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Demon Gaze And Danganronpa Will Have Japanese And English Voiceovers

By Spencer . November 20, 2013 . 2:13am

Siliconera also hears Demon Gaze has been bumped back from early 2014 to spring 2014. The upside is NIS America will have two voiceovers tracks, English and Japanese.

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Reaches North America In February

By Ishaan . November 12, 2013 . 11:03am

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has a release date. NIS America have announced that the game will be released on February 11th, 2014 in North America.

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Shoots Out English Screenshots

By Spencer . October 24, 2013 . 10:51pm

If you’re playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies right now keep an eye out for Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

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Danganronpa Was Inspired By The Saw Films, Another Episode Will Be "Unique"

By Kris . September 26, 2013 . 5:32pm

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is kind of like Phoenix Wright, but rapid fire and set in a high school. Hope’s Peak Academy isn’t an ordinary high school though, students here are trying to get away with murder.

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Danganronpa: Another Episode’s Heroine Revealed

By Sato . September 24, 2013 . 6:37pm

Dangranronpa: Another Episode is an action title that takes place between Danganronpa 1 and 2. In a preview for this week’s Famitsu magazine, it has been revealed that the protagonist is in fact the sister of the first Danganronpa hero.

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Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload To Have A Staggering 21 Preorder Bonuses

By Eugene . September 12, 2013 . 4:29pm

The extra bonuses for purchasing Danganronpa 1 & 2 Reload at different shops have been announced, and there’s a whole lot of ‘em.

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Danganronpa: Another Episode Takes Place In Between Danganronpa 1 & 2

By Spencer . September 10, 2013 . 11:13pm

Spike Chunsoft unveiled Total Despair Girls Danganronpa: Another Episode at the PlayStation press conference earlier this week and unlike the other Danganronpa titles it’s something like a third person shooter with Monobear clones.

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Danganronpa: Another Episode Features An Army Of Man-Eating Monobears

By Sunjun . September 9, 2013 . 11:00am

Although no details were given, the game appears to be a third-person shooter in which you don’t use a gun, but a megaphone that shoots key words.

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Danganronpa: Another Episode Announced For Vita

By Spencer . September 8, 2013 . 11:30pm

A little bit of the game was shown and it looks like a shooter game.

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Danganronpa Cakes Now Available From Patisserie Swallowtail

By Sunjun . September 8, 2013 . 3:30pm

On the heels of Guttetsu Cafe serving Danganronpa-themed food, Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose is now selling sweets in their Shinjuku Marui One to commemorate the release of Danganronpa: 1 & 2 Reload.

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Danganronpa Food And Drinks Now Available At Japan’s Guttetsu Cafe

By Sunjun . August 24, 2013 . 9:30am

That’s Monobear Curry—squid ink curry modeled after Monobear’s face from Danganronpa.

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Good Smile Is Making Danganronpa Nendoroids

By Sunjun . August 11, 2013 . 10:30am

In honor of the Danganronpa anime airing now and Danganronpa 1 + 2 Reload coming this October, Good Smile Company will release a nendoroid of the hero Makoto Naegi.

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DanganRonpa Gets Trigger Happy, But With Words Not Bullets

By Spencer . July 25, 2013 . 11:22pm

DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is kind of like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’s court scenes done at a breakneck pace. During cross examinations you have to figure out who is a murderer by rapidly sorting through statements during mock trials.

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Danganronpa’s Monobear Is Coming To Conception II As DLC

By Sunjun . July 25, 2013 . 11:50am

Monobear is coming to Conception II as downloadable content, Spike Chunsoft have announced.

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DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Will Have High Res Movies, Touch Controls

By Spencer . July 9, 2013 . 6:13pm

DanganRonpa 1+2 Reload is a compilation of Spike Chunsoft’s two DanganRonpa PSP games made for PlayStation Vita. These games will be enhanced, Famitsu reports.

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Danganronpa And Demon Gaze Coming To North America

By Ishaan . July 6, 2013 . 4:51pm

NIS America have licensed Danganronpa and Demon Gaze for release in North America, the publisher announced at a panel at Anime Expo this evening.

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