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This Week In Sales: Killer Is Really Dead

By Ishaan . August 7, 2013 . 2:30pm

Suda 51’s latest title, Killer is Dead, fails to impress on the weekly software sales chart.

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Going 3D With Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Was Not A Simple Process

By Sato . July 31, 2013 . 1:30pm

“When you used Phoenix Wright’s models for court in the adventure parts [of the game], the sense of inconsistency was too great,” explains producer Motohide Eshiro.

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This Week In Sales: Ace Attorney Returns As Strong As Ever

By Ishaan . July 31, 2013 . 12:00pm

Last week saw the release of a game that’s been a long time coming—Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, the fifth game in the main Ace Attorney series.

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ Quiz DLC Won’t Be Released In The West

By Ishaan . July 27, 2013 . 2:00pm

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ deduction quiz DLC will not be released in the west, Capcom have confirmed.

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Simon Blackquill Symbolizes The “Dark Age Of Law” In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Sato . July 26, 2013 . 12:30pm

Capcom’s latest Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies character introduction video features the rival prosecutor Simon Blackquill.

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ DLC Chapter Confirmed For The West

By Ishaan . July 25, 2013 . 2:50pm

Capcom announced this morning that the DLC episode, titled “Turnabout Return,” will be released in the west as well.

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He’s No Gumshoe, But Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ New Detective Fights For “Justice!”

By Sato . July 25, 2013 . 11:00am

Bobby Fulbright is a new detective in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. He is known as the hot-blooded detective who is often heard shouting his catchphrase, “In justice we trust!”

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All About Making Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies With Producer Motohide Eshiro

By Spencer . July 24, 2013 . 1:00pm

“Basically, the way I write is… I tend to think of the twist first,” Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki reveals.

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies DLC Chapter Takes Place After Apollo Justice

By Ishaan . July 24, 2013 . 10:30am

A brand new case, titled “Special Chapter: Turnabout Return,” will be available as DLC for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies in Japan.

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Miles Edgeworth’s Glasses Aren’t Just For Style In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Sato . July 23, 2013 . 1:20pm

Edgeworth’s new glasses aren’t simply a fashion statement, but something he actually needs now that he’s doing a lot more deskwork as the new chief prosecutor.

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Klavier Gavin Is His Old Eccentric Self In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Sato . July 22, 2013 . 3:40pm

Klavier, who displayed a plethora of expressive animations in his debut game will be the same as ever Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, says scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki.

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Ace Attorney Producer Would Like To Continue Ace Attorney Investigations

By Ishaan . July 22, 2013 . 2:55am

Eshiro also shares that Edgeworth has gone through some changes of his own in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

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Apollo Justice Returns As A More Mature Man In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Sato . July 21, 2013 . 5:00pm

Apollo who was known for being the young, fresh and loud lawyer, will be quite different in the fifth installment of the series.

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Athena Cykes Might Be The Most Active Character In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Sato . July 19, 2013 . 12:00pm

When compared to the past heroines of the series, Athena will be contributing much more and will be a huge part of the game.

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I Played As Apollo Justice In Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

By Spencer . July 19, 2013 . 2:18am

In a new demo of the game, I got to play as Apollo and investigate… If Phoenix Wright had been eaten by a giant bird.

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