Post 168778

Let’s See How Devil May Cry Looks In HD

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 10:05pm

First video of Devil May Cry HD Collection inside.

Post 168775

Talking With Tak Fujii About Bringing Japanese Games Overseas Part 1

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 6:48pm

“This is my personal guess, but many Western gamers don’t play Japanese games anymore or maybe they never played Japanese games,” Fujii mused during our casual conversation.

Post 168766

New Alan Wake Is For Xbox Live Arcade

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 5:30pm

Microsoft spokesperson Major Nelson announced this Alan Wake game will be a standalone Xbox Live Arcade release.

Post 168653

What’s A Massively Multiplayer Online Visual Novel? Ask Sentou Gakuen

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 5:02pm

Developed by a group of indie developers, Sentou Gakuen will try to combine features of visual novels and MMORPGs into a single web-browser game.

Post 168761

Cave Story 3D Playtest: Spelunking And Shooting In A New Dimension

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 4:30pm

The story unfolds as Quote interacts with the Mimiga, rabbit-like creatures that live in a peaceful village. Well, it was peaceful until the Doctor and his minions Misery and Balrog showed up.

Post 168640

The Fullmetal Alchemist PSP Game Made Just For Sony To See

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 3:33pm

Years before Namco Bandai started releasing Fullmetal Alchemist games for the PSP, an Australian company conjured one for Sony’s handheld.

Post 168696

“Instinct” Allows Agent 47 To Predict Enemy Paths In Hitman Absolution

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 3:03pm

A new infra-red vision feature called “Instinct” allows Agent 47 to see enemies through walls.

Post 168745

Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI Are Coming To PlayStation Network

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 2:33pm

Square Enix are holding a “Winter of RPGs” campaign on the PlayStation Network.

Post 168739

Nintendo Patent Reveals Accessory That Turns A Wii Remote Into A Touchpad

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 1:34pm

A Japanese patent application filed by Nintendo reveals an accessory you slide on to a Wii remote and turns it into a touchpad.

Post 168658

Your First Look At The Master Sword In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 1:03pm

While it isn’t very exciting, you’ll get to see the scene where Link acquires the Master Sword.

Post 168668

Balloon Kid And Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley Float To Nintendo eShop

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 12:33pm

This week’s Virtual Console game on 3DS in the U.S. is Balloon Kid, a Game Boy follow-up to the original Balloon Fight on the NES.

Post 168661

Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! Draws Up On The Nintendo eShop Next Week

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 12:02pm

How your formee travels depends on how you designed them. Formees with wings can fly, but you can also outfit them with legs or wheels…or engines.

Post 168723

Xseed Will Throw Their Corpse Party In Three Weeks

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 11:02am

Corpse Party is slated for release this month on the PlayStation Network.

Post 168709

Heavy Rain Will Fall Again As Heavy Rain: Director’s Cut

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 10:32am

Sony are re-releasing Heavy Rain at a budget price with a few bonus inclusions.

Post 168693

Colourful Screens Show DmC Devil May Cry’s Limbo City Lashing Out At Dante

By Ishaan . November 3, 2011 . 10:00am

DmC is a very, very pretty game.

Post 168646

Why Is Hakuoki: Demon Of The Fleeting Blossom Rated M?

By Spencer . November 3, 2011 . 9:00am

Aksys likes to joke about all of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom’s “hot men,” but the game’s story actually has a serious tone to it.

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