Post 484905

Puzzle & Dragons To Collaborate With Ghost in the Shell, Batman: Arkham Knight

By Ishaan . June 1, 2015 . 8:24am

Puzzle & Dragons is getting a whole slate of new collaborations with other popular franchises in Japan.

Post 483523

Castaway Paradise Designer On The Fine Line Between Clone And Inspiration

By Chris . May 31, 2015 . 5:03pm

The game designer of island life sim Castaway Paradise talks about his game’s similarities to Animal Cross and Harvest Moon, and where he sees it fitting in.

Post 484622

There’s A Kung Fury Game So You, Too, Can Take Down The Kung Führer

By Chris . May 30, 2015 . 2:02pm

Be Kung Fury, travel back in time, and take your supreme martial arts to the Nazis.

Post 484727

Monster Hunter Explore Shows How To Use All 12 Weapons In The Game

By Sato . May 29, 2015 . 3:31pm

Take a look at all the weapons in the game, along with a trailer to showcase them all.

Post 484213

Break Arts: Cyber Battle Racing Combines Mechs And Racing

By Ishaan . May 28, 2015 . 5:31pm

Do you like mechs? Do you like racing?

Post 484507

Capcom’s Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter Coming To Android This Summer

By Ishaan . May 28, 2015 . 3:31pm

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter is currently available on iOS soon and is coming to Android this Summer

Post 484408

English Version Of Chaos Rings III Now Available On Smartphones

By Chris . May 28, 2015 . 9:01am

Square Enix has published the English version of Media.Vision’s turn-based JRPG Chaos Rings III for iOS and Android.

Post 484354

Steins;Gate Artist And Million Arthur Producer Are Making A New Square Enix Mobile Game

By Sato . May 28, 2015 . 1:50am

Square Enix just opened a teaser site for a new smartphone game titled Alice Order, which is expected to launch sometime in 2015.

Post 483972

Mobius Final Fantasy Hits Japan On June 4th

By Ishaan . May 26, 2015 . 6:52am

Mobius Final Fantasy will require iPhone 5 or higher and Android phones released during or after 2012.

Post 483898

Whack Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal With The Irregular At Magic High School

By Spencer . May 26, 2015 . 12:45am

Square Enix is adding a little bit of anime to Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal. Players will be able to get The Irregular at Magic High School as a weapon you can use in battle.

Post 483694

Berserker Still Looks Like A Killing Machine In Fate/Grand Order

By Ishaan . May 25, 2015 . 8:59am

The new Berserker is designed by artist PFALZ and voiced by Kunihiko Yasui.

Post 482913

Pre-Registration For Dating-Themed Racing Game Drift Girls Is Now Open

By Chris . May 24, 2015 . 4:00pm

Out of those who pre-register, 10 people have a chance to win a VIP package, which includes a car and car parts.

Post 483635

Terra Battle Gets A New Chapter, New Music From The Chrono Trigger Composer

By Chris . May 22, 2015 . 8:27am

There’s also returning Descended Monsters, a new Quick Match option in Co-op Battle, and a new Daily Quest.

Post 483372

Japanese Gay Dating Sim Fantastic Boyfriends Is Getting An English Version

By Chris . May 21, 2015 . 5:00pm

Tokyo-based studio Lifewonders is looking to raise funds to speed up the process of translating its gay dating sim Fantastic Boyfriends to English.

Post 483386

Help A Teenage Girl Escape A Haunted Mansion In WayForward’s Til Morning’s Light, Out Now

By Chris . May 21, 2015 . 9:01am

You play as teenager Erica Reed as she gets trapped inside a haunted mansion by a 200-year-old curse. If she doesn’t escape by dawn she’ll be turned into a ghost forever.