This Week In Sales: Tales of The Evil Within

By Ishaan . October 29, 2014 . 11:00am

Period: The week of October 20th – October 26th (2014)

Top-seller: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) – 172,348

Nintendo 3DS sales: 5,258 | Tot. sales: 9,645,408

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 10,665 | Tot. sales: 6,683,466

New Nintendo 3DS sales: 21,281 | Tot. sales: 120,672

New Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 59,386 | Tot. sales: 284,490

PlayStation Vita sales: 12,230 | Tot. sales: 3,174,047

Vita TV sales: 795 | Tot. sales: 141,406

Wii U sales: 4,273 | Tot. sales: 1,963,917

PlayStation 4 sales: 8,942 | Tot. sales: 762,114

Xbox One sales: 613 | Tot. sales: 34,328

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Last week saw the release of Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within in Japan. The survival-horror game sold nearly 60,000 copies on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 each, with Xbox platform sales accounting for another few thousand copies sold.


Across all platforms combined, The Evil Within sold 124,244 copies.


The biggest release last week, however, was another game in Konami’s Power Pro Baseball series, with Power Pro Baseball 2014 selling 81,981 copies on PS3 and another 50,836 copies on PlayStation Vita. Total launch sales for the game amounted to 132,817 copies, which isn’t too far below Power Pro Baseball 2013’s opening of 144,216 sold.


Finally, Bandai Namco released Tales of the World: Reve Unitia on Nintendo 3DS. This, unlike regular Tales games, is a strategy RPG spin-off that was initially released on smartphones and has now been ported to the 3DS. In its first week, Reve Unitia sold 47,037 copies, which seems fairly reasonable given the circumstances.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
01. 01. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 172,348 1,945,850 3DS Capcom
New 02. Power Pro Baseball 2014 81,981 New PS3 Konami
New 03. The Evil Within 59,388 New PS3 Bethesda
New 04. The Evil Within 59,204 New PS4 Bethesda
New 05. Power Pro Baseball 2014 50,836 New PSV Konami
New 06. Tales of the World: Reve Unitia 47,037 New 3DS Bandai Namco
02. 07. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 36,625 1,647,529 3DS Nintendo
03. 08. Yo-kai Watch 2: Head/Founder 30,497 2,786,183 3DS Level 5
New 09. Super Hero Generation 16,802 New PSV Bandai Namco
New 10. Super Hero Generation 12,566 New PS3 Bandai Namco
04. 11. Chaos Rings III Prequel Trilogy 6,967 19,402 PSV Square Enix
05. 12. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix 6,238 123,546 PS3 Square Enix
New 13. The Evil Within 3,233 New XBO Bethesda
08. 14. Mario Kart 8 2,821 693,208 WiiU Nintendo
10. 15. Dragon Quest X 2,676 111,276 3DS Square Enix
06. 16. FIFA 15 2,451 23,062 PS3 Electronic Arts
New 17. The Evil Within 2,419 New 360 Bethesda
16. 18. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2,367 3,800,198 3DS Nintendo
14. 19. Yo-kai Watch 2,234 1,289,968 3DS Level 5
11. 20. Danganronpa: Another Episode 2,132 98,528 PSV Spike Chunsoft


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

  • Sumomo

    glad to see chaos ring 3 hang in there it deserves it

  • z_merquise

    The Evil Within’s sales isn’t actually bad. Tango Gameworks looks like a promising studio so I really hope they can grow and gain support in the coming years.

    • Tarkovsky

      If any of Mikami’s disciples at Tango turn out to be as good as his previous disciples at Capcom(Kamiya and Takumi) then the studio is definitely going to be one to look out for.

      • I think something that bears mentioning is that the development environment at Capcom was always very competitive, in a friendly sort of way.

        Most of Capcom’s designers before the exodus were incredibly proud, and shared a friendly rivalry of sorts with one another, which is why they were always pushing themselves. There was also this desire to outdo or impress their mentors, which contributed as well.

        That’s one of the major reasons people like Kamiya and Takumi are well known for being among the best in their fields. So, Tango may not end up generating as much talent as Capcom did, simply because the studio culture is probably very different.

