Post 224835

Rune Factory 4 Has Cameos From Other Rune Factory Games

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 10:01pm

Raven from Rune Factory 3 and Barrett from Rune Factory 2 are back for Rune Factory 4.

Post 224827

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Brings White Tanooki Back To Rescue Frustrated Players

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 9:37pm

Giant Mario who can destroy pipes and blocks is in New Super Mario Bros. 2 along with Micro Mario who can run on water. Both of these Mario-ations were also in New Super Mario Bros.

Post 224818

Kid Icarus: Uprising Studio Closed (But Wait, There’s More!)

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 9:12pm

Kid Icarus: Uprising studio, Project Sora, has been closed. However, Masahiro Sakurai’s company, Sora Ltd., still seems to be around.

Post 224808

Is It Too Late To Add Trophies To Metal Gear Solid 4?

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 8:43pm

Konami says “no” because a trophy patch for Metal Gear Solid 4 is in the works.

Post 224787

Battle Real Life Pokémon Champions In Pokémon Black & White 2

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 5:02pm

The Pokémon Company will distribute teams from the Pokémon World Championships for battle in the games’ World Tournament mode.

Post 224775

Persona 4: Arena Screenshots Go Through Yu And Naoto’s Wardrobe

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 4:02pm

New screenshots for the upcoming Arc System Works fighter.

Post 224727

One Piece RPG Is Based On The Romance Dawn Manga

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 3:31pm

One Piece Romance Dawn is being adapted into a PSP RPG. A scan from V-Jump shows Shanks patting a young Luffy on his head.

Post 224715

PSN Play Program Highlights Four Of PS3 And Vita’s Summer Download Titles

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 3:01pm

PSN Play, Sony’s annual program showcasing PlayStation summer download games and deals kicks off on July 24th.

Post 224668

SD Gundam Operations Brings Super Deformed Gundams To Your Browser

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 2:31pm

Namco Bandai have partnered with Yahoo! in Japan for a new browser battle game.

Post 224703

Indie Games Platform, Playism, To Publish La-Mulana Remake

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 2:01pm

After being stuck in publishing limbo for months, the La-Mulana remake is getting a release.

Post 224721

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Flick Being Made By Hitman Film Producer

By Spencer . July 10, 2012 . 1:25pm

Eidos Montreal, the development studio behind the title, will be working closely with the filmmakers.

Post 224690

Digimon World Re:Digitize’s Blackened Monsters Are More Vicious

By Laura . July 10, 2012 . 1:01pm

Blackened monsters are Digimon who have been infected by a black aura and, because of this, run viciously rampant.

Post 224664

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2 HD Screenshots With Lots Of Red

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 12:30pm

Red lipstick, red hair, red clothes, red demon aura…

Post 224636

Celebrate The Tales of Xillia Announcement With These Screenshots

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 12:00pm

A batch of screenshots for Tales of Xillia, following Namco Bandai’s localization announcement.

Post 224533

Tales Remakes Coming With Improvements Says Series Producer Hideo Baba

By Ishaan . July 10, 2012 . 11:00am

“We are planning to re-release old games to other platforms in the future,” says Tales producer, Hideo Baba.