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Superbeat Xonic Trailer Shows 4TRAX, 6TRAX, and 6TRAX FX Modes

By Jenni . October 23, 2015 . 12:00pm

People can choose Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels in Superbeat Xonic, as well as decide between 4TRAX, 6TRAX, and 6TRAX FX play options.

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Superbeat: Xonic’s X-otic Collection Includes 2 LPs

By Jenni . October 8, 2015 . 6:00pm

Superbeat: Xonic will get 450 X-otic Collections and 500 X-clusive Collections for collectors.

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Nobuo Uematsu Wrote A Story About A Robot That Feels Human Emotions

By Spencer . July 15, 2013 . 12:25am

Blik-0 1946 is a different kind of project for Uematsu, it’s a story about a robot that begins to experience emotions and feelings as he’s around humans.

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Former NIS America Staff Found New Indie Publisher acttil

By Spencer . May 6, 2013 . 5:11pm

The company is founded by Jack Niida (former producer), Hiroko Kanazashi (former VP of Production department), and Nao Miyazawa (former VP of marketing) who were previously from NIS America.