    • vishmarx

      its actually selling quite well.
      350k+ in 4 days in US
      topped charts in UK(estimated ~500k+ week 1)
      and ~100k in jp.

      if it touches 1 mill were almost guaranteed a big budget sequel

      • z_merquise

        Nice to know it did well.

      • Aristides

        Well I hope the sequel isn’t big budget otherwise they’re sure to move further away from its survival aspects and more into action heavy territory like RE X_X.

  • Tarkovsky

    Wow! Almost equal split between PS3 and PS4 for TEW. Pretty surprised to see that as usually one version sells a lot more than the other(Destiny and Yakuza Isshin numbers come to mind) Also pretty even split between the 360 and XBO versions.

  • SobriK

    Interesting to see that Danganronpa: Another Episode is almost at the same lifetime sales as the 3DS version of DQX.

    Speaking of, have the 3DS connectivity/server issues with that one been resolved yet?

    • British_Otaku

      I have no idea if they made any changes to how the text is displayed and the server problems, but DQX 3DS definitely hasn’t had a patch released on the eShop.

      It would be interesting to see a feedback analysis on that one.

      • SobriK

        Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Given the lack of a patch I’m a bit baffled that it’s still selling a few thousand units every week. I guess I shouldn’t be (it’s a DQ game in Japan…) but you think the fan base would be aware of the performance issues by now.

  • JarodMcChicken

    About Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, anyone knows why the game is stucked at 2/5 stars on 775 reviews on ? Pretty sure there are people with japanese knowledge around here.

    • 하세요

      From translating, it seems people are struggling with G rank solo, saying it’s just insanely hard, even worse than Freedom Unite.

      • edenknight

        “Even worse then FU”?? Wow, that’s simply impossible then.
        But I think they’ll tweak the difficulty for western release.

    • We looked into this earlier in the week to check if there was a story there, since the number of low-star reviews was pretty startling to see, but as far as we can tell, it’s a mix of fans that had different expectations of the game and a few troll reviews.

      Sato could probably explain this better than me, since he’s had the time to go over the reviews in greater detail, but as I understand it, people expected this game to be wildly different from previous Monster Hunters. There are a lot of reviews that talk about how it feels like the same kind of game MH3U was, in that it’s just “more” of everything. (And that’s a fair complaint, in my opinion.)

      Meanwhile, since you have a bunch of returning monsters from Freedom Unite, fans of that game have their own things to say about MH4U as well, in terms of how it compares to FU. Finally, there’s the occasional “why is this on a Nintendo platform” complaints.

      While I don’t think the platform complaints and Freedom Unite comparisons deserve much attention, I do think the point about Monster Hunter being the same game as it was two years ago is a completely valid point. This is a point of discussion that came up in the comments of last week’s sales column as well, but it’s time for them to try something new with Monster Hunter. MH4U is probably the most balanced MH game yet, but beyond this point, they need to find new things to do with the series, or they risk losing the interest of the mainstream audience, which is increasingly attracted to smartphone gaming for a “quick fix,” as opposed to games that demand more time and attention.

      Monster Hunter fans will keep playing no matter what, but the real success of the series has been its ability to bring a far broader audience together to play it with their friends and family. They absolutely have to figure out a way to keep pushing that social aspect of it, or they risk losing everything they’ve built up.

      • Serge

        “why is this on a Nintendo platform” complaints.
        So begging is now a world wide thing.

        • ishyg

          I’ll await the day when the Japanese starts complaining about “region-locking” on Nintendo consoles.

          • darke

            I will welcome the day; maybe then Nintendo will sit up and take notice. :(

          • ishyg

            So true. :(

      • Tiredman

        I kind of disagree. I have been gaming for 30 years, and one thing I have noticed about the games with already large fan bases, you start tinkering with it and changing core concepts of the game, then the developers start thinking they known whats good for their fans and they ruin their games. I don’t really play Monster Hunter, but I have seen so many other series go down this path in the past. I consider both Xillia’s to be failures along this route, and the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy.

