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Pokemon GO Trainers Get Tropical With Ultra Sun And Moon Costumes

By Alistair Wong . November 14, 2017 . 8:30am

Pokemon GO is receiving new trainer costumes, in the form of the default outfit of the player characters in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

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Nights Of Azure 2 Puts A Major Focus On Affection For Aluche

By Jenni . November 13, 2017 . 12:00pm

Nights of Azure 2 is filled with plenty of elements and moments that show how much Aluche means to the other heroines.

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Mario Party: The Top 100 European Release Date Changed

By Jenni . November 13, 2017 . 10:30am

Mario Party: The Top 100 will be coming to Europe in December 2017 instead of January 2018.

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Heads Westward In February 2018

By Jenni . November 13, 2017 . 10:00am

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS in the Americas and Europe in February 2018, with the release dates being only a few days apart.

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English Version Of Chinese Paladin: Sword And Fairy 6 To Release On November 15

By Alistair Wong . November 13, 2017 . 8:30am

The latest game in the previously China-only hit RPG series The Legend of Sword and Fairy (also known as Chinese Paladin) series is set to release on Steam with English subtitles for the first time.

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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Gets An English Version Of The PS4 vs. PS2 Comparison Video

By Sato . November 13, 2017 . 4:00am

Now that .hack//G.U. Last Recode released in the West, Bandai Namco shared an English version of the PlayStation 4 vs. PlayStation 2 graphics comparison video we saw a while back.

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Nobuo Uematsu And Vocalist Emiko Suzuki Talk About Final Fantasy XV: Comrades’ Theme Song

By Sato . November 13, 2017 . 2:30am

Nobuo Uematsu is composing Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion Comrades’ main theme “Choosing Hope” with vocalist Emiko Suzuki, and they talked about their work in a new trailer.

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Tekken 7 Rematch Function And Input Lag Reduction Fix In The Works; Geese Howard Arriving Soon

By Sato . November 13, 2017 . 2:00am

The Noctis announcement took us all by surprise at the Tekken World Tour Finals this weekend, but series producer Katsuhiro Harada also had a little more to share on updates they’re working on.

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Watch L.A. Noire Running On Nintendo Switch In A New Off-Screen Recording

By Sato . November 13, 2017 . 1:00am

In addition to the official trailer that was recently revealed, we got a closer look at Rockstar Games’ neo-noir detective action-adventure game running on Nintendo Switch in new off-screen footage.

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Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Joins Tekken 7 As A DLC Character In Spring 2018

By Sato . November 12, 2017 . 8:30pm

Bandai Namco had an unexpected surprise with the reveal of Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum joining the cast of playable fighters in Tekken 7 as a DLC character in Spring 2018.

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Monster Hunter: World Shows Off Several Mantles, Houses, And Pets

By Alistair Wong . November 12, 2017 . 3:30pm

The official Twitter page for Monster Hunter: World released new information on upgrading houses, pets, and a new buffing move for Palicoes, and other features.

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ARMS Teases A New Character With A Poorly Filmed Video

By Alistair Wong . November 12, 2017 . 9:30am

The official ARMS Twitter account recently tweeted out a new (very blurry) video clip of a new fighter in action.

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.hack//G.U. Last Recode’s Cheat Mode Gives People Options

By Jenni . November 10, 2017 . 12:00pm

Cheat Mode is a way to catch up with Haseo and his friends in .hack//G.U. Last Recode without experiencing any real penalties, giving people an option to enjoy a more streamlined version of the classic.

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Teslagrad Joins The Nintendo Switch eShop On December 7, 2017

By Jenni . November 10, 2017 . 11:30am

Teslagrad will come to North American and European Nintendo Switch systems on December 7, 2017, shortly after a November 16, 2017 Japanese launch.

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Star Wars Battlefront II’s The Last Jedi Season Announced

By Jenni . November 10, 2017 . 10:30am

The first free add-ons for Star Wars Battlefront II will be part of The Last Jedi Season, which begins on December 5, 2017.

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