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Zenonia’s Publisher Has Another Cute Action RPG For Smartphones

By Eugene . May 25, 2014 . 12:32pm

Publisher Gamevil have a cutesy action RPG available now on smartphones in Elements: Epic Heroes.

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The Next Zenonia Game Will Have Proper Online Multiplayer

By Eugene . April 6, 2014 . 2:01pm

During the recent GDC, game publisher Gamevil revealed that the cutesy smartphone slasher action game Zenonia series would be getting a brand new game called Zenonia Online.

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Zenonia 4 Brings Touch Screen RPG Action To Android

By Spencer . February 13, 2012 . 2:05pm

It took a few months, but Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend is finally available for Android devices.

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Arel Wars Is Another Free Title From Zenonia Developer, Gamevil

By Ishaan . December 25, 2011 . 2:30pm

Arel Wars is an RPG/tower defense title, and is on iPhone, like the Zenonia games.

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Like Action RPGs? Have An iPod? Then Get Zenonia 4, It’s Free!

By Spencer . December 21, 2011 . 5:11pm

Zenonia 4 builds on the player vs. player mode with asynchronous two on two online arena battles. You can also compete with players in the Abyss Zone for loot.

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Zenonia 3 Attacks The iPhone With A New Lead Character

By Ishaan . April 30, 2011 . 1:31pm

Like the first two Zenonia games, Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story is an overhead 2D RPG.

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Zenonia Gets Mini-zed For PlayStation 3 And PSP

By Spencer . October 11, 2010 . 12:13am

Gamevil’s homage to classic RPGs is coming to one, actually two, more platforms. Zenonia received the iPhone to PlayStation Minis port treatment and will be available on the PlayStation Store this week.

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Action RPG Zenonia Arrives On DSiWare

By Ishaan . September 27, 2010 . 11:40am

Zenonia draws inspiration from a wide range of RPGs, including Diablo, Pokémon, Zelda and Bioware games.

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ESRB Spills Details On Shooting Watch And Zenonia For DSiWare

By Spencer . May 26, 2010 . 11:07am

The ESRB leaks information on two upcoming DSiWare downloads.

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Zenonia Hack And Slashing Its Way To Nintendo DS

By Spencer . May 3, 2010 . 1:54pm

Gamevil, one of South Korea’s leading mobile phone game developers, ported Zenonia to iPhone. It’s an action RPG, a nostalgic action RPG with elements of Zelda and Secret of Mana.

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Asura Cross The Korean Fighting Game That Is Part Visual Novel

By Spencer . January 14, 2013 . 5:00pm

Asura Cross has a versus mode that supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, but I think it’s most interesting feature is you can choose how the story unfolds similar to a visual novel.

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Gamevil’s New 2D RPG Is Illusia For Android Phones

By Ishaan . March 16, 2011 . 3:43pm

Gamevil have a new 2D side-scrolling RPG out on the Android market today.

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