        People want to play what they have always played, with some minor tweaks to keep things a bit fresh. That is why until recently, Tales of games were da bomb. If developers want to make something a great deal different, that is why offshoot games are for. Let them be creative and test drive an idea with a game that has the game, but not the main line franchise name. Then if it proves really popular, move it into the main series.

        • ishyg

          “but I have seen so many other series go down this path in the past. I consider both Xillia’s to be failures along this route, and the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy.”

          For me this is not a good analogy. We all know that Final Fantasy and Tales games tend to mix up the game for every iteration. And mind you, they are both good games on their own (FFXIII and Xillia), it’s just some people that look at it and judge it based on their franchise. Maybe for the first few titles they went on the safe route, but as time went on and technology improves, they mixed up stuff more. I think that’s what’s intended for both franchises. They aren’t direct sequels as well (FF and Tales franchise games).

          If I were to give a good analogy, I’d suggest using the Pokemon franchise. But if you look at it, even though it’s the same thing (catching them all), they’ve always tweaked the gameplay in a way that the meta is always changed when a new game comes around. I think that’s what the “same kind of game” complaint means, like you can use the same strategy to stuff. I also don’t play hunter-esque games much, but I’ve had my dose.

          One thing to add, is that some complaints for the Freedom Wars game came from so-called “G-rank hunters” who had difficulties with the game. Maybe it’s the mentality that hunter-esque games can be played similarly. So in a sense, there’s weight in you argument that things shouldn’t be changed too much, but that’s for the fans. Like Ishaan said, this game relies on the social aspect and by having some casuals on board. If they kept it stale, only the old-time fans would appreciate it, and some people might leave the franchise to move on to other games.

          And as far as I remember, Xillia didn’t tank.

          Also, my thoughts are scattered up. Sorry.

          • Tiredman

            I think my ultimate problem is developers who change things up too much alienate their audiences, doesn’t matter if the game is a single player focus or a social project. Changing things up too much cause people, even those who play with friends, to find other games that give them what they want.

            I officially quit World of Warcraft 6 months or so ago. I have been agonizing over playing the expansion coming out next month, as I always enjoy the first month of a new expansion, but it finally sank in that I just don’t enjoy what they do to the game anymore. I am tired of giving Blizzard money for their crappy expansions that are only fun for a short period before the people who give less than a damn about playing good get max level and flood the heroics scene.

            Everything else I loved about the game was systematically destroyed expansion by expansion since the one that came after Wrath of the Lich King (which was my favorite expansion). I was a trade skiller, loved tailoring, alchemy, and so on. Then Blizzard in their infinite wisdom to always change everything completely ruined everything by completely F’ing over people who don’t raid, and even those that do can only make the products if they are in a good raiding guild. Doing away with the ability to buy the raid drop with valor….I just don’t understand why they did that.

            That is what I mean by screwing stuff up, and WoW is nothing but a social game. The lack of doing what the fans want and instead turning WoW into what Everquest was turned into back in the day, a glorified laboratory, well, even my friends in WoW aren’t enough to make me want to come back. Last I checked, WoW was down to 7 million people, when it was 12 million less than a year prior, and yet they never learn.

          • ishyg

            Fair enough. This is for me a much better analogy, and makes me see clearly where you’re coming from. While I don’t play WoW (not really fond of anything MMORPG not named Ragnarok Online), I understand the frustration of changing something that will ruin it for most people, if not everyone. Still, I think most of the current WoW players are enthusiasts already, and I think there’s still a big difference between an MMO and an…I don’t know, small coop? I’m not really sure where I’m going with this though.

            The aspect of changing the game in a subtle way is a win-win. They just have to keep the balance of “making it fresh for everyone” and “not screwing it up for the rest of the fanbase”. I’m not sure how it will be the case with MH. I think it’s harder to strike a balance with a game like that. But if they can pull it off, good for them.

        • The primary difference here is that Tales isn’t played by nearly as many people as Monster Hunter is. If it’s lucky, a Tales game will manage to sell 500-600k over the span of a couple of years. Its audience is generally limited to enthusiasts that are passionate about the very specific things that Tales specializes in.

