Bandai Namco Holding Discount Sale On PSN In North America

By Ishaan . October 23, 2014 . 8:27am

Bandai Namco are holding a discount sale on the PlayStation Network in North America. with games like Soulcalibur II HD Online, Tales of Graces/Tales of Xillia (in a bundle), Tekken 6 on PSP and more available at discounted rates.


The full list of games, along with their original and discounted prices, can be found here.

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  • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

    I might pick up Verdict Day for $5…

    Shame the Tales titles are in bundles, I already own ToG, I’d just like to get ToX.

    • Tazo S.

      same here. got xilla only need graces, but iguess i’ll snag the retail ver. later

  • KrazyBean

    The amount of times Graces f and Xillia have been on sale is pretty astonishing.

  • Oh snap, both for $15. . . I was thinking of at least trying ToG, so I may as well give both a shot now. (I mean, I was gonna get to Xillia eventually.)

    I kind of want the museum essentials too. Hmmm.
    Maybe I should get a month or a 3 month subscription for PS+~.
    Oh, but wait, it works weird when you get games through Plus, huh? Nevermind. x’D

    • FTM

      What do you mean ‘works weird?’

      The only thing with + that’s different is the free games. They expire when you’re account runs out, and aren’t accessible until you resubscribe.

      But whatever you buy with PS+ is yours forever. So in this case, anything you buy at + discount is indeed yours, no matter you’re deciding to keep up a + subscription or not.

      So nothing to fear!

      • Oh, okay, that’s right! Thanks for clarifying~. Back onboard w/Plus. >u<

    • notentirelythere

      As a heads up: give Graces some time to build up steam! It metes out individual parts of its game system over time slowly and might seem anemic, but once it sets itself up, you’ll be accessing maybe the deepest Tales battle system ever–especially with the option to adjust difficulty at will, which disproportionately scales in favor of the effectiveness of advanced play styles.
      (wanted to say so since you phrased it as “at least trying”–it definitely takes patience to get to like, THE START of the game, so might wanna hold it off till you can afford it that, lol)

      • Haha, thanks for the heads up! That helps a lot, because I do have some thoughts and feelings already that aren’t for it, but the cast seems really fun (at least Sophie ans Pascal) so I’m willing to be very patient with it.

        • notentirelythere

          Oh yeah, the cast is VERY fun! Pascal’s great, and I like Malik a bunch… he’s cute, and his voice is just like, @[email protected]

          • I was pretty interested in Malik too, so I’m super glad to hear he also leaves an impression! And i can’t wait for his voice. x’D

  • kao

    I usually buy tales games on day1 anyway and I also prefer physical copies but that’s a nice price for 2 good games especially for those new to the series it’s a good place to start, I just started replaying graces again..

  • FTM

    Is the Naruto 3 option solely for the DLC, or does it include Ultimate Ninja 3 and Full Burst DLC?

    I’ll probably pick up the Enslaved premium edition as well. Played/platted that back on release, but as I’ve a new account now I wouldn’t mind doing it again!


    They really need to put PS1 & PS2 Tales Games on PSN as Classics. I own physical copies of all games but no longer have PS2, didn’t get a chance to play Tales of Legendia when I still had PS2. I wish PS3 was still backward compatible with PS2 games, I’m playing ToD right now and it runs very smooth except for the intro.

  • Yan Zhao

    I dont get why the Tales games get price drops so fast. Tales of Xillia 2 is already reduced to 40$ and that only came out a few month ago. THe rest are like 10-15 bucks now.

    Is there a specific reason for this, such as bad sales?

    • darke

      No. It’s just that like the JP side of things, the western side also has most of it’s sales for most titles within the first week or two. After that is long-tail sales for people who didn’t want to pay full price or missed it when it was released.

      They could just drop the price after a couple of weeks, but that would result in people waiting a couple of weeks, or just feeling annoyed. So if they wait a couple of months most people who bought the game at release will have played it and moved on, so they won’t care as much for the price cuts, and they’ll get their ‘second wave’ of purchases after a couple of months, rather then a year or so like they used to.

  • hazelnut1112

    Where are the. Hack games Bamco? Where are they?

  • ReMeDyIII

    Argh, don’t give me Tales of Graces. I want only Tales of Xillia. Why must I buy both?

  • izanagi

    Where’s god eater 2

  • Holy, 50% off

    • ishyg

      Like, $15 for the Graces/Xillia pack. Wow. I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I want to buy it just because it’s so cheap.

    • Yeah, and with a PLUS-sub. you can even have more ;)

  • Man, what a great sale! I have Xillia and am playing through Xillia 2, but I wouldn’t mind picking up Graces F for $15. Or Ace Combat for $6. Or even Pac Man for $11; looks like a fun 3D platformer!

    But my PS3 Hard Drive with blasted game installs (it’s like every release nowadays wants at least 5GB of the thing; that adds up), Ni No Kuni, Legend of Korra and a few PSX classics. I also just bought Battle Princess of Arcadia during the last PSN Flash Sale too… a game I regret purchasing, big-time. Stupid convoluted controls completely fail you constantly in action. Just ruins an otherwise pretty good game, potentially – when will Japanese developers embrace the “weapon wheel” method of selecting options and abandon the “cycling through long lists of things” method? Cycling through options is NOT something you should be doing during boss fights, dangit!

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