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Record Of Agarest War Zero’s Limited Edition Is Squeaky Clean

By Spencer . March 8, 2011 . 6:19pm

After the racy Record of Agarest War naughty edition, I thought Aksys would release another over the top collector’s package for Record of Agarest War Zero. But, you get any more squishy mousepads or giant pillowcases with the prequel to the Agarest series.

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Opus Studio Turns Back Time To Discuss The Making Of Jikandia: The Timeless Land

By Spencer . March 4, 2011 . 6:00pm

Did you know Japanese train commutes inspired Opus Studio’s second PSP game?

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Half-Minute Hero Creators Talk About Why Their Games Play With Time

By Spencer . March 3, 2011 . 5:05pm

Opus Studio seem to love utilizing time as a gameplay mechanic. In Half-Minute Hero, the clock is the greatest enemy since you only have thirty seconds to save the world from exploding.

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Deathsmiles Patch Addresses Slowdown And Replay Issues

By Spencer . February 15, 2011 . 4:32pm

If you own Deathsmiles log onto Xbox Live. Aksys just released a patch that addresses several bugs.

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Arcana Heart 3 Shows Some Love For PSN, It’s Coming This Spring [Update]

By Spencer . February 14, 2011 . 11:00am

Digital copies of the gals fighting game coming to the PlayStation Store.

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Meanwhile, At The Aksys Cave…

By Ishaan . February 12, 2011 . 4:29pm


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Abobo Is Back! Double Dragon Remake Barrels Onto iPhone

By Spencer . February 11, 2011 . 1:05am

With Aksys as the publisher, Million gave the original Double Dragon a complete overhaul.

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Bit. Trip Flux Looks A Lot Like Bit. Trip Beat

By Ishaan . January 31, 2011 . 6:32pm

Gaijin Games are pushing the final Bit. Trip game as a more challenging Bit. Trip Beat with new modes.

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Jikandia: The Timeless Land Visits Our Land In March

By Spencer . January 28, 2011 . 5:32pm

Pre-order Opus Studio’s time setting adventure game and you’ll get a screen cleaner strap as a bonus.

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Play Through The First Dungeon Of Jikandia: The Timeless Land

By Spencer . January 19, 2011 . 2:06pm

Or battle with your friends in the game’s coliseum mode.

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And The Most Popular 999 Character Is…

By Ishaan . January 12, 2011 . 9:29am

Who won Aksys’ 999 popularity poll?

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Bit.Trip Flux Is A "Music Paddle Game"

By Spencer . December 30, 2010 . 7:38am

Thanks to the ESRB, we know a bit more about Bit.Trip Flux. The rating board explains Gaijin Games’ next WiiWare title is a “music paddle game.”

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Chunsoft Blog: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Untold Story

By Chunsoft . December 24, 2010 . 12:06pm

Have any of you reading this blog played the game yet? Today we are here with some information from producer Jiro Ishii and writer/director Kotarou Uchikoshi.

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Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #1

By Chunsoft . December 23, 2010 . 9:09am

So, finally we would like to present the most popular character.

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Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #2

By Chunsoft . December 22, 2010 . 9:09am

Now it’s time to see who came in 2nd. Can our heroine still make the top spot?