          Monster Hunter isn’t like that. There’s a large number of people that play Monster Hunter not because they love Monster Hunter, but because it’s a social activity for them to take part in with their friends and family. Think of it like this… I may not be a bowling enthusiast, but if all my friends decide to go bowling, I’d tag along with them and probably enjoy it regardless.

          And that’s really the issue here—that Monster Hunter needs to maintain its status as a “social activity,” rather than a “game”.

          • Tiredman

            True, but Final Fantasy 13 is a good example. The first one sold pretty well, then sales went down title by title, and yet Squeenix kept milking it using knee jerk reactions to what people said they want. They kind of gave people what they wanted, but they did it half heartedly, which made for games that felt disjointed.

            Honestly, unless the series is in dire peril of losing its fan base, I think it is better to cater to the fanbase, and made a side product to lure in new players and then find a way to meld them.

            But opinions, love sharing em =)

          • I’m not so sure that’s the right way to look at it, though. For starters, every Final Fantasy is different, and that’s widely accepted at this point, but in the case of XIII, criticism arose out of the fact that people expected one thing (exploration, towns etc.) and got another.

            Then, when Square did do XIII-2 and Lightning Returns with certain complaints addressed, they did those games for the core Final Fantasy audience.

            Just judging by the sales of those games alone, it’s fairly obvious that they sold to hardcore Final Fantasy fans, and not the broader audience that FF is usually able to reach. Those people never bothered with the sequels.

            But yeah, it’s interesting to discuss. :)

          • Tiredman

            Hmm, maybe I don’t constitute a hardcore fan anymore. I bought every Square release in the rpg department prior to their merger, same with Enix games as I am a huge Dragon Quest fan. After the merger, they started making some extremely crappy games, and I bought a lot of them day one, just to be genuinely disappointed. Dawn of Mana was an extremely sore point for me.

            Thanks to Squeenix’s game plan since they merged, I have migrated to all the pop jrpg series like the Neptunia rpg’s on ps3. Thanks to this, I no longer buy Squeenix games day one, and a lot of the time I don’t even buy them new. I know if I had bought 13-2 new, I would still be smacking myself on the side of the head.

            My issues above is exactly the reason I think the Xbone is having such a hard time. They tried to take away my ability to buy games I know I wouldn’t like but would still like to experience, used. Just felt the need to point that out.

          • Tarkovsky

            I respect your opinion but I have to humbly disagree.

            I’m personally one who believes that fan expectations and demands are what kill a game and my greatest example will always be Dark Souls II. Firstly, let me clear things up but saying that I still like the game but certain design decisions they made especially ones that catered to fan feedback are still extremely puzzling to this day. After Dark Souls became a successful to warrant a sequel. There were many Demon’s Souls fans who were so pissed at Dark Souls for various issues. One being the change from the hub system to an interconnected world and various other systems like Spell uses and etc. So what From did was listen to the DeS fans and demands, listened to the DkS fans and demands and created this hybrid of both systems that ultimately IMHO fell flat. I’m sure there are many who will disagree with me but also many who will agree with me. You already have complaints about Bloodborne having a different combat system from Souls games.

            Yes the game devs are part of the blame as well for caving in and disregarding their artistic integrity and a lot of the times their game design knowledge as well, but sometimes the pressure is so great that you just give in.

            I’m personally one who prefers a dev to do what they think is awesome for the game without worrying about rabid fans screaming down their back whether or not the game ultimately turns out to be good or bad(in the minority here) But hey it’s all a matter of opinions.

          • Tiredman

            Being a gamer who has watched a lot of good dev’s follow your route end up failing and closing, yeah, we will have to disagree. The biggest problem with Demons Soul and Dark Soul is that Dark Soul’s was made. It introduced a new way to play the game. Then Dark Souls 2 came out and was again different from the last game. It is still popular, just not as much. Then they make another trying something else new, and lose a few more fans, more than they gain, and its a never ending spiral.

        • Slayven19

          Your tales example doesn’t really fly because Xillia didn’t alienate its fans at all, its sales are actually stronger now than they have been in the west. FF13 just did bad because no one even really wanted a 13-2 or 3 anyway.

