Tetsuya Nomura’s Take On Final Fantasy XI

By Spencer . October 28, 2014 . 11:01pm

Square Enix is holding a campaign to bring former Final Fantasy XI players back to Vana’diel. The PC version is on sale and there the World Transfer service is half off. What’s most interesting is Tetsuya Nomura created a piece of Final Fantasy XI artwork.



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  • Codex

    Art so good, reminds me of FF9 and 12, i’d kill for a 9 remake. Here’s to hoping for 12 HD

    • Pyrotek85

      And with the Zodiac Job system of course.

      • カルロ ランバルディ

        Would cum pants for zodiac getting a western release!

      • Notquitesure?

        Didn’t Zodiac limiit what you could do with your characters?

        • Pyrotek85

          Yeah you’d have to choose a job for them, and they’d have license boards specific to that.

          • Notquitesure?

            So no benefits to Zodiac then?

      • alixraen

        Not a fan of the Zodiac Job system, I preferred the true, unbridled freedom of the original. Zodiac Spears for everyone!

  • anon

    Nomura did designs on the original game for the Hume class, Elvaan class and some villains in the expansions, so I don’t know why it would be surprising that he’s doing more artwork for XI.

  • Belial

    Maybe new Final Fantasy spin off
    The Story Teller died and will be no more new Final Fantasy.
    You, as Avatar, need gather 107 older Stars of Des…
    i mean playable Final Fantasy characters from disappearing by Chaos
    and find the way to revive The Story Teller.
    You can to customised a land that untouched by Chaos.
    Like building a house so the characters can live.

    lol… sound a bit rip off.

  • Guillermo Oliva III

    I would go back if it was Free-to-play now.

    • greeeed

      it won’t happened(at-least not soon) since FFXI still make profit

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    I wish i could draw like Master Tetsuya.

    • you can pick any contestant from rupaul’s drag race, add a few zippers and spiked hair, and voila

      tetsuya nomura’s true form

  • Nhatalya

    XI & XIV are great, both better than XV. And no, I’m not trolling.

    • KazukiNanbu

      i didn’t know you have access to the game before anyone else

    • Kaitou21

      Can you give me this weeks lotto numbers with your time machine as well as a copy of FFXV then?

    • although you’re probably right, that’s highly speculative

      FFXV could still turn out to be decent
      i hope

      as long as there’s not a weird bromance scene with vague sad jrock playing in the background i think i could handle it without losing my shit from laughing too much

      • Cosmos Black

        ‘Vague sad jrock’ some kind of sub-genre of a sub-genre?

    • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

      Gimme your time machine, I’ve a better use for it than vidya.

      • Kaitou21

        Forget that I was here first so I get his time machine :P

        • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

          L-Let’s share!

          • KazukiNanbu

            i was here first than everyone else so i should be allowed to use it too

          • Kaitou21

            True, so let’s all make a truce and share it :D

          • icup ✔️

            one chair two doods.

          • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

            But I’mma girl. ;_;

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. They’re still keeping XI afloat, then? I would have presumed people had migrated to XIV already, but maybe there’s enough differences between the two games that they attract different audiences, and as such keeping both versions afloat is considered profitable?

    • SobriK

      FFXI is pretty much printing money for SE at this point. I think it’s on the books as the most profitable Final Fantasy title to date (which makes sense, given the monthly subscription fee…) so I’m guessing their philosophy is “keep it running till people stop paying for it”.

      I haven’t logged into XI in about four years, but I just did a quick look at FFXIAH.com and… I totally don’t even recognize the game anymore. My salvage gear and Byakko’s Haidate would be total gimp sauce given what’s out there for 99s!

      • Göran Isacson

        I see, I thought it was already over… but if it’s still earning them profits to the point where they’re developing content for it, I guess it is I who was the presumptuous one. Considering all the spending they’ve done this gen, I guess they need all the money-printers they can get.

        • SobriK

          Nah, it’s not presumptuous at all. The game was never huge (in WoW terms) and it’s definitely had a low profile as of late. Its saving grace was that it was developed back in the 6th gen (PS2) days… so it’s had a very long time to make back whatever development budget SE invested in it :)

      • SuperSailorV

        I’d wager my Bahamut’s Staff, Nashira Gages and Yinyang Robe are no longer de facto pieces either.

        • SobriK

          Probably not – but I think we wound up quitting around the same time! ^^

    • AndyLC

      When you’ve dedicated nearly a decade of time to a game, you stick with it.

  • He’s been busy ilustrating a lot of unrelated stuff from his works as of late huh?

  • axemtitanium

    This artwork is surprisingly tasteful for Nomura.

  • Aaron K Stone

    I like it when he draws others characters, but his own designs… not a fan.

  • Suzaku

    Well, he actually did design several NPCs for FFXI, didn’t he?

  • Josh Asher

    How does SE expect people to play both FF MMOs lol, whatever they just want money

    • 하세요

      Most choose one or the other. And what company wouldn’t want money? As long as something still profits, there’s no reason to shut it down.

  • BeatTheGG

    It’s crazy but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a blast playing this game way back when. It kinda sucks knowing their latest expansion with that Arciela girl is a Japan exclusive. To this day I feel that even for a massive MMORPG it has the best artstyle out of the main series.

    • RablaAndrews

      Adoulin released worldwide on the same day as it did in Japan.

      • BeatTheGG

        Wait did it really? Wow I feel out of sync for not knowing that >_> Well thanks for correcting me RablaAndrews.

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