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Introducing Atelier Ayesha’s Other (Older) Alchemist

By Spencer . April 15, 2012 . 11:21pm

Keithgrif Hazeldine is a 45-year-old alchemist from another country who is knows quite a bit about ancient times. He’s a calm and collected gentleman in pursuit of knowledge.

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Atelier Ayesha’s Friends Include A Ruin Excavator And A 45 Year Old Alchemist

By Spencer . April 10, 2012 . 1:02am

The lonely lead character in Atelier Ayesha, is on a quest to find her missing sister who she spots in the ruins. Ayesha won’t adventure alone for long since Gust revealed two more characters in Dengeki PlayStation.

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Atelier Ayesha’s Super Premium Limited Edition Has A Tapestry

By Spencer . April 4, 2012 . 11:58pm

There are two limited edition bundles for Atelier Ayesha – a “standard” one with an world view illustration book and a photo frame with a special illustration – and a Famitsu DX pack.

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Atelier Ayesha Doesn’t Put You On The Clock When It Comes To Finding Your Sister

By Spencer . April 2, 2012 . 2:56pm

Gust released a teaser movie and a bunch of screenshots for Atleier project 14, Atelier Ayesha.

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First Screenshots Give A Good Look At Atelier Ayesha’s New Art Style

By Ishaan . April 1, 2012 . 10:30am

Take your first good look at Atelier Ayesha.

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Gust Preparing Premium Box For Atelier Ayesha

By Spencer . March 29, 2012 . 1:43am

Like other Atelier releases, Gust is creating a limited edition for Atelier Ayesha. Amazon Japan revealed the publisher’s plans by opening a pre-order page and shared another piece of promotional art for the game.

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First Look At Atelier Ayesha’s Artwork

By Spencer . March 29, 2012 . 12:49am

Atelier Ayesha stars a lonely girl who runs an alchemy studio. After her grandfather passed away, Ayesha’s younger sister Nio disappeared when she was gathering herbs.

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