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Nintendo Hired English Voice Actors For Mistwalker’s Archaic Sealed Heat

By Spencer . December 23, 2011 . 1:31pm

While it was never officially announced, Nintendo of America was working on an English version of Archaic Sealed Heat.

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ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat spreads to North America

By Spencer . May 21, 2008 . 6:59am

I thought all hope was lost for Archaic Sealed Heat (aka ASH, aka that Mistwalker game on the Nintendo DS) since it didn’t fare well in Japan. The ESRB says otherwise with an update listing ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat with an “E 10+” rating.   So we’re probably getting the Nintendo DS strategy RPG. Nintendo […]

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The mixed flames of ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat

By Rolando . October 22, 2007 . 1:44pm

Mistwalker's first DS SRPG outing, ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat with development being done by Racjin, didn't receive such a warm reception in its homeland. Whether it had anything to do with the zero promotion the game had during its development cycle or its poor marketing is unknown which gave the game a lot of anonymity, […]

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Mini Preface to ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat

By Rolando . October 13, 2007 . 3:21pm

  I'll admit that the moment ASH arrived in my mailbox I was a bit skeptical of playing it. Not to say I wasn't anticipating Mistwalker's first SRPG on the DS; but considering the impressions I've read from fellow friends who've imported the game, which primarily consisted of roughly 45% good and 55% bad aspects […]

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Watch – Combat in Archaic Sealed Heat

By Spencer . September 24, 2007 . 11:31am

While Nintendo wasn’t around at Tokyo Game Show, they are going all out when it comes to promoting ASH in Japan. Commercials are airing on Japanese TV and a few extra details are coming in about how Archaic Sealed Heat works. The heart of the game is a touch screen strategy RPG where you tap […]

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Archaic Sealed Heat classes revealed

By Spencer . August 30, 2007 . 2:53pm

Information about the seven basic character classes in ASH is out in the wild. The jobs are elementary and they are reminiscent of the classes in Mistawalker’s first game, Blue Dragon. Here is the run down:   Long Sword – a damage dealing class that wields a double edged sword. While the Long Sword class […]

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A look at ASH’s battle system

By Spencer . August 13, 2007 . 5:42am

Refreshingly different, Archaic Sealed Heat (ASH) goes for hybrid combat system that blends tactics from strategy RPGs with your run-of-the-mill, turn based RPG combat. You begin on the field where your team of three characters share action points (AP). Since action points are split between the team you have to choose if you want to […]

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Rise from the ashes? Archaic Sealed Heat published by Nintendo

By Spencer . July 6, 2007 . 2:47pm

After hearing next to nothing about Mistwalker’s first Nintendo DS project since the announcement, Weekly Shonen Jump has some new information about Archaic Sealed Heat (ASH).   The main character is a princess named Aisha and there will be lots of pre-rendered CG movies to tell the story about the game.   In battle the […]

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Nintendo’s 2007 first party plans for Japan

By Spencer . February 21, 2007 . 5:17am

Nintendo updated their release schedule in Japan and a couple of announcements are on it. First there is a sequel to Ouendan called Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 (Burning Rhythm Soul! Osu! Tatake! Ouendan 2) scheduled for release in 2007. Mistwalker’s first DS game Archaic Sealed Heat (ASH) is slated for a […]

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