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Square Enix Issues A Statement Concerning Adventures Of Mana’s PlayStation Vita Version

By Jenni . February 5, 2016 . 10:00am

Square Enix’s European branch wants to hear feedback as to whether people are interested in the PlayStation Vita version of Adventures of Mana.

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Check Out Super Mario Maker’s New Spooky Course Featuring Professor E. Gadd

By Casey . February 5, 2016 . 9:30am

A new Event Course called “Paranormal Research” has been added to Super Mario Maker and completing it gives players access to the Professor E. Gadd costume.

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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Demonstrates Its BLiTZ System Gameplay Action

By Sato . February 5, 2016 . 2:00am

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is releasing in Japan next week and later this spring in the west, and Sega just uploaded the latest trailer to show off its battle system.

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XCOM 2 Unlocks Tonight and Deals Are Up to 25% Off

By Viet Do . February 4, 2016 . 3:30pm

XCOM 2 hours away from release but you can still get 23% off. Other deals this week includes EA’s February sale plus Bayonetta 2 with a fat gift card.

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You Can Jump To Your Doom Megadimension Neptunia VII’s Neplunker

By Jenni . February 4, 2016 . 1:30pm

Even a simple jump can cost you a life in Megadimension Neptunia VII’s Neplunker.

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Return to PopoloCrois’s Newest Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Features

By Casey . February 4, 2016 . 9:30am

The new video released by XSEED Games gives us a look at the various features from the upcoming 3DS title, including exploration, farming, battles and more.

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Adventures of Mana Is Now Available, Producer Shares A Message For Fans

By Sato . February 4, 2016 . 3:00am

Square Enix released Adventures of Mana, a remake of the first game in the Mana series originally release back in 1991. Here’s a trailer, some screenshots, and a message from producer Masaru Oyamada.

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Grand Kingdom’s Getting Launch And Limited Editions In June

By Jenni . February 3, 2016 . 12:00pm

Fight for your faction in Grand Kingdom this June.

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Egad, Super Mario Maker’s Next Costume Mario Character Is Professor E. Gadd

By Jenni . February 3, 2016 . 11:30am

The inventor of the Poltergust and Hydrogush is joining the cast of Super Mario Maker.

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Durante’s Tales of Symphonia GeDoSaTo Plugin Removes The Resolution Lock

By Jenni . February 3, 2016 . 10:00am

Thanks to a plugin from a fan, Tales of Symphonia’s resolution problem has been fixed.

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My Nintendo’s Points Program Rewards With Discounts, Digital Content And More

By Sato . February 3, 2016 . 1:00am

Starting March, Nintendo is debuting their “My Nintendo” service alongside the new Miitomo app, and the company shared some details on perks that players can get from the new program.

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Surpasses 1 Million In Total Worldwide Sales

By Sato . February 3, 2016 . 12:00am

Bandai Namco announced that One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 has surpassed 1 million in total worldwide software sales for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

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Tales Of Symphonia’s Experiencing Some Problems On PCs

By Jenni . February 2, 2016 . 10:30am

Tales of Symphonia’s PC port has a number of flaws, with players reporting issues with its VMProtect DRM, localization issues, loading times, and crashes.

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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Announced For All Major Platforms

By Sato . February 2, 2016 . 8:30am

Warner Bros. and TT Games announced Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens for all major platforms, and is scheduled to release on June 28, 2016. Here’s a look at its debut trailer.

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Sky Forme Shaymin Soars Into Pokémon Shuffle This Week

By Casey . February 2, 2016 . 8:00am

To celebrate Pokémon Shuffle’s first anniversary, the latest update brings Shaymin’s Sky Forme to the game, as well as the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram.