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Vote For The Final Fantasy Girl You Want A Valentine’s Gift From

By Chris . February 9, 2016 . 6:00pm

Rinoa, Yuna, or Lightning?

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Mobile Version Of Final Fantasy IX Needs Around 4GB Of Space

By Jenni . February 9, 2016 . 10:00am

Final Fantasy IX has come to Apple iOS and Android devices, and you’ll need 8GB of memory free to download and install it.

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Mega Abomasnow Stomps Into Pokémon Shuffle This Week

By Casey . February 9, 2016 . 9:30am

Pokemon Shuffle has been updated with a few new battles this week, including a Mega Abomasnow stage and a Diancie Escalation Battle.

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Revenant Dogma, A JRPG That Lets You Transform Into Holy Beasts

By Chris . February 7, 2016 . 3:30pm

Kemco’s latest JRPG lets you transform into holy beasts during battle to use different skills.

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Puzzle & Dragons Adds 22 Cooperative Multiplayer Dungeons

By Jenni . February 7, 2016 . 3:00pm

People who are ranked 150 or higher can make multiplayer rooms for Puzzle & Dragons’ new cooperative dungeon crawls.

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Final Fantasy II Is Temporarily Free Via The Final Fantasy Portal App

By Jenni . February 5, 2016 . 9:00am

A free copy of Final Fantasy II is waiting in the Final Fantasy Portal App until Valentine’s Day.

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Recruit Final Fantasy XII’s Penelo In Final Fantasy Record Keeper

By Chris . February 4, 2016 . 5:30pm

You can also get Fran’s Level Cap Break 2.

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Colopl Rune Story Characters Invade Brave Frontier In Crossover Event

By Chris . February 4, 2016 . 4:00pm

You can get Randolph and Ravenna from Colopl Rune Story for free in Brave Frontier. But that’s only the start.

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Unleashes Broly In A Special New Event

By Casey . February 4, 2016 . 10:00am

The mobile battler’s “Super Warrior of Destruction” event pits players against a massively-strong Broly with a vast amount of hitpoints and devastating attacks.

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Adventures of Mana Is Now Available, Producer Shares A Message For Fans

By Sato . February 4, 2016 . 3:00am

Square Enix released Adventures of Mana, a remake of the first game in the Mana series originally release back in 1991. Here’s a trailer, some screenshots, and a message from producer Masaru Oyamada.

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Mystery Visual Novel Bloody Chronicles Is Now On Steam Greenlight

By Chris . February 2, 2016 . 4:30pm

A new studio formed of visual novel fans made their first entry into the genre and have put it up on Steam Greenlight.

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JRPG Asdivine Hearts Arrives On Steam With Chubby Kitty Gods

By Chris . February 2, 2016 . 2:30pm

Kemco has released Asdivine Hearts on Steam. Asdivine Menace is now also available on iOS.

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Sky Forme Shaymin Soars Into Pokémon Shuffle This Week

By Casey . February 2, 2016 . 8:00am

To celebrate Pokémon Shuffle’s first anniversary, the latest update brings Shaymin’s Sky Forme to the game, as well as the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram.

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Adventures of Mana To Release In North America, Europe, And Japan On February 4

By Sato . February 1, 2016 . 6:30am

Square Enix recently announced that Adventures of Mana is releasing on February 4 for smartphone in North America, Europe, and Japan. The PS Vita version was announced only for Japan.

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A Mermen Tail Wrestling RPG Is On The Way

By Chris . January 30, 2016 . 11:30am

You are a fabulous merman. You wrestle with your tail.