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Sumoman Is Clumsy, Luckily He Can Rewind Time

By Chris . November 28, 2014 . 9:31am

Sumoman is a puzzle platformer that was chosen as one of the eight finalists in the IGF China 2014.

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Square Enix Stealthily Released A PvP Strategy RPG On Android

By Spencer . November 28, 2014 . 12:45am

Square Enix along with Final Fantasy Tactics character designer Ryoma Ito and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers music maker Ryo Yamazaki created a new strategy RPG.

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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Shows Vivi, Cecil And Others In Pixel Art Style

By Sato . November 26, 2014 . 10:40pm

Square Enix recently announced a new Final Fantasy smartphone title that they’re developing with Brave Frontier makers, A-Lim.

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Ubisoft’s World War 1-Era Adventure, Valiant Hearts, Now Out On Android

By Ishaan . November 26, 2014 . 10:00am

Ubisoft’s World War 1-era puzzle/adventure game Valiant Hearts: The Great War is available on Android devices today.

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Metal Saga Revived For A Smartphone Game

By Spencer . November 26, 2014 . 12:20am

Before Atlus got their hands on Touch Detective and Operation Darkness, they worked with Success to bring Metal Saga to North America. Metal Saga was a follow up to the post apocalyptic RPG series Metal Max and so far it is the only game in the series to be localized in English.

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Terra Battle Reaches 1.2 Million Downloads; Uematsu Making New Music

By Ishaan . November 25, 2014 . 11:29am

Terra Battle has reached 1.2 million downloads across iOS and Android.

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Spider-Man Has His Own Zen Pinball Table, But Now It’s Venom’s Turn

By Ishaan . November 24, 2014 . 11:59am

Spider-Man already has his own Zen Pinball table, but Venom is getting one, too.

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Metal Slug Revolution Adds A PvP Mode And Tons Of Slugs

By Spencer . November 24, 2014 . 12:28am

Metal Slug Revolution is a new game based on SNK Playmore’s series for iOS and Android. Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio are in the game along which is a bit different from the standard run ‘n gun shooters.

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Race Against Friends On A Backflipping Yak In This Wacky 2D Racer

By Chris . November 23, 2014 . 2:01pm

Yak Dash: Horns of Glory has its debut trailer that reveals it will be coming to iOS and Android soon.

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Smartphone RPG Granblue Fantasy Is Getting A Soundtrack Release

By Ishaan . November 23, 2014 . 12:31pm

Granblue Fantasy has apparently gained enough of a following that Cygames have released an official soundtrack for fans.

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This Guy Managed To Emulate A PlayStation Game On An Android Smartwatch

By Chris . November 21, 2014 . 4:31pm

A hacker has managed to get the PlayStation One game running on the micro screen of an LG G Watch.

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Capcom Say They’re Preparing For When Smartphone Games Become More Advanced

By Ishaan . November 21, 2014 . 11:00am

“We believe that the best opportunities for Capcom will appear once smartphone performance has become even more advanced,” Capcom says.

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Disney Meets Story Of Seasons In Disney Magic Castle Dream Island

By Spencer . November 21, 2014 . 1:00am

Marvelous makers of the Senran Kagura series are also the developers behind many of the Harvest Moon games and the upcoming farming RPG Story of Seasons. They’re working with Disney on a farming simulation title called Disney Magic Castle Dream Island which blends harvesting crops with Mickey Mouse.

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Square Enix Japan Will Test How FFXIII Streams On Tablets Next Week

By Spencer . November 21, 2014 . 12:15am

Square Enix’s streaming service, no not Shinra Technologies, the Japanese one, Dive In, will bring games like Final Fantasy XIII to smartphones and tablets.

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Epic Viking Tactical RPG The Banner Saga Is Now On Android

By Chris . November 20, 2014 . 2:00pm

Stoic Studio has released its epic Viking tactical RPG onto Android at last.