Post 380006

Play Rise Of Mana With Touch Controls, A Virtual D-Pad, Or A Game Controller

By Spencer . March 5, 2014 . 12:13am

More Rise of Mana videos than Flammie can carry by itself.

Post 379876

Square Enix Has Spring Release Planned For Final Fantasy Agito

By Spencer . March 4, 2014 . 10:31am

Famitsu reports new characters Lean Hamplemann (voiced by Koki Uchiyama) and Tono Mahoro (voiced by Hitomi Terakado) will be added to the game.

Post 379227

Maybe Mixing Artwork Isn’t So Bad In Shining Mars

By Eugene . March 3, 2014 . 10:00am

Shining Mars is the next in the long line of smartphone RPG titles from Kemco, but unlike their more retro-based general RPG fair, this is going for a softer, cuter style.

Post 378276

Majestic Prince Gets A Fast-Paced On-Rails Shooter

By Eugene . March 1, 2014 . 2:00pm

The game, dubbed Majestic Prince Shooting Hero is an on-rails shooter have to swipe their flying mecha around the screen to dodge obstacles and bullets while targeting and shooting down enemies.

Post 378887

Idol Rism Lets You Train Both Male And Female Idols To Stardom

By Eugene . February 28, 2014 . 2:01pm

For the most part, videogames about grooming idols either fall squarely into the “For Him” or “For Her” camps—up until now.

Post 378192

Rise Of Mana Is Free To Play, But It Looks Like It Retains The Heart Of The Mana Series

By Spencer . February 26, 2014 . 12:46am

While Square Enix has released a lot of free to play games, we’re relieved to see that Legend of the Holy Sword: Rise of Mana is not another card game. It’s an action game with a multiplayer mode that brings up to eight players together.

Post 378091

Rise of Mana Is A Mobile Game With 8 Player Real-Time Co-op

By Sato . February 25, 2014 . 6:51pm

Rise of Mana’s main town is called Miste, where you’ll be able to purchase weapons, items, and raise demon pets who’ll be supporting you throughout your adventures.

Post 377303

New Naruto Social Game In The Works For Japan

By Spencer . February 24, 2014 . 12:45am

Speaking of social games, Naruto: Shinobi Masters is ending this spring. GREE plans on developing a new Naruto project to replace it.

Post 377298

New Idolm@ster Game Is All Dudes

By Spencer . February 24, 2014 . 12:17am

Bandai Namco’s Idolm@ster series has players manage a group of idols, so far only female idols. Enter Idolm@ster: Side M, which turns the table with male idols.

Post 376279

Hey Dorothy, Something Tells Us We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

By Eugene . February 23, 2014 . 2:00pm

Sunsoft are running around with their Nightmare Project series right now, which is looking to make some horrifying works of fiction. Their latest? Way to Travel the World of Oz.

Post 375800

Kemco’s Latest RPG Has A Kitten As Your God (And Playable Character)

By Eugene . February 22, 2014 . 2:00pm

Kemco’s latest smartphone RPG is Asdivine Hearts, a more classic kind of fantasy RPG where you’re off to save the world. With a cat who is also a god.

Post 376422

Rebuild Of Evangelion Meets Puzzle & Dragons And This Time It’s Coming Here

By Spencer . February 19, 2014 . 5:05pm

So far, all of those crossovers have been exclusive to Japan, but the English localized version will get Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and the EVA-01 dragon egg machine.

Post 376343

Sega Genesis RPG Pier Solar HD Could Come To Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . February 19, 2014 . 5:00pm

Pier Solar HD, a remake of a Sega Genesis RPG released in 2010, is currently in development for multiple platforms, and the Nintendo 3DS could be next.

Post 375786

Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light Exceeds 3 Million Downloads In Less Than A Month

By Eugene . February 18, 2014 . 4:30pm

For those who always wanted to play Dragon Quest Monsters but don’t happen to own a Nintendo 3DS, there’s always Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light.

Post 376140

PC And Smartphones Most Attractive Platforms For Developers Says GDC Survey

By Ishaan . February 18, 2014 . 1:00pm

52% of developers polled in a Game Developers Conference survey intend to release their next game for PC or Mac, and 51% intend to release their next game for smartphones or tablets.

Post 375685

Tales Characters Reunite For Tales Of Asteria

By Spencer . February 17, 2014 . 2:33am

Yeah, Namco Bandai has another Tales game in the pipeline, but Tales of Asteria is another smartphone Tales.

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