along with other shounen anime which tend to be really really popular. And I must admit, I’m a little jealous. Shounen is always more popular than my favourite anime. But Naruto had some cool things going for it, and I love Soul Eater, especially the manga(shounen manga starring female characters, hooray! I love how progressive and amazing Soul Eater is).

    And I probably sound like this huge shounen fangirl right now. But I’m actually not. I really am not, I just try to be open minded, and fair. And I just feel like some things, while maybe more popular than they deserve. I also feel like they get too much hate. And I don’t like hate, especially in most situations. I have jealousy towards anime like Naruto, too. But I don’t think that jealousy turning into hate would a good thing.

    I am a magical girl and shoujo and moe and slice of life and comedy fan all of the way.

    Shounen in the way I’m using it, means like Shounen Jump style action shounen like Naruto and Bleach and One Piece and Dragon Ball Z and things like that. Too violent and too macho and too about guys most of the time for me!

    My favourite anime is Fushigiboshi no Futagohime. And I love it because it is like My Little Pony or something. It is about Magical frilly adorable amazing princesses in a pastel kingdom of cute people being cute and wonderful. And there’s almost no violence! It is the perfect anime to me. I just… oh it makes me so happy! Why is it is so unknown it deserves more. ;_; And more anime should be just like it. But it’s like… the opposite of shounen. It’s cute, and heartwarming,and “feminine”, and not violent, and empathetic, and funny, and pastel, and female focused, with female protagonists and definitely passes the Bechdel Test, and cuddly and not disturbing or sad or horrible, and heartwarming… and…. so so so so so so wonderful!

    And it’s pretty much the opposite of many shounen. Because it’s a non-violent show about girls! It’s less violent than pretty cure! It’s definitely less violent than Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It’s less violent than Sailor Moon. And it might even be less violent than Ojamajo Doremi. And that’s wonderful! Who needs violence anyway? All Slice of Life, moe, and comedy fans should watch it! It’s like K-On! with frilly princess! Watch it watch it please!

    And so even if I sound like a big shounen fan. I watched a few episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and quit because I didn’t like it. I didn’t watch more than a dozen episodes of Bleach because I started not so much liking where it was going, Rukia was pretty cool, though(if I were to ever watch it again, it would only be for her). I haven’t watched more than 3 episodes of One Piece, because while pirates are neat, and I’ve heard good things about it, it seems like a dudefest and there aren’t any characters I’ve seen that interest me. Dragon Ball Z is way too much of a bodybuilder dudefest, and I like Dr. Slump a lot more. I’m not a big mecha fan. I’m one of the only people who thinks that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is hugely overrated and find all of the praise people do for “manliness” annoying. And I refuse to watch Attack on Titan because it seems gruesome and depressing and constantly violent and militaristic. And everyone seems to love those anime.

    I think that makes me not a big shounen fan. Whatever that means.

    So where was I going with this. This is a really long post and I got off topic for a long time.

    What was I…..


    Huhhh… I…..


    The point of this. Is that I’m a big huge Namco Bandai fangirlpersonsomethingmaybemaybe. I love Tales and Klonoa and .hack and all sorts of things! I just love Namco Bandai. They’re my favourite big publisher out of Japan!

    But their Shounen stuff is kinda like some of the least interesting stuff out of their library. I love the Tales games and the Klonoa games and .hack games and Katamari Damacy and The [email protected] And who can forget Pac-Man, the first gaming mascot? And and and Taiko no Tatsujin, like, my third favourite Namco franchise and my second favourite rhythm game franchise outside of Bemani, I want Taiko no Tatsujin and Bemani to crossover! I am a Namco Bandai fangirl. In my dream world I would have a big giant company and bring all my favourite franchises together, Bemani, Pokemon, Digimon, .hack, Tales, Star Ocean, Seiken Densetsu, Touhou Project, Panel de Pon, Puyo Puyo, Drill Dozer, Disgaea, Twinkle Star Sprites, DoDonPachi, Deathsmiles, Cotton, Magical Pop’n, Keio Flying Squadron, Mega Man, Magical Drop, Kiki Kaikai, Pocky & Rocky, and all my favourite game franchises come together.

