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Samurai Warriors Anime Airs In Japan In January 2015

By Spencer . November 5, 2014 . 1:10am

The Legend of Sanada anime bundled with the Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack was just a teaser for a full series.

Post 439213

God Eater Anime Led By Takayuki Hirao Who Made The God Eater Anime Short

By Spencer . October 12, 2014 . 11:17pm

Keita Shimizu who did animation for the Tales of Phantasia OAV and more recently worked on Fate/Zero is in charge of animation.

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Durarara!! x2 Anime Begins Airing In January, Here’s A Trailer

By Ishaan . October 6, 2014 . 8:29am

Aniplex recently shared a trailer for the Durarara!! x2 anime, which is currently in production.

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Naruto Manga To End On November 10th

By Ishaan . October 6, 2014 . 2:13am

The Naruto manga will end this November, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has announced.

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Pokemon XY: The Strongest Mega Evolution Act II Episode To Air In November

By Ishaan . September 26, 2014 . 4:30pm

The Pokémon Company has shared a new trailer for Pokémon XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution Act II.

Post 435160

Why Under the Dog Is Titled “Under the Dog”

By Ishaan . September 25, 2014 . 3:02pm

In a Q&A on the anime project’s Kickstarter page, the creators of Under the Dog have answered a variety of questions.

Post 432221

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works TV Series Gets An English Trailer

By Ishaan . September 11, 2014 . 8:28am

Aniplex have released a third English-subtitled trailer for the upcoming Fate/Stay Night anime adaptation.

Post 431127

Under the Dog Anime Reaches Funding Goal On Kickstarter

By Ishaan . September 5, 2014 . 10:32am

Under the Dog appears to have found some very generous Kickstarter backers.

Post 430898

Under the Dog Producer On The Restrictions Of Working On Anime Today

By Ishaan . September 4, 2014 . 9:58am

Under the Dog producer Hiroaki Yura discusses the restrictions of working with anime production committees these days.

Post 425587

Here’s Why Anime Film Under the Dog Needs $580,000 In Funding

By Ishaan . August 18, 2014 . 9:00am

The Kickstarter page for the Under the Dog sci-fi thriller anime was recently updated with a post that breaks down how backer contributions will be divided up for the film’s production budget.

Post 423535

Under the Dog Sci-Fi Anime Thriller Seeks Out Kickstarter Support

By Ishaan . August 11, 2014 . 12:29pm

Under the Dog is described as a sci-fi action thriller, and is being produced by a variety of well-known anime veterans.

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Wagnaria!! (aka Working!!) Getting A Third Anime Season

By Ishaan . August 11, 2014 . 11:01am

Anime series Wagnaria!! (known in Japan as Working!!) is getting a third season.

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Digimon Gets New Anime, 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray Releases

By Spencer . August 1, 2014 . 9:58am

Digimon is celebrating its 15th anniversary in a big way.

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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Film Gets An English-Dubbed Trailer

By Ishaan . July 27, 2014 . 11:44pm

Funimation have debuted an English trailer for the Bayonetta: Bloody Fate film.

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Fate/Stay Night’s “Heaven’s Feel” Route Getting Animated Film

By Ishaan . July 27, 2014 . 4:31pm

Fate/Stay Nigh visual novel’s “Heaven’s Feel” route is being adapted into an anime film.