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Crimson Gem Saga Coming In May With A New Localization

By Spencer . February 23, 2009 . 9:55am

Atlus confirmed they will publish Korean developed Crimson Gem Saga (aka Garnet Chronicle in Japan and Astonishia Story 2 in Korea) on May 26. Huh, didn’t an English version of Crimson Gem Saga already came out in Asia months ago? Oh yeah, one did!   We asked Atlus about the existing Asian version and were […]

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Garnet Chronicle, Sega’s take on Astonishia Story 2

By Spencer . September 8, 2008 . 11:05am

A few months ago we discovered Sega will publish Astonishia Story 2 in Japan under the name Garnet Chronicle. It’s coming out on October 23 and it seems like Garnet Chronicle will be released in Japan, not Korea where it’s developed first. This trailer from Sega makes Garnet Chronicle look awfully joyful. An energetic pop […]

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Sega to distribute Astonishia Story 2, I mean Garnet Chronicle

By Spencer . July 11, 2008 . 3:48pm

SK Telecom hasn’t set a date for Astonishia Story 2 in Korea, but development must be progressing nicely since it’s coming out in Japan on October 23 under the name Garnet Chronicle. I played the Korean demo and the experience is punishing. Astonishia Story 2 strangely shares something in common with Metal Gear Solid, you […]

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Evading skeletons in Astonishia Story 2

By Spencer . March 20, 2008 . 4:39am

  “Must not let the blue ogre spot me” was the only thing in my mind while trying out the Astonishia Story 2 demo just uploaded by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea. (Note: PSP Fanboy has better instructions on how to install the demo so I’m linking to them!) All of the monsters in the sample […]

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Out of the blue sequel, Astonishia Story 2

By Spencer . August 14, 2007 . 1:55pm

  Sonnori has made a pretty penny by remaking Astonishia Story on to the GP32 and the PSP. Thanks to Ubisoft in the West and Compile Heart in the East the rest of the world got to experience Astonishia Story. Ten years after the original release Astonishia Story is getting a sequel. Guess where it’s […]

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