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Meet The New Kumas In Danganronpa: Another Episode

By Spencer . July 21, 2014 . 12:14am

On top of an army of Monokumas, Danganronpa: Another Episode has two more bears in the PlayStation Vita game.

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Get A Grip With The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Extended Slide Pad

By Spencer . July 20, 2014 . 11:07pm

Hori has an accessory for Monster Hunter fans, an accessory that changes where buttons are on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Kamen Rider Online Overhauls Its Interface To Be More Accessible

By Eugene . July 20, 2014 . 3:29pm

Kamen Rider Online is an online PC browser game for those into the masked do-gooders. It recently received an overhaul of its interface to make things easier for players.

Post 415578

Nexon Announces Pocket MapleStory, And It Has Online Multiplayer

By Sato . July 20, 2014 . 12:31pm

Features from the PC version, such as the job system, guild, and market, will be prepared for the upcoming smartphone game.

Post 414793

Hunt In Style With These Monster Hunter Collaboration Glasses

By Sato . July 20, 2014 . 10:58am

While we’ve seen the Persona series get replica eyeglasses before, the Monster Hunter series is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with monster-themed glasses, too.

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Tales Of Xillia’s Milla Goes Anthropomorphic In Little Tail Story

By Eugene . July 19, 2014 . 3:28pm

Tales of Xillia’s Milla Maxwell is now available as an anthromorphized version of herself in Namco Bandai’s mobile RPG Little Tail Story.

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Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon’s Theme Was “Lonely Farming”

By Ishaan . July 18, 2014 . 4:01pm

While ArtePiazza are best known for their work on the Dragon Quest series, the studio also helped create one of Marvelous’ Harvest Moon games a few years ago.

Post 416283

Final Fantasy Explorers Composer Reveals The Game’s Main Battle Theme

By Sato . July 18, 2014 . 3:02pm

Final Fantasy Explorers composer Tsuyoshi Sekito on how he created the game’s main battle theme.

Post 413298

Etrian Odyssey IV’s Imperial Is Getting A Figure From Kotobukiya

By Ishaan . July 18, 2014 . 2:33pm

Kotobukiya recently began producing plastic kit figures based on Etrian Odyssey IV, and their next figure is the Imperial.

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Dramatical Murder, A Boys’ Love Game With A Sci-Fi Story Headed To PS Vita

By Sato . July 18, 2014 . 2:02pm

Dramatical Murder was originally released a couple years ago by Ntrio+Chiral, the Boys’ Love branch of Nitroplus.

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60,000 Viewers Tuned In For Bayonetta 2 During Nintendo’s E3 Livestream

By Ishaan . July 18, 2014 . 12:01pm

Bayonetta 2 producer Akiko Kuroda describes her trip to E3 and being on the Nintendo Treehouse livestream.

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Pikachu Burger And Pikachu Parfait Served In The Real World

By Sato . July 18, 2014 . 3:00am

The Pikachu Café will be a temporary event going on at the Mado Lounge Spice café that is located in the observatory. Here’s a look at some of the temporary Pikachu-themed original menu items they’ll have during the event.

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Toukiden Extreme Shows Its Guns And Naginatas

By Sato . July 18, 2014 . 2:30am

The trailer starts with a look at some of the new monsters, then the new weapons in action at the 0:40 mark with the Naginata, Kanabo, and Gun, followed by the weapons that were in the previous game.

Post 416211

Lost Dimension S.E.A.L.E.D. Powers Let Players Control Enemies And Walk Through Dungeon Walls

By Sato . July 18, 2014 . 2:19am

The members of S.E.A.L.E.D. are the main group you’ll take control of in Lost Dimension. What makes them interesting is how each member has a different psychic ability, called Gifts.

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Omega Quintet Is An Idol Simulation Meets JRPG

By Spencer . July 18, 2014 . 1:51am

Compile Heart is about to release their first PlayStation 4 game, Omega Quintet. You play as Takuto who is the manager of the Verse Madiens, idols that use the power of song and dance to ward off the “Beep.”

Post 416232

The Last Of Us And Destiny Limited Edition PS4s Are Coming To Japan

By Spencer . July 18, 2014 . 1:25am

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has two limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles are being made for Japan.

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