Post 180774

First Look At Persona 4 Visual Live’s Cast In Costume

By Ishaan . December 23, 2011 . 10:30am

Take a first look at the protagonist, Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko.

Post 180255

Here We Go Again… Atlus Has Another Game That Starts With "G"

By Spencer . December 21, 2011 . 3:39pm

Well, at least we know the next game isn’t Gungnir. Atlus just announced the PSP strategy RPG will be released in North America on June 12, 2012.

Post 170667

Persona 4: The Play Coming To Japan In March

By Spencer . November 14, 2011 . 1:08am

Live action Persona 4 adaptation takes the stage in Ikebukuro in March 2012.

Post 142730

Udon Are Publishing The Shigenori Soejima Artworks Art Book [Update]

By Ishaan . July 11, 2011 . 11:36am

Udon are translating the Persona and Catherine character designer’s recent art book later this year.

Post 136697

Dear Atlus, What’s Inside Your Box Of Secrets?

By Spencer . June 12, 2011 . 10:48pm

Atlus USA announced The King of Fighters XIII at E3, but what is their Japan side working on?

Post 126202

Aksys Games Respond To Atlus For Catherine Trailer

By Ishaan . April 20, 2011 . 5:35pm

Of all people, Aksys Games happily obliged and sent in their submission for inclusion in the next Catherine trailer.

Post 125304

These Atlus Deals Are Crazier Than Mara Driving His Chariot In An Easter Parade

By Spencer . April 18, 2011 . 2:07am

Amazon has an almost all Atlus sale on right now where you can get Trauma Team for $12 and the recently released Radiant Historia for $28.

Post 125117

Index Holdings Gives Us A Glance At Their Busy Social Game Schedule

By Spencer . April 15, 2011 . 7:37pm

After the success of Persona 3 Social and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Zero, Index Holdings is making a huge push towards social games.

Post 124980

Index Holdings Have Future Plans For Catherine

By Ishaan . April 15, 2011 . 6:02pm

Atlus’ parent company says that Catherine is now a new property, and that they have further plans for it.

Post 124776

Demon’s Souls Still Selling Overseas, Catherine Sales Off To A "Good Start"

By Spencer . April 14, 2011 . 11:38pm

Would you believe Demon’s Souls is still selling too? Index Holdings says sales of the PlayStation 3 hit continue to be favorable in North America.

Post 120758

Michelle Ruff Is Playing Katherine In Catherine

By Ishaan . March 21, 2011 . 6:09pm

The voice of Yukari Takeba, Etna and Crimson Viper is playing the role of Katherine in Atlus’ upcoming adventure.

Post 120784

A Look At The Simpler Puzzles Of Trine 2 In A New Trailer

By Ishaan . March 21, 2011 . 5:32pm

A new trailer for Trine 2 accompanies a delay announcement.

Post 120278

This Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga Trailer Could Use More Dragons

By Spencer . March 17, 2011 . 2:02pm

Keen on reminding us Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga is just a month away, Atlus sent out a new trailer for their Western RPG.

Post 119764

Persona 2: Innocent Sin Gets A PSP Pouch Package At Konami Style

By Ishaan . March 15, 2011 . 10:35am

Japanese players will be able to pick Innocent Sin up, along with a special “Seven Sisters High School” PSP pouch, at the Konami Style store.

Post 118891

Laura Bailey Is Catherine

By Ishaan . March 9, 2011 . 1:03pm

That’s two in a row for Atlus fans.

Post 118866

Catherine Patch Adds Super Easy Mode And Power Up Drink

By Spencer . March 9, 2011 . 4:03am

Atlus made major modifications to Catherine via a balancing patch. The PlayStation 3 patch is live and it even adds a new difficulty level – super easy mode.

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