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Pokemon to push DS Vision

By Spencer . August 14, 2008 . 10:16am

Japan’s Nintendo DS video download service is getting off to a slow start, but adding Pokemon flicks will give AM3 a boost. Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back will be available to current DS Vision customers as a download on August 20. The full movie will cost 500 yen ($4.50), a reasonable price for a 10 year […]

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Coca-Cola partners with DS Vision, shares cute cat

By Spencer . August 12, 2008 . 7:28am

AM3 is on the right track with a legal Nintendo DS video, manga, and book download service. However, no one really seems to care that DS Vision exists yet. Blame the R4 or the lack of content, but the DS Vision service started with a whimper instead of a bang. Coca-Cola seems pleased with it […]

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DS Vision virtual store is virtually empty

By Spencer . July 3, 2008 . 10:43am

If I pre-ordered the DS Vision Starter Kit I would have been disappointed. Instead of exploding with libraries of manga and TV shows to download, there are only a total of 31 items ready for launch, 10% of the proposed 300. To be fair today is the launch day and we don’t know if AM3 […]

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DS Vision goes on sale on June 26, service launches in July

By Spencer . May 28, 2008 . 8:19pm

After a delay from its original March target, AM3 plans to roll out the DS Vision package on June 26. For 3,980 yen ($38) you get a 512MB microSD card, a USB card reader and the DS Vision cartridge. A week later on July 3rd the content service goes live, which enables users in Japan […]

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