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Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-Order Returns to 40% Off, Steam Summer Sale Continues

By Viet Do . June 13, 2015 . 9:00pm

Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order deal for PC returns at 40% off as Steam’s Summer Sale chugs on elsewhere.

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We Don’t Get Initial D Games In The West, But Drift Spirits Tries To Look Like One

By Ishaan . June 12, 2015 . 5:31pm

As the title suggests, Drift Spirits maintains a focus on drifting, similar to Namco’s Ridge Racer games—only, it isn’t a full-fledged racing game.

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YouTube To Launch YouTube Gaming, A Livestreaming App For Games

By Ishaan . June 12, 2015 . 11:19am

YouTube Gaming will give more than 25,000 games their own dedicated webpage, and each page will feature videos and livestreams pertaining to that title.

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Tearaway Unfolded Hits PlayStation 4 This September

By Ishaan . June 12, 2015 . 10:01am

The game will be available in North America on September 8th and in Europe on September 9th.

Post 487706

Tales of Zestiria Announced For PC And PlayStation 4 [Update]

By Ishaan . June 12, 2015 . 7:27am

Tales of Zestiria is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 in addition to its PS3 release.

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Steam’s 2015 Summer Sale Live With Large Franchise Sales

By Viet Do . June 11, 2015 . 2:30pm

Steam’s 2015 Summer Sale went live today with $4.99 Valkyria Chronicles and more. There’s also Amazon and GOG sales plus a 25% discount on tomorrow’s release LEGO Jurassic World.

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Oculus Rift Can Stream Xbox One Games Using A PC

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 1:26pm

Every unit of the Oculus Rift will come bundled with an Xbox One controller, but Oculus’ partnership with Microsoft doesn’t stop there.

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Oculus Rift To Launch With Xbox One Controller, Insomniac And More Developing Games

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 1:20pm

The Oculus Rift will launch in Q1 2016 and will come bundled with an Xbox One controller one of its official input devices.

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Rodea the Sky Soldier Gets Moved To October, 3DS Version Gets Launch Day Edition

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 12:00pm

The game will now be released on October 13th in North America and October 16th in Europe.

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Street Fighter V: Some Of Ryu, Chun-Li, Bison, And Nash’s Unique Moves

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 8:46am

See some of the four characters’ unique moves in Street Fighter V.

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Street Fighter V Has A New V-Gauge, Watch In In Action Inside

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 8:18am

Capcom have shared details on the battle system of Street Fighter V.

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Darksiders Will Receive A New “Large-Scale Project,” Says New Owner

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 6:27am

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Nordic Games intend to continue the franchise.

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Angry Birds Are Coming To Sonic Dash

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 5:38am

For a limited time, characters from Angry Birds Epic will appear in Sonic Dash.

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Mighty No. 9 Will Be Cross-Buy On PlayStation, Support 3D On Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . June 11, 2015 . 3:00am

Comcept and Inti Creates have shared platform-specific details for Mighty No. 9.

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Hellblade Gets Its First Trailer With Gameplay Footage

By Ishaan . June 10, 2015 . 1:29pm

Check out the first real footage of Ninja Theory’s upcoming action game.