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Xseed Won’t Localize Akiba’s Trip, "We’ll See" For Senran Kagura

By Spencer . June 29, 2012 . 4:10pm

“We’ll have to see,” Berry replied when I asked about the Kagura titles. “Not a flat out no, but it’s a title that would be hard to bring over as a packaged title.”

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Akiba’s Trip Mobile Adds Touch Screen Vampire Stripping Controls

By Spencer . June 29, 2012 . 2:40am

Akiba’s Trip was a breakout hit for action game developer Acquire. They re-released the PSP game with extra content two weeks ago and now Akiba’s Trip is available for mobile devices via GREE.

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This Week In Sales: Persona 4: Golden To The Rescue

By Ishaan . June 20, 2012 . 2:32pm

Persona 4: Golden released on the PlayStation Vita in Japan last week, marking the system’s first major high-profile game since its launch.

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A Four-Minute Introduction To The Updated Akiba’s Trip Plus

By Ishaan . May 17, 2012 . 3:01pm

Get acquainted with Acquire’s updated version of Akiba’s Trip with a new trailer.

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Akiba’s Trip Plus Adds Moe Witch Shooting Mini-Game

By Spencer . April 20, 2012 . 1:53am

Acquire is adding a chunk of content to Akiba’s Trip Plus like twice the sub-missions and a new side-scrolling shooting mini-game.

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Akiba’s Trip Plus Compared To Akiba’s Trip (Now There’s A Sega Arcade!)

By Spencer . April 16, 2012 . 10:33pm

Comparison screenshots of Akiba’s Trip’s layout and character models inside.

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Akiba’s Trip Plus Updated With More Costumes And A Shooter Mini-Game

By Spencer . April 4, 2012 . 10:46pm

Akiba’s Trip Plus has more wacky costumes too like an astronaut suit and new mini-games. The trailer hosted by the in-game idols briefly shows a side-scrolling shooter.

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Akiba’s Trip Plus Updated With 2012 Akihabara Sights

By Spencer . April 3, 2012 . 2:30am

Acquire is upgrading and re-releasing Akiba’s Trip, a PSP game where you strut through Akihabara and strip vampires. Akiba’s Trip Plus is slated for release in Japan on June 21st.

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Akiba’s Trip Reinvented For Android Phones

By Spencer . January 24, 2012 . 3:29pm

Instead of fighting vampires you can try to impress a maid working in a maid cafe with clothes and presents.

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Akiba’s Trip Playtest: Master Strip-Fighting On The Streets Of Akihabara

By Laura . July 8, 2011 . 12:55pm

Kageyashi mingle among normal people. The only way to find them is to use your phone to take a picture, and if they appear missing in the photo, you have them.

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Akiba’s Trip Playtest: Otaku And Vampires Intermingle In Akihabara

By Laura . July 4, 2011 . 3:02pm

For a game taking place in a world of otaku and stalking cameramen, Akiba’s Trip presents a somewhat surprisingly serious story.

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This Week In Sales: Strip-Combo Training Kicks Off With Akiba’s Trip

By Ishaan . May 25, 2011 . 4:32pm

Akiba’s Trip and Dead or Alive: Dimensions take the top two spots in this week’s Japanese software sales chart.

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You Can Equip Boxing Gloves In Akiba’s Trip, Too

By Ishaan . May 18, 2011 . 2:31pm

With an uppercut you’re likely to remember.

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People Will Attack You With Just About Anything In Akiba’s Trip

By Ishaan . May 1, 2011 . 1:31pm

Broomsticks and briefcases are weapons, too, as demonstrated in this new Akiba’s Trip video.

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Akiba’s Trip Has Purchase Incentives, Too!

By Ishaan . April 12, 2011 . 3:32pm

Are you ready for more nosebleed-inducing buyer bonus samples?

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