Post 412641

SNK’s Rhythm Of Fighters Adds Fatal Fury Music To Its Tracklist

By Eugene . July 11, 2014 . 3:29pm

SNK is adding four new Fatal Fury tracks to its recently released rhythm action mobile game.

Post 412592

Micro-Manage A Party Of Heroes In The Legend of Matsuhime

By Mark . July 8, 2014 . 2:01pm

The Japanese mobile game gives players the ability to manage a team of four characters as they go on personal quests through many levels.

Post 412705

GDC Europe Survey Reveals PC And Mobile Still The Top Platforms For Developers

By Ishaan . July 8, 2014 . 12:30pm

The Game Developers Conference Europe has released the results of its second annual “European State of the Industry Survey”.

Post 410638

Fantasy Sports Takes The Olympics Back To The Past

By Eugene . July 6, 2014 . 12:32pm

Nexon’s latest Korean mobile game is all about sports. Specifically, it’s about various well-beloved sports such as archery and spear-throwing.

Post 411653

Terra Battle Is Sakaguchi’s Second Try On Smartphones After Failing Once

By Sato . July 4, 2014 . 1:00pm

“Honestly, it hardly sells,” Sakaguchi says about his previous smartphone game, Party Wave.

Post 411686

Terra Battle Looks Like A Fantasy Game, But Will Have Heavy Sci-Fi Elements

By Sato . July 3, 2014 . 12:32pm

We haven’t heard much from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in a while, but he recently revealed his new smartphone project, called Terra Battle.

Post 410951

Kemco’s Soul Historica Features Multiple Paths And Endings

By Eugene . July 2, 2014 . 3:00pm

Kemco’s new RPG, Soul Historica, employs a multiple path system.

Post 410903

More Details Emerge About Street Fighter IV Arena

By Eugene . July 1, 2014 . 2:31pm

In Street Fighter IV Arena for smartphones, there will be multiple versions of the same character selectable, if you manage to obtain them.

Post 410930

Final Fantasy Creator’s Next Game Is Terra Battle For Smartphones [Update]

By Ishaan . July 1, 2014 . 6:09am

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is set to discuss his next game at Japan Expo this week, and Famitsu magazine reveals that it is indeed titled Terra Battle.

Post 410582

Final Fantasy Artniks Dive Announced For Smartphones

By Ishaan . June 30, 2014 . 8:30am

Square Enix have announced Final Fantasy Artniks Dive, a free-to-play RPG for iOS and Android devices.

Post 410574

Vita Beat ‘Em Up Picotto Knights Reborn For Android

By Spencer . June 30, 2014 . 2:43am

Picotto Knights had crossovers with Gravity Rush and Grandia, but after a year GungHo shut down Picotto Knights. Surprisingly, Picotto Knights is back under the name Picotto Kingdom and it’s for Android.

Post 410527

Rise of Mana Producer Wants To Release The Next Major Mana Game In Two Years

By Sato . June 30, 2014 . 1:26am

Rise of Mana producer Masaru Oyamada talks about the fifth mainline Mana game and confirms Secret of Mana for Android.

Post 408721

Final Fantasy Tactics-Style Game Eternal Crusade Is Looking Pretty Deep

By Eugene . June 29, 2014 . 12:31pm

Eternal Crusade: War of the Dragon is an Android game that tactical RPG fans should like.

Post 408713

Brainwashed Schoolgirls Attack In Gun Girls – School DayZ

By Eugene . June 29, 2014 . 11:02am

Players will need to make use of the 182 different types of weapons and 78 skills to blast through the hordes and get to the end.

Post 408697

In Chivalrous Days, War Was Decided With Rock, Paper, Scissors

By Eugene . June 28, 2014 . 3:31pm

There’s something elegantly simple about Rock, Paper, Scissors. Its clean rules, its unambiguous wins. More wars should be fought like this.

Post 409948

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix Is Now Available For Android

By Sato . June 26, 2014 . 9:00am

In addition to a new character named Coco who sells in-app purchases, the updated version of the game has other perks and adjustments as well.

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