    But I don’t care too much for their shounen stuff. It’s like, some of my least favourite stuff from Namco Bandai. Like, I tend ignore their Dragon Ball Z and Naruto and other shounen type stuff completely since I’m not a big shounen fan. I’m a Tales and Klonoa and Taiko no Tatsujin type person.

    But… ! But… !

    But…. !

    But… but but but!


    … umm… I … what did I just say there….

    ummm…. anyway… I am so excited for this anyway because I feel even closer to one of my biggest dreams coming true. I feel so close to seeing Tales games come to Steam and this is literally one of my biggest dreams come true ever ever ever ever ever ever ever and I cannot contain my excitement and mania because pleaseohmygodifthiseverhappenssomedayiwillbuysomanycopiesandbesohappyanddancearoundmyhouseforhours. And I am a huge PC gamer and such a huge huge Tales fan and Steam fan and…. oh if this ever ever ever happens I can’t think of many other dreams come true in video games I want so much.

    I’m embarrassing myself with this post that it so pointlessly huge post with over the top passion and hi-ougi/mystc-arte shoutiness and I don’t care. I am so close! So close!!

    If they ever, ever, ever put a Tales game on Steam, ever, ever ever, I am buying 500 copies. 500 copies or more. I don’t care how many years it takes.

    And if I ever have a million dollars, I will find some way, some how, to buy 100,000 copies of it or them. And I don’t care how over to top that is. And I will find some way to be a millionaire, just so I can give away hundreds of thousands of copies of a Tales game on Steam. And I will be famous for giving away copies of video games.

    So close!!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      For the record, the tl;dr of this will be shorter than that of the tl;dr of The Bible or The Koran. :P

  • CirnoLakes

    So, basically, I just wrote a novel sizes post in my last post.

    If you don’t feel like reading all of it, it basically went like this.

    While I’m not a big fan of shounen, it’s actually one of my least favourite “genres” of anime, I am so so super excited for this. I will buy this just like I bought the last Naruto games on Steam. And I haven’t even bought one since the Gamecube.

    Because Namco Bandai, my favourite major Japanese developer, is finally on and supporting Steam. It wasn’t just some temporary thing and I was so worried it was just going to be this temporary thing. They’re really supporting Steam. And I’m so excited my hands are shaking.

    I am so happy about this! So so so so so happy about this that I cannot control my mania and my over the top-ness and I don’t care!

  • CirnoLakes

    I cannot control my mania right now.

    If Namco ever puts a Tales game on Steam.. I will… I will buy 500 copies of it. I will dance around the house and celebrate all over the internet and lose myself. And then I’ll pre-order it bunches of times. And I’ll dance around the house. And then I’ll buy another copy. And then I’ll dance around the house some more. And I’ll buy copies all year and dance around celebrating.

    And then I’ll have a huge giveaway and give away 500 copies of a video games.

    And then I will find a way, I will find a way to become a millionaire. So I can give away more copies of the game.

    I am not crazy!

  • Tyler

    if they really wanted to hype it they would have shown new stuff instead of just throwing an old trailer and slapping some new text on it.

  • Crimrui

    I had my share of Naruto games. I’m still fine with Burst 3, thank you very much. Wish CyberConnect 2 would do their awesome animation for another anime, like Bleach or Fairy Tail.


    Wish Tomy/Eighting/whoever owns it would bring back the Clash of Ninja series. Or, heck, bring back the fighting engine and put in original or a different franchise. Imagine a One Piece game with the CoN engine.
    A man can dream.

  • haku67

    When you said goes after pc users I thought of them saying
    ” 1080p HD visuals” , “steam workshop”, ” 60 fps Gameplay” ” reduce price”
    game looks great through I’ll probably get on steam vs. my ps3.

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