Post 425722

Kirby Boss Nightmare Wizard Is An Assist Trophy In Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 9:58am

“He will engulf the stage in darkness, and fighters will need to brawl blindly for a while,” Sakurai wrote on Miiverse.

Post 425587

Here’s Why Anime Film Under the Dog Needs $580,000 In Funding

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 9:00am

The Kickstarter page for the Under the Dog sci-fi thriller anime was recently updated with a post that breaks down how backer contributions will be divided up for the film’s production budget.

Post 425628

Mitsuru And Akihiko Actors Return For Persona 4 Arena Stage Play

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 8:30am

Asami Tano and Yuuki Fujiwara who played Mitsuru and Akihiko in the Persona 3 stage plays will return for Persona 4 Arena as well.

Post 425857

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Talks Rise of the Tomb Raider Exclusivity

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 5:55am

Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently discussed his thoughts on the deal with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Post 425716

Discussing Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN’s Tech With Daisuke Ishiwatari

By Spencer . August 18, 2014 . 3:15am

Siliconera met up with Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari to talk about transitioning from sprites to 3D models in Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN.

Post 425809

Forbidden Magna Villain Is Out To Get Your Spirit Girls

By Sato . August 18, 2014 . 3:08am

There’s a mysterious man by the name Kaizer who seems to be going after the Spirit girls in Forbidden Magna.

Post 425776

Bullet Girls’ First Wave of DLC Adds Bananas, Cat Paws, And Navigation Girls

By Sato . August 18, 2014 . 2:17am

The Choco-Banana and Cat Paw items are new interrogation items, a feature that trains the Ranger Corps girls in how to resist enemy interrogation tactics.

Post 425689

Phantasy Star Nova’s Early Copies Include Three Extra Bonuses

By Sato . August 18, 2014 . 1:55am

Phantasy Star Nova’s first-print copies come with a few extra goodies in Japan.

Post 425703

The Colorful Interloper Is An Attempt To Simplify The RTS

By Tim . August 18, 2014 . 1:30am

Monogon Games’ aim with Interloper is to shed all of the baggage which comes with a traditional RTS (real-time strategy) title.

Post 425695

Northward: A Simulation Game Where You And Another Player Share Resources

By Tim . August 18, 2014 . 1:01am

Northward is an upcoming settlement simulation that encourages co-operation between players.

Post 425671

Tearaway On PlayStation 4 Is The Same Game As On Vita, But With New Stuff

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 12:24am

Media Molecule say that Tearaway: Unfolded is an “expanded re-telling” of the original game.

Post 425641

PlayStation 3 Getting A Price Cut In Japan This Month

By Ishaan . August 17, 2014 . 11:15pm

Sony are dropping the price of the PlayStation 3 in Japan, the company announced today.

Post 425636

“Shocking” New Pokémon Project To Be Announced Next Tuesday

By Ishaan . August 17, 2014 . 10:52pm

A “shocking” new Pokémon project will be announced in Japan next Tuesday, August 26th.

Post 423880

Fight On Your Terms With These New Tree Of Savior Classes

By Eugene . August 17, 2014 . 5:00pm

The upcoming Ragnarok Online-like MMORPG Tree Of Savior has a boatload of classes.

Post 425547

Strategic RPG King of Dragon Pass Out Now for Android

By Ishaan . August 17, 2014 . 3:27pm

Originally published as a computer game back in 1999, KoDP gained new fans and recognition when it was launched on the App Store just three years ago.

Post 425503

Brave the Cold Quebec Winter in Survival Adventure Game Kona

By Ishaan . August 17, 2014 . 1:59pm

Players take on the role of a detective who is hired to find the culprits responsible for vandalizing and stealing from his client’s estate somewhere in the northern region of Quebec.

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