Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Addressing Some Of Its Heroine Issues

By Sato . August 14, 2014 . 2:31pm


When Sony Computer Entertainment release Oreshika: Tainted Bloodnlines last month in Japan, it was met with a rather harsh reception from its die-hard fans, with a lot of it having to do with the game’s heroine, Nueko. An upcoming patch promises to address at least some of these issues.


The main complaint about Nueko was from players who felt that she was a little too forced into the story, when the game is supposed to be about your family in the game. Additionally, there were a few battles that required her to be in your party, which was another issue that was commonly cited in the game’s Amazon reviews.


While the issues involving the game’s story can’t be fixed, Sony Computer Entertainment’s upcoming patch does its best to address some of the other complaints by making small adjustments to systems revolving around Nueko.



Some of these adjustments lower the amount of time or points needed to take advantage of various features involving Nueko. For example, the Dedication Points required to reincarnate her will be significantly lowered, which helps out when you consider how often she’s used in a party due to it being part of the story, or because her strengths are needed.


The patch will also fix issues like an infinite loading screen that occasionally appeared while changing map screens or going into battle, and an adjustment that prevents having too many Gods show up at once.


Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will be released later on in the west for PlayStation Vita.

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  • MaximDualBlade

    I heard she is only mandatory to be in 4 boss fights. It doesn’t sound that bad

    • Mnoz

      Let me guess, the game has 4 bosses ? /jk

    • http://resettears.wordpress.com/ Reset Tears

      That’s what’s confusing me the most. I’ve read reports from people who played through the game, who say Nueko is seriously not needed that much if you don’t want her around. The discrepancies I’m seeing in everyone’s impressions on this topic is one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen in gaming lately.

      • Zens

        There are discrepancies because japanese die-hard fans were upset and overblown the facts.

      • gangrelion

        Nueko is needed at least all the time you wish to continue the main story, since the main events will not trigger if she is not in the party. But if you just want to grind a lot and to explore dungeons, you will be just fine without her.

  • Chido55

    When Oreshika: Nueko Returns?

  • Josef217

    This chick is the reason i’m not buying this game when it reaches NA, she is so annoying because she is forced upon us, my opinion.

    • machomuu

      She’s annoying or it’s annoying? Because I don’t really think you can accurately judge a character based on that alone.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      So annoying? You haven’t even played the game yet. Don’t be a sheep and parrot other people’s thoughts when you haven’t even experienced it yet.

    • Isuke-sama

      Don’t be tsundere man.

  • MrTyrant

    If you really want to know what is the deal with her you can read this review:

    Still doesn’t make the game bad…

    • Shippoyasha

      Sooooo. The villains tell you off with an insult that actually is a cutting remark? How DARE they! /sarcasm.

      • MrTyrant

        If you could complain and fix what is reallly bad in a game we could have changed some really badly designed ones instead of making such a big deal for something really minor.

    • natchu96

      So, the only problem Oreshika 2 is that it isn’t Oreshika 1, basically?

      Well, that doesn’t do much to discredit the game itself. I guess I’ll wait for release and see what the potential new Western fanbase thinks of it, because taking the backseat is kind of already a JRPG standard.

    • darke

      Yeah. Seemed to be two paragraphs saying “this is bad” (Nueko too central and dungeons are a bit repetitively designed from memory), and a few dozen saying good things.

      Honestly it reads like a 9/10 for the genre (which of course means that IGN and co will give it a 5/10 saying it’s hard to play or boring or obscure or something; since: Japanese).

  • Limbless

    Drug addiction; not even video games are safe

  • http://epiclyamazing.wordpress.com/ AzureNova


  • JoJo_718

    Is this game still coming west? I’ve heard nothing about it since it’s original reveal.

  • KuroNathan

    Can someone clarify for me if the game is only 2 years long? or if each character only has a 2 year time span?

    • Zens

      Each character has a 2 year span, they are cursed to live two years because they grow too fast.

  • Isuke-sama

    Looks like an anime is coming, get ready for some Nueko’s awesomeness.


  • Scissors

    Kudos to them for listening to fans. Usually patches and updates are just for bugs and things that are broken, and even then things aren’t always fixed. It’s nice to see them alter things that weren’t neccesarily broken just to please fans. They could have very easily just ignored the complaints, but I can respect that they’re listening and trying to do their best to keep their fanbase happy. It’s refreshing because so often game companies usually just say F U we got your money.

  • Kornelious

    Well at least they acknowledge the complaints and are trying to fix what they can. I can understand people’s problems with be shoved to the side in light of another character….Kinda reminds me of White Knight Chronicles……Leonard >:(

  • Göran Isacson

    An interesting situation, this one. From what I can tell this character takes on a central importance to the plot and makes your family the “grunts” she wields, more or less. I suppose I could see how that could end up irritating people who liked the formula for the first game, but I think I could only really agree with the rage IF this decision also bleeds into the gameplay. I see that there are apparently boss battle in which you need Nueko, yet her lifespan is apparently also limited and when she dies you need to resurrect her or something like that? If the game does a poor job of communicating this, I can see some reason to be irate. To make a character central and then not really TELL the player this sounds like poor design.

