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Watch Siliconera Play Overwatch’s Retribution Event

By Jenni . April 25, 2018 . 11:45am

Watch Siliconera play through Overwatch’s Retribution event at 12pm PT/2pm CT/3pm ET.

Post 700898

PlayStation Plus May 2018 Lineup Includes Beyond: Two Souls

By Jenni . April 25, 2018 . 11:00am

The May 2018 PlayStation Plus games for North America and Europe include Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends.

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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Goes Over Its Customization Mode

By Jenni . April 25, 2018 . 10:30am

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy’s latest screenshots look at the Customization Mode that lets you use the accessories you bought with earned in-game money to dress, pose and photograph the fighters.

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Avengers: Infinity War’s Iron Spider Suit Is In Marvel’s Spider-Man

By Jenni . April 25, 2018 . 10:00am

Avengers: Infinity War’s Iron Spider suit is in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and people who pre-order can unlock it early.

Post 700891

Rayark Posts A Deemo Tech Demo That Uses The Toy-Con Piano

By Alistair Wong . April 25, 2018 . 9:30am

Rayark recently posted a tech demo of the Nintendo Switch version of Deemo working with Nintendo Labo’s Toy-Con Piano.

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Idol Manager Has One Day To Hit Its Nintendo Switch Stretch Goal

By Jenni . April 25, 2018 . 9:00am

If the Idol Manager Kickstarter hits $50,000 by April 26, 2018, the idol management simulation game will receive a Nintendo Switch port.

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Sonic Mania Plus’ New Trailer Says It Arrives July 17, 2018 In The West

By Jenni . April 25, 2018 . 8:17am

Sonic Mania Plus’ new trailer is here, and it both shows off the two new members of the cast and gives it a July 17, 2018 launch date for the west.

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Fused Zamasu Demonstrates Godly Moves In His Dragon Ball FighterZ Introduction Trailer

By Sato . April 25, 2018 . 6:45am

We recently learned that Fused Zamasu will join the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ as its next DLC character, and today Bandai Namco shared a first look at his godly moves in an introduction trailer.

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Gal Gun 2’s Heroines Aim For Your Heart

By Alistair Wong . April 24, 2018 . 4:00pm

Gal Gun 2 may be a lusty game, but its main heroines are surprisingly lovable cast after people get to know them through side events.

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Aggretsuko Gives Its Characters The Development They Deserve

By Jenni . April 24, 2018 . 12:00pm

Aggretsuko is a comedy that not only entertains, but provides viewers with a fascinating cast of evolving characters with unexpected depth and humanity.

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Humble Capcom x Sega PlayStation Bundle Announced

By Jenni . April 24, 2018 . 11:30am

The Humble Capcom x Sega PlayStation Bundle will give PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita owners in North America an opportunity to get Capcom and Sega games for their systems.

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Penguin Wars Limited Editions Include Patch And Soundtrack

By Jenni . April 24, 2018 . 11:00am

Dispatch Games is taking pre-orders for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Launch Editions of Penguin Wars that will be limited to 5,000 copies per platform when the game launches in June 2018.

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Comes To The Nintendo Switch On June 29, 2018

By Jenni . April 24, 2018 . 10:30am

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ Nintendo Switch version has received a June 29, 2018 release date and new trailer.

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Final Fantasy XV Comes To Minecraft

By Jenni . April 24, 2018 . 10:00am

Minecraft’s latest add-on is a Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack that lets people make characters look like Noctis, Lunafreya, Ardyn, Aranea and plenty of other allies, enemies and NPCs.

Post 700649

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Being Delisted Ahead Of Dark Souls: Remastered’s Launch

By Jenni . April 24, 2018 . 9:00am

People who want Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition from Steam should pick it up before it is delisted on May 8, 2018, 17 days before Dark Souls: Remastered launches.

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