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Summer Lesson Looks Great In VR, But What Exactly Do You Get To Do?

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 6:00pm

When it was first revealed, the idea of interacting with a Japanese school girl with PSVR certainly turned some heads. But what exactly does the Summer Lesson offer? What is it about? We got a better idea in the latest demo.

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Final Fantasy XV Shares Another Look At The Ice Queen Shiva

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 5:15pm

Square Enix shared a closer look at Shiva, the Ice Queen, in Final Fantasy XV in this week’s issue of Jump magazine, after giving us a glimpse in the game’s latest trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2016.

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This Week In Sales: Persona 5 Steals Hearts And Wallets Across Japan

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 4:00am

Last week, Japan saw some exciting releases, most notably Atlus’ highly anticipated RPG, Persona 5 on PS4 and PS3, along with Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and more. Here’s the latest from sales tracker Media Create.

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Utawarerumono: The Two Hakuoro Surpasses 130,000 In Total Sales

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 2:00am

Aquaplus announced today that their tactical RPG visual novel, Utawarerumono: The Two Hakuoro, has surpassed 130,000 in its total sales after its release in Japan today. Here’s a wallpaper in celebration.

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Senran Kagura Celebrates 5th Anniversary With A New 2017 Title Teaser

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 1:30am

Marvelous opened a new website to celebrate their Senran Kagura series’ 5th anniversary, where they also teased that we’ll see a new title next year.

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Serpico Shows His Skill In His Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Gameplay Trailer

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 12:30am

Koei Tecmo revealed a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming action game, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. The video highlights Serpico and gives us a look at some of his swift moves.

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Dark Souls III Footage Showcases New Gameplay From Ashes of Ariandel DLC

By Sato . September 22, 2016 . 12:00am

From Software and Bandai Namco released a new video showing gameplay footage of Dark Souls III’s upcoming DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, which launches on October 25, 2016.

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From Software Is Working On 3 New Games, Which Includes A New Armored Core

By Sato . September 21, 2016 . 8:00pm

During a recent interview, From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed that his studio is currently working on three new games, and that one of them is a new Armored Core title.

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Amy Shows Off Her Skills In New Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Gameplay

By Casey . September 21, 2016 . 9:30am

Sega has recently shared new footage from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. This time, the gameplay features Amy and what kind of skills she’s capable of.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Screens Show Characters Delivering Milk And Hunting Turtle Stones

By Jenni . September 21, 2016 . 9:00am

In the latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 media blast, we get to see Krillin’s milk delivery and Yamcha’s Turtle Stone hunting training regimens, as well as new battle screenshots and a translated TGS 2016 trailer.

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Pokémon’s CEO On Being Surprised By Pikachu’s Popularity, Fondness For Exeggutor

By Casey . September 21, 2016 . 8:30am

The Pokémon Company’s CEO recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal, discussing the series’ explosive rise to popularity as well as attachment to a particular coconut tree Pokémon

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Watch Friends Laugh, Fight, And Journey In Atelier Firis’ Opening Animation

By Sato . September 21, 2016 . 3:30am

Gust released a new video for their upcoming PlayStation 4 and PS Vita RPG, Atelier Firis: Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey, with a look at its opening animation featuring Firis and friends on their journey.

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How Nep-Nep Connect’s Story Starts Out With The Protagonist Meeting Neptune

By Sato . September 21, 2016 . 3:00am

Compile Heart shared the latest details on their upcoming free-to-play PS Vita card game, Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru, with details on how the game starts with its prologue and first chapter.

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Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter Details Ways To Power Up And How To Take On Quests

By Sato . September 21, 2016 . 2:30am

Compile Heart shared the latest on their upcoming PS Vita dungeon crawler, Godly Prison Tower: Mary Skelter, with a look at some new ways to power up characters, along with quest details.

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Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Cyber Arena Celebrates Its Launch With A New Trailer

By Sato . September 21, 2016 . 2:00am

Bandai Namco released today Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Cyber Arena, the free-to-play version of the upcoming 3DS retail game, with deck-building RPG features. Here’s a look at its new trailer.