Post 430329

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Will Have Its Own Pair Battle System

By Sato . September 2, 2014 . 5:36am

As far as competitive multiplayer goes, it is based on Shinovi Versus, and the team expects to add more rules and the total amount of players that can compete.

Post 430294

Disgaea 5 Will Have The Most Volume Of Any Game In The Series

By Sato . September 2, 2014 . 4:30am

The story in Disgaea 5 will involve the theme of “revenge”.

Post 430257

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Adds A New Gunner Girl Character

By Sato . September 2, 2014 . 3:05am

Unlike most of the other characters from the Guilty Gear series who use melee weapons, Elfeldt is a gunner who fights using both rifles and shotguns.

Post 430248

Harvest Moon Teams Up With PoPoLoCrois For A New 3DS RPG

By Sato . September 2, 2014 . 2:43am

The Nintendo 3DS game fuses PoPoLoCrois Story and Harvest Moon, and adds RPG elements such as battles.

Post 430188

Another Look At Ar noSurge Plus And Ciel noSurge Offline

By Spencer . September 2, 2014 . 12:55am

Gust is bringing their PS3 role playing game Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star to PlayStation Vita. Like Atelier Totori Plus and Atelier Meruru Plus, Ar noSurge Plus has extra scenes and costumes only for Vita.

Post 430185

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival Jumping To Wii U Virtual Console

By Spencer . September 2, 2014 . 12:19am

Over a decade ago, Capcom made a Super Street Fighter II port for Game Boy Advance. Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival is different from other versions of the game since controls had to be adapted to use only four buttons.

Post 430164

Make Bayonetta Dance Anywhere With The Power Of Augmented Reality

By Spencer . September 1, 2014 . 11:27pm

Bayonetta 2 from Platinum Games and Nintendo is coming out for Wii U in Japan in just a few weeks. Right now, using the Junaio augmented reality app for iOS or Android, you can make Bayonetta pop up and dance.

Post 430155

Danganronpa’s Play Adaptation Has Awesome Costumes

By Spencer . September 1, 2014 . 10:53pm

Just like Persona 4, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is getting a live stage adaptation. Spike Chunsoft’s show has Reina Fujie from NMB48 playing Aoi Asahina and Haruka Ishida acting as Chihiro Fujisani on certain nights.

Post 430132

Metal Slime Edition Silver PlayStation 4 Coming Out With Dragon Quest Heroes

By Spencer . September 1, 2014 . 10:21pm

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will also make limited edition Metal Slime Edition PlayStation 4 system. This silver console has a Metal Slime on the PS4 system and the controller.

Post 429526

Final Fantasy Explorers’ Job System Sounds Very Flexible

By Sato . September 1, 2014 . 5:30pm

Final Fantasy Explorers director Atsushi Hashimoto and project manager Takahiro Abe got together again on a livestream late last week to showcase the game.

Post 430095

This Week In Imports: Dragon Quest X Dawns On 3DS

By Spencer . September 1, 2014 . 4:00pm

Also, Konami will dump Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 in Japan on Thursday. While the first game was heavily promoted, Konami didn’t do much to advertise the sequel.

Post 429862

Here’s How New Nintendo 3DS And New Nintendo 3DS XL Compare To Each Other

By Ishaan . September 1, 2014 . 1:00pm

Nintendo recently put up a bunch of specs pertaining to the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Post 430056

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Shows Us The Latest Monster Subspecies

By Sato . September 1, 2014 . 12:29pm

Here’s a look at some of the latest subspecies monsters we’ll see in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Post 426416

This CD Has Remixed Tracks From Chrono Trigger And Other Square Enix Titles

By Eugene . September 1, 2014 . 10:58am

Square Enix are releasing a new music CD that remixes songs from a bunch of their games, including tracks from Chrono Trigger.

Post 430085

First Look At Street Fighter II, Third Strike, And Darkstalkers 3′s Arcade Return

By Spencer . September 1, 2014 . 9:18am

These arcade re-releases utilize wide screen monitors and Taito’s NESiCAxLive system to save player data for online leaderboards.

Post 430080

The Original Resident Evil, Now With Japanese Voiceovers

By Spencer . September 1, 2014 . 8:55am

When Capcom releases Resident Evil HD Remaster in Japan, the visually upgraded survival horror game will have Japanese voiceovers. Have a taste of classic Resident Evil dialogue in Japanese.

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