          • Tiredman

            Proof please. I know many, many folks had the exact same problems I did with the games, from exploration, to lack of truly good optional content, to lackluster enemies thanks to them switching engines to an american made engine, and a few more issues. They took the fun and light heartedness of prior Tales of and made it a so so game that was a huge step back in all ways save story.

          • raymk

            Shouldn’t you post proof as well? For as many people that have the same problems as you there are many more that don’t. However tales of xillia is the best selling tales game in the west alongside symphonia(Check here on siliconera for proof of that).

            Tales games have never sold well in the west even when they did have content and not all tales game even back then had a lot depending on which one you played. Tales of legendia sure didn’t, and the lightheartedness still isn’t gone, at least no more than any past games with similar themes.

            Still I don’t see how tales has anything to do with one of your earlier examples because in japan it sales better than they have in the past.

          • Tiredman

            I think when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how much they sold when you try to compare it to higher numbers. You compare it to the numbers Tales of games usually sell. They don’t sell blockbuster numbers, yet the games keep releasing here so they must sell enough.

            You have to ask yourself this, if Xillia 1 was so popular, why didn’t its sequel do similar numbers? Xillia sold off the reputation of prior games, and Xillia 2 sold off the reputation of the first game. i think that is rather telling of how much fans liked the first game as the second game sold a good deal less than the first.

            I bought Xillia 1, full of smiles and hype, and was completely let down by most of what the game offered, other than storyline that is. The combat system was usually the shining moment of Tales of games, Xillia’s was lacking, no matter what most of those reviewers say. Most of them don’t play the game too far into it so don’t see how things develop, or don’t in Xillia’s case.

            Anyway, the numbers for Xillia 2 show what reputation does. I hope the reputation of Xillia 1 and 2 doesn’t taint the new game. I hope the new game renews the joy of the series, just as much as I hope that Final Fantasy 15 will renew the joy of that series. I have faith in the new Tales of game, I have no faith in FF 15.

          • kthanxyousuck

            While many fans had complaints about Tales of Xillia changing it’s format, it is one of only three Tales of games that ever sold more than a million copies (the other two being Symphonia and Destiny) It also received some of the highest review scores (only behind Symphonia)

            Xillia 2 wasn’t as successful or as popular simply because it was a sequel. (Tales games really aren’t meant to have sequels IMO) Besides the change in mechanics, one of the biggest gripes about Xillia was that it felt incomplete, probably because Xillia and Xillia 2 should have been just one game instead of two broken up games.

            Now me personally, I didn’t care much for Xillia myself and hope Zestiria returns to the Graces F format. Xillia seemed to really appeal to fans new to the series. The Tales of fanbase is never going to come to a consensus on each game because aside from Symphonia people’s tastes seem to wildly change. I’m in the minority of people who really liked Graces F (for more than just the battle system).

          • HarakiriKami

            Xillia’s pretty bad tho

        • HarakiriKami

          People complaining about the game being too hard is really not worth a look over

    • kthanxyousuck

      From what I’ve been told, most of the reviews are people not understanding that it’s not a brand new game and is a definitive version of MH4.

  • Daniel Gulyas

    I wish Pawapuro games still came to the west. MLB Power Pros holds up fantastically.

  • Yan Zhao

    Remember when Microsoft said they are banking on The Evil Within, a MULTIPLATFORM GAME, to sell more Xbox Ones?


    • Aristides

      Yeah, when I saw the charts I was like… wow that’s the end of that partnership. Then again an XBO game did get to chart beyond launch so maybe it did help relative to their standards XD.

  • Wow. Go 3DS family. Also, how do the Reve Unitia numbers compare to other spin-offs in the Tales series?

    • HarakiriKami

      It outsold both Tales remakes of hearts and Innocence on the Vita

      • Oh, snap. I didn’t even catch on to that. That’s kinda sad. ;n;
        But good for Unitia~.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        The install base difference between both systems [especially when they were released on the PSV] is abysmal. So, outselling those two games isn’t necessarily much~.

        • ishyg

          Adding to this, it should be then compared to Abyss 3D, which released on the same platform.

          • British_Otaku

            That makes more sense, but crossovers especially in a different genre (plus I hear it shares a lot with the mobile release) don’t tend to get the best numbers.

