Phantasy Star Online 2 Gives Us A Tour Of What’s New In The Episode 3 Update

By Sato . August 25, 2014 . 2:01pm


Sega recently showed off Phantasy Star Online 2’s new class called the Bouncer, that specializes in strikes, tech, and aerial combat. Their latest video provides a summary of what else is new in their “Episode 3”  update for the game.



The video starts out with another demonstration of the Bouncer class that can attack with combos with its Dual Blades and can even double jump with its Jet Boots. Bouncers also excel at a supportive role by helping allies by giving them openings for powerful hits against monsters.


At 1:05 we get to see a look at the newest planet, that looks like a traditional Japanese area. In this place, there seems to be constant battle going on between the “Whites” and “Blacks” which you can see throughout the footage as demon-like enemies.


Next, at 2:17, we get to see the latest addition with the new lobby casino area that’ll be added in the Episode 3 update, where you can play all kinds of mini-games, including a four player shooting game and the Rappy slots. The Arks Lobby also gets a facelift with some new features, too.


As far as extra additions go, there are plenty of smaller tidbits such as the ability to now put on four accessories, players can dash longer now, and all the classes are getting adjustments such as expansions to their skill trees along with new abilities.


You can also check out some of the new characters who’ll be added to the game at the 5:25 mark of the video, which also includes the game’s little homage to the original Phatnasy STar with the “Nyau” enemy.


Phantasy Star Online 2’s Episode 3 update goes live on August 27, 2014 in Japan.

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  • edy_pagaza

    still waiting for this in america

  • Kornelious


  • Zalin

    Who cares because we still don’t got it and now i’m bitter. T.T

    • Digidyne017

      Im with you…

    • Ferrick

      people who play it care, and besides at this point, playing the JP version is much more rewarding than waiting (case and point: SEA region)

      • Zalin

        I have played the JP ver but not being able to understand it made me not want to play it for very long. Besides I was just playing around sheeesh…

        • Derek E Nay

          You can play it in English with player made hacks (even made a patcher to help auto download and patch the thing). The problem is that most of the time they have to update the patch when the game gets updated. When I tried the game out, I had to wait for the story patch due to the update in the real game being updated; but the item patch and menu patches still worked.

          The REAL problem was getting though the image capta when making a account due to the Asian font (I can’t remember the alphabets names) they use. Took me 3 hours to get the right font with the right strokes.

          • Ferrick

            the player-made program really made that part easy though as you don’t have to navigate back to the site where the patch is distributed and you can get the english patch with a simple click of a button. Story patch is still in progress or so i heard

            It’s called Kanji, and those at PSO-world also made a program to help with that, or you could just copy paste the most of the kanjis from them

      • Devil_twin01

        I thought Sega banned all overseas IP or something?

        • Derek E Nay

          Most of the English speakers keep to themselves in one of the servers and everyone knows it. They don’t get banned unless it’s deserved. Those who do whine about being banned normally say it’s because they are not in the right region; but most of the time it’s because they cheat or broke the rules.

        • Ferrick

          that’s what they say in the ToS, but in reality Sakai says that he’ll turn a blind eye and “not notice that we play the game”, but IPs in the SEA region are banned because they have their own version now

  • Bouncer just looks like a better Fighter
    Daggers based on aerial combat with better ranged skills.
    Kicking instead of punching.

    • Enju

      You missed the part about also using techniques with Jet Boots and having a lot of supporting abilities.

  • Digidyne017

    I’m not sure whats more annoying, the fact that Sega screwed us over , or the fact that these articles show up, knowing we can’t get it…..

    • ArmoredBoar

      Who’s this “us” you’re talking about, I can play all versions just fine.

  • ChiruYES

    And we will get Tomokazu Sugita and Yui Horie as voices! So psyched for this, I’m taking a bunch of client orders now to power lvl the bouncer class when it comes out.

  • Ferrick

    the new class looks interesting but i do hope that the rumor about this class having another invincibility for x seconds is false, because one class with non-latent/rng-based invincibility is more than enough

  • Tyler Beale

    I guess SEGA is playing the same game some people play when it comes to fighting games – “wait till the final release”.

    • Ferrick

      sounds like an ero game to me lol

    • Yeah I have a feeling Sega West is getting a “complete” edition to work with, Sega Japan must not wanted to work together here. They announced this thing a long time ago for localization but then radio silence.

      • Robert Hendrie

        So they would be getting the game when the servers are being shut down in Asia? Because MMO’s never have a “complete” edition.

        • Dragon Quest X has a All in One” package.

      • Ferrick

        that wishful thinking

      • michel

        I so wish you were right…

    • KazukiNanbu

      like a “blue burst” version of PSO2?

  • Draparde

    im pretty excited about this update myself. can’t wait to kick things!

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    Still no NA release, I would do the English patch, but I have my hopes they will release it here soon enough, oh and also I’m lazy.

    • Brion Valkerion

      going on three years is not “soon enough” lol. And the english patch is automatic. Its literally a launcher program that lets you launch, choose settings, official update, and english translation all in one…. honestly its less work using that than the official launcher.

      • Daniel Rossevelt

        Huh I guess I’ll do it but could you link me to the unofficial launcher while I clear out space on my PC (pretty please)

        • doublekillz0077 .

          If he didn’t message you back yet, just search arks layer in Google and its the first link.

          • Daniel Rossevelt

            Thank you :)

          • Chris Smith

            can you do this to the vita or PC

          • Byron Kerrison II

            It’s for PC. I do not think there is an English patch for Vita (yet).

  • Byron Kerrison II

    At this point the only thing that would get me to switch to playing on the NA servers (if they ever did come out) is if they were up-to-date with the JP servers, they could transfer my character over, AND I can convince my friends to play a PC game.

    I am still very excited for EP:3 to go live and will be switching to Bouncer as probably a main class, subbing Gunner.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    I don’t need it
    I don’t need it

  • Codi Schumacher

    Why cant they do a ps3 or ps4 version of this for NA?

  • Ric Vazquez


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