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Sony planning to bring out a new Ape Escape game in North America?

By Spencer . October 5, 2007 . 11:51am

As a diehard Piposaru/Ape Escape fan I had a grin on my face when I saw Ape Quest rated by the ESRB. This is far from official confirmation about a new Ape Escape game, but I can’t think of anything else this could relate to. My guess is Ape Quest is the North American version […]

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Importing on a budget? Sony lines up more “best” games for November

By Spencer . October 4, 2007 . 11:33pm

This list isn’t all that exciting, but it’s worth mentioning since Piposaru Racing (Ape Escape Racing) is going to drop in price on November 22. It’s been out for a year now and no company has expressed interest in localizing it, which means the only way to pick it up is through importing. For 2,800 […]

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Dress up your PSP with stickers

By Spencer . August 7, 2007 . 1:06pm

The truth is there just aren’t as many limited edition PSPs as there are special edition DSes. And many of the special edition PSP models don’t even have characters etched on them. If you’ve been aching to get a Loco Roco or Zebra striped PSP, Sony’s dress up stickers are your best option. There are […]

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Grab the Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen demo

By Spencer . June 30, 2007 . 12:19pm

Sony put a downloadable PSP demo for Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen online and if you have a PSP make sure to check it out. You could head over the official site or you can skip straight to the PC download page for the file. Click on the button underneath the number 3 to get the eboot […]

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Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen in pictures

By Spencer . June 25, 2007 . 5:50am

If you’re an Ape Escape fan head over to Game Watch and view their gallery of screenshots from Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen. A few extra details about Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen  slipped out too like how there are around 200 Piposaru crammed into Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen for players to control. The more interesting addition goes beyond Sarugetchu: […]

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Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen demo out later this week

By Spencer . June 19, 2007 . 1:12pm

Sony is releasing a demo of their new Ape Escape game for the PSP, Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen, at the World Hobby Fair on June 23. Not in Japan? No problem. The demo will also be available to download via the Playstation 3 on the Japanese Playstation Store. Don’t have a Playstation 3? Then pick up […]

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Many kinds of monkeys to control in Ape Escape: SaruSaru Daisakusen

By Spencer . June 11, 2007 . 6:10am

Sony recently updated their website for Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen, a new Ape Escape game where you fly around in a helmet and take control of the Piposaru. The Ape Escape series is known for having a creative selection of monkeys (the Spider-Man clone seen in Ape Escape 3!) and Sarugetchu: SaruSaru Daisakusen introduces the Salaryman […]

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Jump in the mind of monkeys in the new Ape Escape

By Spencer . April 23, 2007 . 7:13am

While Ape Escape 3 was a blast to play, it was far from revolutionary. If you look back at all of the Ape Escape platformers, the series hasn’t deviated much from the dual shock formula. In each game you run around rotating the right analog stick to swing your net and catch wandering monkeys. Instead […]

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Sony working on a new Ape Escape title

By Spencer . April 16, 2007 . 3:53am

Even though Sony’s Saru Get You / Ape Escape series hasn’t been as big as it was when the first game came out, Sony isn’t dropping their monkey catching platformer series yet. In development for release later this year is a new PSP Saru Get You game. Not much is known about it other than […]

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