          • Money?Muney??All my luveee!!!

            Don’t forget the game is also now having 40% discount on amazon due to bad rating lol.^_^

          • ishyg

            True. But usually remakes are plagued with bad sales too.

            Where can I find the mobile release? As I don’t have a JP 3DS, I might as well just look for that one.

          • British_Otaku

            The mobile release is: Tales of the World: Tactics Union

            It has no planned English release and came out on Android two years and iOS one year ago.

            If you don’t have a strong grasp of Japanese or a means to reach the Japanese store fronts of either (not much of a mobile guy, can’t help), you’ll have to wait for the localisation probably.

          • ishyg

            I have a Japanese iOS account. I can probably get it. Thanks for the info.

          • That’s true, it is more fair to compare it to Abyss, though initially I didn’t even want to compare it to a remake either. x’D
            (I feel like that’s still a different ball-game for Tales of.)

        • HarakiriKami

          That matters why? Abyss outsold all of them on the 3DS( when the 3DS had a small install base). and has an LTD of 150k

          Personally I always thought the inconsistency of how they handled the audience on platform ruined things for Tales.

          Abyss first week sales were 72k or something.

          Or was it 50k? I dunno.

  • Aristides

    I’m glad Vita sales picked up a bit, i just hope they keep climbing back to their regular numbers now that the New 3DS craze is normalizing.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    I realize that there are bundles coming up for Wii U but still, sub 5k is a really bad number~.

    • darke

      I was thinking it was just suppressed by new console sales being sucked up by people buying “new 3ds”-es… but it looks like it was just the Vita sales suppressed by a third by that, and it’s bounced back up now.

      WiiU it’s been dropping continuously by about a thousand week-by-week since before then; though it really should be hitting the ‘floor’ about now, back to it’s sales results before the last big first-party release (mario cart?).

      • HarakiriKami

        They announced mario kart bundles then.

        This happens every time they announce a bundle and dont release it for 3 weeks.

  • subsamuel01

    Wow, an Xbox 360 game actually made the charts.

  • Patrick Lucas Honeyman

    Looking at the Top 20 here could lead observers to believe the Japanese are happy to stay with their homegrown brands over Microsoft.

    I hope that doesn’t remain the case for this console generation. As opposed to the potentially disastrous road Microsoft could have gone down upon the XONE’s unveil, the company’s done lots to turn opinions around. The ongoing release of Killer Instinct season 2, Sunset Overdrive and the upcoming Scalebound are catching my attentions and making me consider Microsoft’s console at least.

    Here’s hoping for a continually competitive console generation. The more healthy competition, the better it’ll be for gamers and I look forward to that.

  • Göran Isacson

    Vita TV and Xbox One sales, ouch…

    Anyhow- Smash Bros is probably gonna climb back up the charts after this week considering most of the games that supplanted it probably don’t have as strong legs as it does, but I really do wonder when the next game to throw Monster Hunter from it’s top position will arrive… not to mention how long that newcomer will STAY as number one. What other big releases on the horizon could have that power, do you think?

    • Pokémon will probably stay on top of the charts for a while, once it’s out. Yo-kai Watch 2.5 has the potential to do that, too, but the fact that it’s coming out so soon after YW2 won’t help.

      • kthanxyousuck

        I wouldn’t be worried about that. It’s got close to 300,000 preorders already. I don’t think it’ll open massively like YK2 did and it probably won’t beat out Pokemon but I see it restng comfortably in second or third place (if FF explorers sells well) for the remainder of the year. Possibly becoming a million seller by early next year.

    • darke

      Vita TV’s selling great! In the land where portable consoles rule, it’s outselling the Xbox! :P

      • Göran Isacson

        I admit, I laughed.

  • ShadowDivz

    Can’t help but laugh at the xbox one sales…
    Gotta give it to microsoft for trying.

  • Gosuke

    As of now, I can see that game exclusives are better on Xbox One. Maybe that can boost its hardware sales later. If its not happening in Japan maybe other country can help to increase the sales. Whatever it is, I like both platform (PS4/XBO) though I’m not own any one of them yet. Maybe in 2 or 3 years I will get it :)

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