Post 409179

2D Brawler Mystic Fighter’s New Update Brings Some Cool New Skills To The Game

By Eugene . June 24, 2014 . 4:01pm

NetMarble’s brawler contender Mystic Fighter is gearing up for a new update.

Post 408907

Capcom And Nexon Team Up For Street Fighter IV Arena

By Eugene . June 23, 2014 . 4:28pm

apcom have teamed up with Nexon for another upcoming mobile game called Street Fighter IV Arena in Korea.

Post 406927

This Kid Will Be Singing Dungeon Fighter Online Songs

By Eugene . June 22, 2014 . 11:00am

You know you’ve made it when your game becomes a symphonic orchestra music set.

Post 406947

MapleStory Is Bringing Us Back To School For Its First Spin-off

By Eugene . June 21, 2014 . 9:31am

The game update places the NPC characters from within the MapleStory universe within an alternate world—a school fantasy life, to be precise.

Post 407681

Black Desert’s Player-vs-Player Is As Much Skill As Power

By Eugene . June 20, 2014 . 5:01pm

What’s clear is that a lot of battle time will be spent dodging the heck out of enemy attacks, because those things hurt.

Post 408051

Watch The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 Demo

By Ishaan . June 19, 2014 . 5:15am

Just as they said earlier in the week, Kojima Productions have streamed their E3 gameplay demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Post 407413

Fate/Zero Characters Enter Dungeon Fighter Online In Korea

By Eugene . June 17, 2014 . 2:04pm

Fate/Zero’s characters are now available in the Korean version of Dungeon Fighter Online.

Post 406242

Sword Art Online Costumes Never Looked Prettier Than In This MMO

By Eugene . June 15, 2014 . 5:00pm

Costumes based on Kirito and Co. are in Mabinogi Heroes, AKA Vindictus.

Post 403948

Nexon’s Turn Based Game Is Getting Promoted By KPop Band Girl’s Day

By Eugene . June 14, 2014 . 3:31pm

Nexon is heavily promoting their new turn-based strategy mobile game Legion Of Heroes, and they’ve roped in KPop band Girl’s Day to help.

Post 403134

A Fan Translated Black Desert’s Lore So You Don’t Have To

By Eugene . June 7, 2014 . 5:00pm

Those interested in Black Desert’s backstory but couldn’t wrap their heads around the Korean now have a resource.

Post 402891

See Former DJMax Developers’ New Music Game

By Eugene . June 7, 2014 . 1:00pm

The brains behind music game DJMax have revealed their new music game, arcade rhythmer Beatcraft Cyclon.

Post 403386

Nintendo Bringing Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth To Korea

By Spencer . June 4, 2014 . 1:02am

Just like Shin Megami Tensei IV, Nintendo of Korea will help Atlus by localizing and publishing Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth in Korea.

Post 402167

Blade & Soul Gets Some Beautiful Cosplay From Spiral Cats

By Eugene . June 1, 2014 . 2:00pm

Blade & Soul, the kung-fu style online game, received a promotion recently, with famous Korean cosplay group Spiral Cats Team.

Post 400266

Nexon’s Dragon Nest Is Headed To The Silver Screen

By Eugene . June 1, 2014 . 11:01am

One of Nexon’s main online games is its third-person action RPG Dragon Nest. The game is being adapted into a full on theatrical movie.

Post 401128

Sword Art Online Characters Dive Into Another MMO

By Eugene . May 31, 2014 . 5:00pm

Sword Art Online’s Kirito sure keeps busy, always rushing into another online game.

Post 402136

Square Enix’s Million Arthur Now Has A Romance of the Three Kingdoms Version

By Eugene . May 30, 2014 . 3:31pm

Million Arthur: Carmen Of Gladius throws the Arthurs into an alternate realm, one set in China’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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