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Heavy Rain Is Headed To PlayStation 4 On March 1 In North America

By Sato . February 16, 2016 . 5:00am

Heavy Rain makers Quantic Dream announced the release dates for the PlayStation 4 version of Heavy Rain, along with the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls collection.

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Heavy Rain And Beyond: Two Souls Coming To PlayStation 4

By Ishaan . June 16, 2015 . 5:25am

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are coming to PlayStation 4 in PAL territories.

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Beyond: Two Souls Doesn’t Go That Far Beyond Heavy Rain

By Spencer . October 8, 2013 . 1:01pm

Beyond tries to distinguish itself by interweaving slice-of-life scenes like Jodie cleaning up her apartment before a date. However, the story in Beyond isn’t really about Jodie’s life. It’s about the mysteries surrounding her.

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Get To Know Jodie, The Haunted Protagonist Of Beyond: Two Souls

By Ishaan . September 16, 2013 . 12:15pm

Sony have shared a new TV commercial for Beyond: Two Souls that focuses on the game’s protagonist, Jodie Holmes.

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Beyond: Two Souls Demo Arriving On October 1st

By Ishaan . September 5, 2013 . 12:49pm

Beyond: Two Souls is getting a demo in North America and Europe, Sony have announced.

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Beyond: Two Souls Trailer Shows Glimpses Of Jodie’s Past

By Ishaan . April 29, 2013 . 9:00am

Sony have shared a new trailer for Quantic Dreams’ upcoming PlayStation 3 game, Beyond: Two Souls.

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Beyond: Two Souls Scheduled For October, Now Starring Willem Dafoe

By Ishaan . March 1, 2013 . 9:30am

Actor, Willem Dafoe, is joining the cast of Quantic Dream and Sony’s Beyond: Two Souls, which is slated for release this October.

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“We Will Surprise You” Says Beyond: Two Souls Director To Fans

By Ishaan . November 12, 2012 . 12:00pm

“Beyond is, of course, about death,” he says. “But it is also about more positive things, like growth, change and learning to accept ourselves as we are.”

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Beyond: Two Souls’ Story Inspired By Loss Of A Family Member

By Ishaan . July 16, 2012 . 1:30pm

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Quantic Dream held a Beyond: Two Souls panel where director, David Cage, discussed the game.

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Heavy Rain Developer Creating Beyond: Two Souls For PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . June 4, 2012 . 6:49pm

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dreams’ next game is Beyond: Two Souls. Take a first look at it inside.

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