Post 523741

Drift Stage’s Soundtrack Is Available On A Car-Shaped Vinyl

By Chris . November 22, 2015 . 11:30am

Two tracks of throwback arcade racer Drift Stage’s soundtrack are available to pre-order on a vinyl disc shaped as a race car.

Post 523763

New Y2K Clip Shows Off The Upcoming RPG’s Voice Acting

By Chris . November 22, 2015 . 9:30am

Alex and Michael attempt to approach a girl at an arcade but manage to completely mess that up.

Post 523748

Animal-Themed Action-MMORPG Arpiel Enters Closed Beta In December

By Chris . November 21, 2015 . 5:30pm

Be a Mage Rabbit or Witch Snake when Arpiel enters open beta this December in Korea.

Post 523755

Steel Strider Is Here To Deliver Your Mech-Based Run-‘N’-Gun Needs

By Chris . November 21, 2015 . 3:30pm

Pilot a Gemini-class MCR (Manned Combat Robot) and blast your way across four planets, clearing up the criminals.

Post 523759

Black Desert’s English Version Is Now Available To Pre-Order

By Chris . November 21, 2015 . 1:30pm

There are three pre-order packages available that offer exclusive content.

Post 523726

Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Edition 28% Off PC Pre-Order

By Viet . November 21, 2015 . 12:30pm

28% off Dragon Quest Heroes pre-order for PC Steam version along with a nice deal on New 3DS Animal Crossing bundle.

Post 523780

Latest Humble Weekly Bundle Has Only Japanese Games, Includes Gurumin

By Chris . November 21, 2015 . 11:30am

The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is titled “Japan Edition All-Stars” on account of including Japanese games only.

Post 523739

Coffee Pot Terrarium Is A Pretty, Upcoming Tactical RPG Made By Two Brothers

By Chris . November 21, 2015 . 9:30am

It’s a turn-based game that takes place on a tile-based world in which you play a marooned cosmic explorer fighting their way towards the secrets of an unknown celestial body.

Post 523799

Tidus Blitzes Into Dissidia Final Fantasy’s Latest Arcade Trailer

By Sato . November 21, 2015 . 4:00am

His EX Skill called “Quick Trick” recovers his Dash gauge when it lands. To top it off, it also increases the max of the Dash gauge and its recovery, allowing him to continue pressuring enemies.

Post 523671

Anime-Style Online Shooter Cosmic League Launches On December 10th

By Chris . November 20, 2015 . 6:00pm

CyberStep’s anime-style online shooter sequel Cosmic League launches in North America on December 10th.

Post 523669

X-Com Meets Supernatural Western In Hard West, Now Available

By Chris . November 20, 2015 . 5:30pm

Lead a squad against demons, satanists, and the undead in this wild west tactics game.

Post 523685

Get A Feel For The Island In Jonathan Blow’s Upcoming Puzzler The Witness

By Chris . November 20, 2015 . 4:30pm

This “long screenshot” gives you an aerial look at the island with all its sounds ringing out as you travel across it.

Post 523677

Hotline Miami 2’s Level Editor Enters Beta In December

By Chris . November 20, 2015 . 4:00pm

The PC version of Hotline Miami 2 will get a beta version this December.

Post 523674

Cyberpunk Adventure Read Only Memories Is Coming To PS4, PS Vita

By Chris . November 20, 2015 . 3:00pm

Cyberpunk point-and-click adventure Read Only Memories is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Post 523681

Afro Samurai 2 Pulled From PS4 And Steam As It “Was A Failure”

By Chris . November 20, 2015 . 2:30pm

Afro Samurai 2 has been pulled from sale and refunds are being given to those who purchased it.