    And while I can sympathize with fans who dislike playing second fiddle when this has apparently not(?) been the case before, some of the reactions I’ve seem a LITTLe… hyperbolic. If the game slows to a grind because of design choices involving Nueko and she just makes everything revolve around her I could understand it, but from what I’ve read it seems that she is a presence, but not an overbearing one.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    people are mad because Sony forced a Mary Sue into the game.

    what is the point of a Oreshika game if your in-game family is not important at all since it’s all about Nueko?

    That would be like a SAO game where the player is the “protagonist” but them Kirito shows up and you ended up getting turned into a side character because the whole game is less about the player having a important role and more about how Kirito is awesome

  • MrTyrant

    About her in the party maybe it’s like having an obligatory character in Etryan Oddisey (the classic ones) you can create and develop a lot of characters with their one classes to train yet one of the slots is wasted because there is an obligatory plot character stuck there.

  • http://twitter.com/puchixseda puchinri

    Mary Sue really isn’t a realistic or proper use of the word in this case (not that it’s great anyway).

    It’s just that they try to force the story to revolve around anyone/thing else instead of the MC and family, when that’s the point of the games.

    And in the case of SAO, at least Kirito is important to the franchise already and that’s what the anime already props itself up as, so a game doing it wouldn’t be that odd, even if it were advertised differently.

  • Shippoyasha

    I honestly don’t see what the big deal with that is, if the story is still intriguing and fun to follow through.

    I don’t mind if RPGs gives the players a swerve in that regard. It’s a unique twist if done right. And there is no specific ‘promise’ of RPGs to make you the central element to the story anyway. Plenty of RPGs make it so that the biggest elements to a story are NPCs or even the villains themselves.

    It could also be that Japanese players are especially sensitive to the netorare dynamic where a focus shifts from one character to another. And some people take it a lot more personally than it needs to be.

  • Altin

    While reading this, I kinda thought of Orlandu in FFT.

  • Fefen Ardiansyah

    what SAO game is that?

  • MrTyrant

    Plotwise he is not important. After he joins the game continue to be about Ramza and he doesnt talk anymore.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >I honestly don’t see what the big deal with that is, if the story is still intriguing and fun to follow through.

    I don’t mind if RPGs gives the players a swerve in that regard. It’s a unique twist if done right. And there is no specific ‘promise’ of RPGs to make you the central element to the story anyway. Plenty of RPGs make it so that the biggest elements to a story are NPCs or even the villains themselves.

    We are talking about Oreshika here, a game where the family is main focus and battle to reach the Family main objective, not other RPGS. I do know that these games exists but i’m not talking about them. Please try to stay on the conversation topic before coming with a point that tries leave it.

    >It could also be that Japanese players are especially sensitive to the netorare dynamic where a focus shifts from one character to another. And some people take it a lot more personally than it needs to be.

    What are you trying to say? it does not have anything to do with NTR. and even if it is i really doubt that wiould be a problem since the NTR fetish is getting bigger and bigger by each new year.on that country

  • MrTyrant

    But it is a bad point. One thing is saying that the game is trash because of it and another is to completely ignore what is a flaw in a game.

  • MrTyrant

    His example is hipotetic we already know about Kirito he is talking about having someone like him stealing the show.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    it’s just a example. but Hollow fragment has the option of you customizing your Kirito. you will still be kirito but you can customize the character

  • http://twitter.com/puchixseda puchinri

    He didn’t say “like” Kirito, so I assumed he actually meant Kirito.

  • Fefen Ardiansyah

    this game is basically like phantas star portable

    if you know what i mean

  • http://sevryanbadiong.wordpress.com/ SevPOOTS

    even though PSP2 was all about the blonde girl, it’s actually you who saves her and the planet :)

  • Fefen Ardiansyah

    and in this game is not?
    in PSP2 everything is about her, she is the chosen one, you are just her bodyguard

    you can’t even change the party order in the story mission

  • Deiser

    Even then though they still treat you as the protagonist, since they make it blatantly clear that the ONLY reason why everything in the story works is because of your involvement.

  • Shippoyasha

    It is only a flaw if the game isn’t entertaining as I see it. Just the premise alone is not a big deal to me.

  • Shippoyasha

    I am just saying that gamers may be sensitive to these changes in general. Maybe the devs simply wanted to experiment on the formula. Maybe they could have announced that they are trying new things. Either way, it doesn’t really sound like a big deal to me. The game still retains a lot of what the original game was aiming for.

  • MrTyrant

    Only if you played all the oreshika you would realize if it is bad or not since the old fans were more mad about this than the new ones.

  • MrTyrant

    I assumed otherwise in my case :P

  • http://sevryanbadiong.wordpress.com/ SevPOOTS

    I am replaying PSP2 now. I can see what you are trying to say. The feeling is the same with the God eater series.

  • http://sevryanbadiong.wordpress.com/ SevPOOTS

    Yep that’s true. I also remember the part where you can choose to PAt or hug emillia. I can never just PAT her on the head. I alwasy choose the Hug option lol

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