Post 252996

Comment:Shinji Mikami's Horror Game Coming In Late 2013, Has Resident Evil Remake Artist

By Spencer . 3:32 am . 3:32 am

… to like games such as Biohazard 6 as an overall experience… in Rebirth after playing through Biohazard 6 makes me all the…

Post 214152

Comment:How Capcom Hope To Become #1 By The Year 2022

By Ishaan . 11:37 am . 11:37 am

Biohazard(known as Resident Evil for you) was never even close to real Survival Horror. It was always just a survival-adventure game, but scary(containing horror elements)? Never. Biohazard Revelations is the only one that had any horror at all.

Post 211783

Comment:How Would Gears of War's Bleszinski Design Resident Evil And Fatal Frame?

By Ishaan . 7:13 pm . 7:13 pm

… for japanese games. Biohazard aside(the only Biohazard game that had any…

Post 193030

Three Resident Evil Games Now One Blu-Ray Disc

By Spencer . February 16, 2012 . 12:31am

… the compilation is – Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition Biohazard Revival Selection HD Remaster…

Post 138246

Japan Gets HD Remastered Resident Evil Games On September 8

By Spencer . June 21, 2011 . 5:32pm

… of information from the Biohazard archives and Biohazard archives II books.   Resident…

Post 133626

I Finished The Resident Evil: Revelations Demo In Mercenaries 3D

By Spencer . May 31, 2011 . 11:15pm

… the Japanese version it's called Biohazard Revelations Pilot Version and opens… with "pilot version" underneath the Biohazard logo.   The demo begins inside…

Post 120984

Comment:Resident Evil: Revival Selection Brings RE4 & Code Veronica To PS3 / Xbox 360

By Spencer . 1:27 pm . 1:27 pm

… that George A. Romero directed Biohazard 2 commercial that initially sparked… directed an ad campaign for Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2) in…

Post 109004

Comment:An Update On Resident Evil: Revelations And The Mercenaries 3D

By Ishaan . 6:55 am . 6:55 am

… it was called) in the Biohazard 5 Director's Cut. The original… a full game itself (the Biohazard 5 one got a bit…

Post 98175

Comment:Square Enix Plans On Using Reboots To Strengthen Existing IP

By Spencer . 7:47 pm . 7:47 pm

… (1999) Biohazard 2 Drama Album: Chiisana Toubousha Sherry (1999) Biohazard 2 Drama…

Post 76885

Comment:Black Panther: New Yakuza Chapter Premium Box Includes Rize UMD Music Disc

By Spencer . 2:56 pm . 2:56 pm

That's silly naming a marvel character who mimics a black panther. The black panthers is a group not a person. What about resident evil huh, wasn't it originally called biohazard but there is a band called biohazard so they changed it to resident evil

Post 25197

Microsoft Makes Budget Star Ocean 4 Xbox 360 Bundle

By Spencer . January 6, 2009 . 6:47am

… Japan, but the Xbox 360 Biohazard 5 Premium Pack doesn't come…. You get both in the Biohazard 5 bundle which goes for…

Post 13893

Control Resident Evil 0 with the nunchuck, remote, and classic controller

By Spencer . June 20, 2008 . 12:31pm

… adding any new content to Biohazard 0, but it has a… setup with the classic controller. Biohazard 0 for the Wii also…

Post 13109

Resident Evil infects pachislot parlors

By Spencer . May 22, 2008 . 11:27am

… machine models.” The four reel, Biohazard pachislot machine pictured on the… Evil 1, which probably means Biohazard 2, 3, 4, 4 Wii…

Post 9137

Japan's PlayStation store fills up with (more) quality PlayStation classics

By Spencer . December 26, 2007 . 11:24am

… PlayStation store includes hits like Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2), Baroque… for 600 yen a piece: Biohazard 2 Atelier Marie Plus Robin…

Post 2670

Comment:Streets of Rage, Comix Zone and Bio-Hazard Battle headed to the Virtual Console

By Spencer . 3:12 pm . 3:12 pm

… for the renaming of the Biohazard games to Resident Evil out… screen every time a new Biohazard title comes out. If only…

Post 858

Page:Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

By Spencer . February 7, 2006 . 12:53am

…aka Biohazard: Deadly Silence in Japan. Purchase … Level: 1 The Japanese import “Biohazard: Deadly Silence” uses English voice…

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