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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Arrives on PC Next Week

By Viet Do . March 22, 2015 . 10:31am

Weekend deal includes upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, plus PS4′s The Order: 1886 (already 33% off).

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Steins;Gate On PS3 And Vita Gets “El Psy Kongroo” Collector’s Edition

By Ishaan . March 18, 2015 . 10:56am

Rice Digital have announced a special “El Psy Kongroo Edition” for their PS3 and Vita release of Steins;Gate in Europe.

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Way of the Samurai 4 PC Release Delayed

By Ishaan . March 17, 2015 . 4:30pm

Technical issues the culprit.

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Mortal Kombat X Story Inspired By Godfather Part II Says Cinematic Director

By Ishaan . March 16, 2015 . 10:28am

NetherRealm Studios streams gameplay footage from the Mortal Kombat X story mode.

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Here’s A Look At The PS4 Demo Of Toukiden Coming Next Week

By Ishaan . March 16, 2015 . 9:00am

25 minutes of gameplay footage from the PlayStation 4 demo of Toukiden Kiwami.

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Next Month’s Grand Theft Auto V on PC Gets a 22% Off Deal

By Viet Do . March 14, 2015 . 11:07am

Deals on next month’s finally releasing GTA V, plus classic EA titles on sale at

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Six Bucks Deals: Valkyria Chronicles or Sleeping Dogs Definitive

By Viet Do . March 12, 2015 . 2:30pm

Valkyria Chronicles and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition both hit lowest historic price on PC.

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Sin & Punishment Isn’t On Nintendo 3DS, But Iron Combat Might Help Fill That Gap

By Ishaan . March 12, 2015 . 11:00am

Don’t let the terrible title fool you—this actually looks interesting.

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How Sega Got 3D Out Run To Run At 60 Frames-Per-Second

By Ishaan . March 11, 2015 . 2:31pm

3D Out Run actually runs at 60 frames-per-second, which is an improvement over the game’s original release.

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Pokémon Developer Making “Tembo the Badass Elephant” With Sega

By Ishaan . March 11, 2015 . 11:33am

Sega have teamed up with Pokémon developer Game Freak to develop a 2D side-scroller called Tembo the Badass Elephant.

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DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Changelog Details The Changes To The Game

By Ishaan . March 10, 2015 . 11:59am

Capcom and Ninja Theory have posted an in-depth changelog detailing the changes made to the game since its original release.

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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Coming To The West

By Ishaan . March 10, 2015 . 6:05am

Senran Kagura 2 will be released in both North America and Europe.

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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Coming To North America And Europe

By Ishaan . March 10, 2015 . 6:00am

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is being released in the West, Xseed Games announced this morning.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – 25 Minutes Of Cam Footage Show How The Game Runs

By Ishaan . March 9, 2015 . 5:27pm

View 25 minutes of camera footage from the game.

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Tomb Raider Sale Collects Almost All Games for $15

By Viet Do . March 9, 2015 . 2:30pm

Grab 2013′s Tomb Raider for $4, Temple of Osiris for $8, or the collection for $15 in this giant Tomb Raider PC sale.