Post 154074

Senran Kagura Producer Describes Developing A Game In 3D For The First Time

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 3:03pm

“We decided on a few simple design rules setting out,” Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls producer, Kenichiro Takaki, shared with us.

Post 154082

Capcom Not Looking To Merge With Japanese Developers

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 2:31pm

“A merger with a large Japanese game or toy manufacturer is not being considered as a serious option,” says a Capcom note, regarding acquisition objectives.

Post 154169

House Of The Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut’s Other New Level Is A Slaughterhouse

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 1:58pm

Creeping Flesh has skinless mutants to shoot and a cleaver carrying half-cow boss that lobs meat waiting at the end. Yikes!

Post 154148

Gladiator Vs. Brings The Fight To PS3 In November

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 1:28pm

Acquire announced a new game in the Gladiator series, which strays from the usual Ancient Rome setting. Gladiator Vs. adds elves and orcs to the mix making this PlayStation 3 game a fantasy fighter.

Post 154142

King Drake May Not Be The Most Powerful Overlord, But He Has Plenty Of Pie

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 1:01pm

Nippon Ichi shared more screenshots of Makai Kingdom Portable, which highlight King Drake and the mysterious Trenia.

Post 154063

Choose From 30 Character Customization Voices In 7th Dragon 2020

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 12:01pm

7th Dragon 2020 lets you combine a look, character class and character voice to create your party members.

Post 154005

Fight Orochimaru In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 11:31am

Other screenshots show Sasuke fighting Danzo and Itachi as a playable character.

Post 154021

Dragon Quest Quest Anniversary Collection Gets Its First Trailer

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 10:32am

Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection isn’t too far off from release; Square Enix have it pegged for September 15th. Today, they released the first trailer for the collection, which will contain Dragon Quests I, II and III for the NES and Super Nintendo.

Post 154017

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Will Cast A Spell On PlayStation 3 In December

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 10:00am

Alchemist have announced a release date for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru: Nocturne of Truth and Illusions.

Post 154057

Feast Your Eyes On Screenshots Of Persona 4: The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 9:02am

A first look at Arc System Works’ Persona 4 fighting game.

Post 154043

A Few Scant Screenshots Of Black Panther 2: Yakuza

By Ishaan . August 31, 2011 . 8:33am

Tatsuya returns once again as the lead in Black Panther 2.

Post 154010

Hands On Nintendo’s NES 3DS Ambassador Games

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 7:42am

While the NES games do not have save states, your progress is saved if you switch to another application, return to the home menu or turn the system off.

Post 153972

Sample Frontier Gate’s Story Scenes

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 3:00am

Frontier Gate takes place in an unknown land where you and your partner are settlers. The game’s story is shown through voiced cutscenes and changes depending on which companion you select.

Post 153968

Hot Blooded Tough Guy Kunio Kun Heats Up For Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 2:30am

Arc System Works has one other unannounced game on their Tokyo Game Show lineup. They’re working on a Kunio-kun title for the Nintendo 3DS.

Post 153965

Arc System Works Backs 3DS eShop With 3D Tennis And Bowling

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 2:00am

Fighting game developer Arc System Works also happens to be one of the biggest supporters of the Nintendo eShop.

Post 153959

Square Enix Is Bringing These Games To Tokyo Game Show

By Spencer . August 31, 2011 . 1:31am

Stop by and you can play Final Fantasy XIII-2, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

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